Bowl Predictions

Everyone loves predictions, so here are my picks sure to make me look like a jackass.

BCS National Championship
Oregon v. LSU

Rose Bowl
WVU v. Ohio State

Fiesta Bowl
Missouri v. Arizona State

Orange Bowl
Clemson v. Oklahoma

Sugar Bowl
Georgia v. Texas Boise State

I fucking hate the BCS.

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4 Responses

  1. Um, just wanted to point out that your scenario isn’t possible. No conference can have more than 2 teams in the BCS, so Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas can’t all make it.

  2. Which now has me thinking, if neither Hawaii nor Boise State qualify, they will have to take a second team from the Big East, Big 10, or ACC, but if WVU and OSU win out, there is no way a second team from those conferences could qualify. And its difficult to imagine a 3 loss (minimum) runner up in the ACC making it. This could either lead to a BCS implosion, or force the voters to fix this themselves.

    But its unlikely because its either Boise State or Hawaii will probaby make it.

  3. Told you I’d look like a jackass.

  4. I don’t see the Rose Bowl taking 2 east coast teams…so if I were you I’d flip ASU and WVU.

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