Louisville Game Recap

Forgive me father, for I am about to sin…

Well, that certainly was a steaming pile of dog shit, wasn’t it? Surely, none of us have witnessed a more poorly conceived effort than the one that CRR put together Thursday night. It’s like he popped a couple Xanax and lost all ability for creative thought (and consciousness). Seriously, what was that?

  1. What was with the 71 consecutive Pat White runs straight up the middle? (I haven’t rewatched the game, so I don’t know the exact number). It’s like CRR’s play-calling shrinks significantly when we’re facing a test. At some point, you can tell he’s actively trying not to lose, rather than to win. To me, this is embarrassing. The last thing a top 10 program does is play not to lose, at home, to a 17 point underdog. You just don’t do it. You step on their throat from the word go and blow them out of the damn stadium. When we took the 17 point lead, that’s what should have happened. Instead, we played grab-ass for the next 15 minutes. What a fucking joke.
  2. Where is Steve Slaton? Outside of the Sugar Bowl, has there ever been a worse big-game player in a Mountaineer uniform? Last year, he put the ball on the turf over-and-over against Louisville and then delivered a whopping 43 yards against South Florida. This year, he has averaged 62.3 yards in our three biggest games (South Florida, Rutgers, and Louisville). It’s obvious that Rodriguez doesn’t trust him in important situations, which is saying a lot when you’re talking about a former Heisman trophy candidate.
  3. Don’t let Owen Schmitt punt. Just don’t. If you’re going to go for it on 4th down, go for it. If not, trot McAfee out there and let him punt. He is the fucking punter for God’s sake. I can’t get mad at Owen Schmitt as it’s his job to be a fullback, not a punter. This one, as always, falls on CRR. And while I’m at it, we were lucky to get 9 yards on that punt. It traveled 3 at the most.
  4. Noel Devine must play more. There’s just no way around this. Everytime he touches the ball, the entire stadium holds its breath. Not because he might fumble, as is the case with Slaton, but because he might break a run or somebody’s ankles. He’s a game-changer, both with score and momentum. That kick-return was just another example of this. If Slaton is busy throwing up on himself in big games, give the kid a chance. He’s only the most heralded recruit in Mountaineer history.

So that’s about it. If you saw me after the game, you almost undoubtedly told me a “win is a win.” I then undoubtedly wanted to punch you in the face. I came pretty close a couple times, too. If you want to be one of the best of the best, a win is never a win. Style points always count. Walk into the stadium, no matter who the opponent, and fuck them up. Easy as that.

Now, we need to get that memo to CRR.

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7 Responses

  1. As you will see come Monday, I’m with Charley on a lot of his points. I know we won but with how tight things are in the BCS we needed to win with some style and not look inept at times.

    It is like CRR doesn’t game plan for any team. He just goes out there and runs the same plays in the same order as the previous game. If Louisville was extremely vulnerable in one area it was the deep pass. Granted, they almost picked one off but our receivers were consistently breaking open about 15 to 20 yards down field.

    Alright that is enough for me I will throw shoes come Monday.

  2. That’s a damn good post. It is exactly the same feeling as my first one right after the game, just put together much more nicely. I’m glad you agree with me on every one of your points, because people keep telling me that a win is a win.

    A win is a win, unless you are trying to impress voters against a huge underdog. This win was almost as bad as a loss.

  3. “Where the bye week will play us tougher than Louisville”

    Did the bye week take us to overtime then?

    Seriously, sometimes I hate this football team.

  4. Probably the worst “Recap” ever written. You sound like a 4 year old kid throwing a tantrum because you didn’t get your way. You can’t play as well as Slaton, nor coach as good as RR. So put you thumb back in your mouth and shut up, baby.

  5. WVNative when we drop in the polls we will see who is a whinny baby.

    This was a mediocre Louisville team that we should’ve destroyed. Nobody wants to fire CRR or kick Slaton off the team. This a new age in Mountaineer sports where we are not happy with mediocrity. Step up or let someone else do the job.

  6. White changed the play a few times on the line. He called his own number on some of those runs. I even read that the TD run in the 4th was called in by CRR as a pass.

  7. One game was left out of the list of big games where slaton didn’t show up and that was last years bowl game vs GT. I understand that his wrist needed surgery in the offseason, but he only hurt the team while he was on the field. After he left the game we we were losing 21-7, then of course we came back and won.
    And I agree completly with the devine comment. Did the coaches not see the Maryland game. He’s even had 6 weeks to get even more familiar with the offense yet he only gets 4-6 touches a game. I like slaton but he’s only good if he’s health and they need to start using devine more to keep him that way.

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