Road To The BCS

Let me just start off by saying that I want nothing more than to play in the BCS National Championship game. However, Woody Paige always says, “You guys have to look at the schedule.” After looking at the schedule it does not look good for WVU. I did not include Kansas in this scenario because they are not that good and will get beat by seasons end.

OSU (10-2)
W Wisconsin – If this were at Camp Randall maybe but not shot at the Horseshoe
L Illinois – The fighting Zooker’s come in and shock OSU as they are looking ahead to next week’s match-up at the Big House.
L @ Michigan – The Wolverine’s earn a spot in the Rose Bowl by winning the Big Ten.

BC (11-2) The New England magic ends with the Eagles. I hope this team gets the Clap.
W @ Maryland
L @ Clemson
W Miami
L (ACC Championship v. Va. Tech)

LSU (12-1) The trek to their bowl game will be a short drive down I-10 to New Orleans.
W @ Bama – This will be a close game and if Les Miles gambles too much down the stretch he could get burnt.
W La Tech
W @ Ole Miss
W Arkansas
W (SEC Championship v. It doesn’t matter)

Arizona St. (10-2)
L @ Oregon – You don’t go into Autzen and leave with a W, unless you’re Cal.
W Arizona

Oregon (11-1) A longer drive to New Orleans but they will meet LSU for the BCS Championship.
W Arizona St.
W @ Arizona
W @ UCLA – This is the Ducks toughest remaining game but they will walk out of LA with a W.
W Oregon St. – The Civil War is a rivalry game so you never know what could happen.

Oklahoma (12-1) Most likely going to the Rose Bowl to face Michigan.
W Baylor
W @ Texas Tech
W Oklahoma St.
W (Big 12 Championship v. Missouri)

WVU (11-1)
W Louisville – This game still worries me. Brohm is a great passer but I think our secondary holds strong.
W @ Cincy
W UConn
W Shit – I can’t wait to chant EAT SHIT PITT over and over again.

If this scenario works out we will end up 4th in the BCS poll and will likely be picked first by the Orange Bowl to play the Chokies.

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2 Responses

  1. Oklahoma cant go to the Rose Bowl. They are locked into the Fiesta Bowl as Big Twelve Champs. I believe you are right we would be the first pick and that would be the Sugar Bowl because they would have lost the #1 team, LSU, to the NC in your scenario. Probably play Florida or Georgia in the Sugar if that is the case.

  2. There is a shitload of stuff that can still happen in front of WVU, first and foremost Oregon and ASU play this weekend, I think it will be better if ASU wins, giving the Ducks 2 losses, and taking the chance that State loses late. I think ‘bama, although slim, has a chance at knocking off LSU this weekend. OSU can be beaten, in fact anyone ahead of WVU can be…and assuming PW and the guys take care of business and not only win out, but win each game decisively.

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