Why Jersey?

If you live in New Jersey I have to ask you one question, why? Why, would you put yourself through the smell and high probability of contracting a STD by simply breathing?

Yes, you may be able to find hair gel and CK One cologne on every street corner, but it is New Jersey. People get stabbed for their K-Swiss shoes everyday. This person is your next door neighbor.

I bet people in New Jersey hate the fact that they live there too. If only there were a college to do a study about this fact. Oh wait, there is.

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2 Responses

  1. Can’t say I disagree with the article. Truth be told I think it’s awful living here. Too congested, too many people, traffic worse than DC and L.A. The high costs of living are making me look elsewhere. Plus, all the annoying Rutgers fans in self-denial.

  2. Speaking of annoying Rutgers fans, there obviously weren’t that many just a few years ago, kind of the same thing USF has now.

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