We Saved Dave; WVU Now 2-0 In 2008

Yes, boys and girls, our persistent efforts have payed off. We, single-handedly, “Saved Dave.” Wondering what I’m talking about? Well then, check here. And here.

It was an ambitious undertaking. Imagine the audacity of trying to save the job of one of the worst coaches in the country. A coach who continually recruits pro-level talent and squanders every single bit of it. A coach who’s most redeeming quality is the grooming of his mustache.

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The Backyard Brawl Is Here

Take a minute and sit down, because I have some big news. Huge news. OK, you sitting? Good.

If (read: when) we win tomorrow night, we go to the National Championship game. Yeah, you heard me right. I know you’ve heard that a thousand times over the past two weeks or so, but it’s true. Let it sink in. The fucking National Championship game! Amazing.

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Beware: Ohio Drivers and Buckeye Fans

Stewart Mandel, who seems to genuinely like West Virginia as a team, tackled the notion of Ohio State jumping the Mountaineers in the BCS rankings. In my opinion, he makes a great point. Also, Dan from Kalamazoo is an idiot.

Why are the Buckeyes getting no love for the NC game? I have not heard anyone talk about the possibility of OSU jumping West Virginia. Let me remind you that OSU’s sole loss was to 15th-ranked Illinois, where West Virginia lost to 25th-ranked USF.

–Dan, Kalamazoo, Mich.

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The 100th Anniversary

Ian Smith Is A Virgin

This is Ian Smith. You see, Mr. Smith is president of the Oakland Zoo, which is apparently a good thing at Pitt. He was interviewed by the Post-Gazette on this thoughts about the upcoming Backyard Brawl. And of course, he did exactly what I expected him to do — make fun of West Virginia. But that isn’t all we found out…

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It’s Official: WVU Football 1-0 In 2008

More than 9 months before any game will be played in 2008, WVU has been guaranteed at least one victory for next season. How, you ask, can a team win a game it hasn’t even played? Good question. Here’s your answer: Syracuse retains Greg Robinson as head coach.

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100% Class Act

This will be Owen Schmitt’s last appearance at Mountaineer Field. In one of the most unlikely stories in WVU history, Owen Schmitt has become a true star in Morgantown. Tales of his exploits will live on in these hills for years and decades to come. I think I speak for all of us when I say, “we’ll miss you Owen.”

Mickey Furfari remembers the Mountaineer career of Owen Schmitt

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