The Letter D + Picture of a Fence

We’re 5-1 today. It’s a respectable record, but not one we as fans are necessarily happy with.

If you had asked me at the beginning of the season, “Hey Charley, you stud, what might cause WVU to lose a game in the first half of the season?” My answer would have been simple. First, I would’ve punched you in the face for even suggesting such a thing. Then, after you stopped bleeding, I would’ve told you that you can go ahead and blame the defense. Surely, our offense wouldn’t be the culprit. Surely.

But there we were, unable to muster just about anything against USF’s defense. Only putting up 13 points in a game where even scoring just half our season average would have won the game. The offense let us down.

But the defense has been there week in and week out (save for the first half against Marshall). This past week at Syracuse, they showed up in a big way:

I think it’s high time (not High Times) we all gave the defense some credit. Here you go defense:



One Response

  1. Right on. I still don’t blame the offense either though. Sure, they turned it over 34 times, but I blame Rich. It’s my right.

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