Maybe A Promotional Mug?

Maybe a t-shirt? Something has to be done.

I have no idea how to get out the fact that our defense doesn’t suck. Not only does it not suck, it’s pretty damn awesome. This gives you a little better idea about this new-found awesomeness:

Defensively, the Mountaineers allowed only 214 yards and improved to No. 4 nationally. They rank in the top 12 in total defense, run defense, pass defense and scoring defense. The defense enabled the offense, as well, as fumble recoveries by Mortty Ivy and Marc Magro set up a field goal and a touchdown.

But you still get fucktards like Ivan Maisel who continued to bad-mouth the defense. Maybe we could just send Mortty Ivy door-to-door, terrorizing and intimidating individual commentators. Is that an NCAA violation? I certainly hope not.

[photo courtesy of the Daily Mail, via the Associated Press, via a camera]

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2 Responses

  1. I love the way the defense is playing. Dingle is the best pass rusher in the Big East, both Wicks and Mundy form a nice tandem in the secondary, and Magro is having one hell of a year at linebacker. Throw in all the other unheralded guys making plays, and we have a pretty stout group of defenders.

    I have no idea what these “talking heads” are referring too when they say we have a weak defense. Most of the slander about the “D” comes from the message boards where people don’t know anything.

  2. What it comes down to is very simple. West Virginia, as a state, school, team, and population, is hated. Nobody wants us to be good, they don’t want to admit we can be successful. They take shots at us that are unnecessary and uneducated. You know what though? I don’t give a fuck. Hate us, we prefer it that way. The bottom line though is this, they can badmouth us all they want, but they respect us, they have to. We looked terrible against USF, and stayed near or in the Top 10. They have to respect us because they are afraid they might have to play us, and get their asses kicked all over the field.

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