Soulja Boy Is Dead

Long live __________?

Soulja Boy is one of the most annoying songs ever to grace this fine planet. The accompanying dance? Even worse. That’s why I am jumping on the anti-Soulja Boy bandwagon and trying to do something about it. And don’t give me any of that racist crap. My wife and I gave money to Colin Powell!

OK, so we need to find a replacement. Remember, we need to keep the dance fresh and hip. That way, Devin Hester will do it.

Here is my own humble suggestion…your own suggestions in the comments:

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3 Responses

  1. Here is my suggestion. Very underrated.
    Well I guess I can’t comment with embedded video:

  2. I’m glad you feel the same way. It’s been played out. Matt’s Got a great suggest. Now that song and dance – theres no playing out that song and dance.

  3. I’m given you a shout out on my blog

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