WVU #7 in BCS!

I’ll be honest and say that I did not see this one coming. At first, I was alright with this ranking because there is a lot of football left to be played. However, the more I think about it, the more it pisses me off. Mizzou may only be .0012 ahead of us right now but down the road this could be a huge margin.

What really chaps my ass, and screws us is our average in the computer rankings. Two terrible teams, BC and Arizona State, somehow stay ahead of us after HORRID performances on the field. This isn’t even the worst of it because a TWO LOSS, TWO LOSS, Georgia team is somehow still ahead of us.

Does anyone else notice how SEC teams schedules patsies toward the end of the season so nobody really talks about their cupcake schedules? Sneaky bastards aren’t they?

Sometimes you just gotta say, “What the fuck,” and go kick the shit out of Louisville on Thursday night. No excuses, just take care of business and pray for upsets.


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4 Responses

  1. Don’t worry man, Missouri and Kansas still have to play and there is a Big 12 conference championship game. It’s likely that both teams will get another loss.

  2. All we had to do was beat USF and this wouldn’t be an issue but it still make me mad.

  3. This is nothing new, it has been happening all season…no matter what WVU does they cannot win in the polls, hell even when its a week off and nothing has been done. All the ‘eers need to do is not only win out, but destroy everyhing in its path. Obliterate, annihilate, dominate, and destroy.

  4. I agree bringontheeers, we need to start pounding teams with 60+ points to prove to these moronic poll voters. Even then, sadly, I doubt that would matter either. The college football ranking system is pure shit.

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