Tailgate For Jesus

OK, first, watch the video.

What you just saw was a “promotional” video for Campus Crusade for Christ’s tailgate at ECU games. Notice the quotes around promotional. Which means I was being sarcastic.

But OK, so they have a bad tailgate. And a bad/terrible/awful/nuclear holocaust of a video promoting it. So what? Well, read the description of the video on YouTube:

Tailgating for ECU football games has become an artform for ECU Campus Crusade students. It’s all fun and games in the parking lot, but once we step foot in Dowdy Ficklen Stadium, it’s all business. We must win. We will win. We are pirates. That means we’re willing to cheat if we have to.

Yes, that’s right, they’re willing to cheat. Campus Crusade for Christ is willing to cheat. Jesus must be extremely proud. Argh!


One Response

  1. Its like the “doller” tree… maybe these ECU students should pray for Hooked on Phonics!

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