Comment Or Die!

There are three types of blogs, I guess.

First, there are the blogs that no one ever reads. I would say 80% of blogs fall into this category. These are mostly written by middle-aged men and women about their 3 cats or their “hilarious” trip to the dry cleaners. These are rarely updated, even more rarely read, and fade into oblivion within 6 months.

The second are blogs that are read often but not commented on. Right now, this describes WBGV. Due to the miracle that is SiteMeter, I can see that people come and go on a regular basis throughout the day — everyday. Trust me, this is a reassuring feeling that you’re not simply talking to yourself via the Internet. We appreciate the readership, but there’s a third level that we have not reached — yet.

That third level is the pantheon of blogs. They include Deadspin, Kissing Suzy Kolber, With Leather, the Big Lead, etc. These are all popular blogs, yes, but what distinguishes them is their commenter base. Each and every post is greeted by numerous response from the readership, providing both further insight, humor, and feedback. And dick jokes. This is what WBGV strives for, dick jokes and all.

Now, don’t hear me wrong. We’re not Deadspin and will never be Deadspin. If we are half as humorous as Deadspin, we’ll be successful in our own minds. But we still crave the comments. As I said above, comments make this site better. I know there are WVU fans out there that read this site and are 126% funnier than us or know 1,347% more about football/basketball, so why not leave your mark? Through comments, this site can get stronger.

And besides, if you don’t comment, the terrorists win. You’re not a terrorist, are you?

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8 Responses

  1. Geez, now I had to get yet another account who’s password I’ll forget.

    Yes, I’m one of the many readers, and I do enjoy your blog, even if I don’t always agree. Hope you keep it up during Basketball season.

  2. I woke up at 12:30, scratched myself in all the right places, ate two eggs, two pieces of bacon, and a piece of toast. Then I checked the blog. AWESOME day so far

  3. I read your site just about every day and love it, but I feel my input isn’t really needed as you all are doing such a good job. But I will try and comment every once in a while. Keep up the good work!

  4. Trust me, your input is always needed. If you liked a particular article, tell us. That way, you’ll see more of that in the future. And if you want to tell us a story about a man from Nantucket, go ahead and do that too.

  5. I’ll comment, but only because I’m so adamant against the dirty terrorists.
    Charley, you know that you’re my hero anyway.

  6. I do not comment because, as you pointed out, I am smarter and funnier than you and didn’t want to demoralize your overdeveloped sense of self worth.

  7. I refuse to allow the terrorists to win.

  8. I’m always here, and I try to comment, as I appreciate the same at my own site. Sadly, I have yet to attract such a devoted fanbase as your own. Probably because I’m not nearly as funny, but I digress. I’m still pissed RR let the terrorists from Tampa win. FUCK!

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