1-Loss Season: Week #6

Well, that sucked. As you can tell, my heart just hasn’t been in this blog for the past week. In fact, it was all I could do to not get in a tepid bath and drop in a working toaster. Be happy for me that I’m at least still with us. Anyways, enough of my quasi-suicidal thoughts, let’s get to the Syracuse game previews.


How will they bounce back? That’s the question. My guess. They come out and try to establish the run early and often. And hold a nice lead after one. From there, the Mounties pull away.

Does this change the devastating loss from last week. Nope. But WVU can still get to a BCS bowl game. And it starts on Saturday.

WVU (-27) 42
Syracuse 17

Eastern Michigan +29.5
Oklahoma -11 vs. Texas
Georgia +1 @ Tennessee
Cincy +4 @ Rutgers
Virginia -10 @ Middle Tennessee State

5th Year Senior

Oh how the mighty have fallen. No, I’m not talking about WVU after that loss because we will be just fine. I’m speaking of the Syracuse Orangemen, wait they dropped the men because women think they are equal (I don’t care who are that is funny). The Orange were once a Big East power but are now terrible.
I only need to give you two stats to show who is going to win the game. The Syracuse defense on average allows 34 points and 231 rushing yards a game. So CRR’s play-calling that I’ve been complaining about for the past week will work against the Orange. Andrew Robinson will be able throw the ball a little on our D but this should be an easy win to get our Big East record to .500.

WVU (-27) 47
Syracuse 10

Virginia -10 vs. Mid Tennessee St.
Nebraska + 6 at. Missouri
Oklahoma vs. Texas UNDER 55
NC State +17.5 at FSU
Georgia vs. Tennessee

Charley West

I hope we win tomorrow.

WVU (-27) 44
Syracuse 13

Cincinnati +4 @ Rutgers
Missouri -6 vs. Nebraska
Iowa +9 @ Penn State
UCLA -22.5 vs. Notre Dame
Virginia -10 @ Middle Tennessee State


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