Boston Collge is Popular

Boston College is a big-time player in the Boston sports scene. Just last night, Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon introduced the Eagles during the ESPN telecast. One time, BC managed to make the third page of the Boston Globe sports section. Bob Ryan even thought about going to one of their games once.

To celebrate just how crazy Bostonians are over Boston College football, I present this ranking of just how much Boston loves each of their sports teams:

  1. Boston College Red Sox
  2. Boston College Patriots
  3. Boston College Celtics
  4. Boston College Bruins
  5. Boston College Revolution (MLS)
  6. Boston College the marathon
  7. Boston College chowder
  8. Boston College Matt Damon
  9. Boston College Harvard football
  10. Boston College tea parties
  11. Boston College Harvard crew
  12. Boston College Canons (Major League Lacrosse)
  13. Boston College The Big Dig
  14. Boston College the Yankees
  15. Boston College
  16. Ben Affleck

So, as you can see, Boston College is very popular. In fact, after tonight’s ugly win, they might actually move behind Ben Affleck. Congratulations Eagles. Keep telling yourself you matter.

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2 Responses

  1. You said in an earlier post that BC has an easier road ahead of them. Tech plays @ UVA, which I am not sold on. BC plays @ UMD and @ Clemson. They will not win both of those. I believe they play FSU and Miami too? No wayy they get all 4 of those.

  2. After last night, I don’t think we have to worry one bit about BC losing later this year.

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