A&M Is Delusional, Part Infinity

Surely, they can’t be serious. As we all well know, the Texas A&M job might as well be available. Current head-coach Dennis Franchione is almost guaranteed to be fired/bought out at the end of the season. In that vein, Aggie Coach has begun the search in earnest. Now, while this site isn’t an official reflection of the A&M coaching search, it does reflect the ludicrousness of the entire fan-base.

Here are some of the “candidates”…

Jon Gruden
Jeff Tedford
Bo Pelini
Tommy Tuberville
Bill Cowher

..and last, but not least…

Rich Rodriguez

Here is what Aggie Coach has to say about CRR:

Rich Rodriguez, West Virginia: At age 44, Rodriguez is rumored to be at the top of A&M’s short list. Last year he was recruited ahead of Nick Saban by Alabama before turning down their $2 million per year offer. He took a laid back culture similar to College Station’s and lacking football program, turning it into a BCS contender. He is the right age and pedigree. WVU is on track again for another 11+ win season and BCS bid. Has the intensity to outrecruit the likes of OU’s Bob Stoops, LSU’s Les Miles and UT’s Mack Brown. He would be the biggest hiring news of the 2007 football season. See his bio here. Making $1.3 million, he is considered one of the top 5 most underpaid coaches. He turned down $2 million from Alabama last year. See another bio here and the YouTube.com video called “This is West Virginia Football.” He also has his own website at CoachRod.com.

I agree with all of these things. What I don’t see is why CRR would turn down Alabama, by far the biggest coaching job in the South, then run and take the Texas A&M job, which is automatically the the second-fiddle in its own state. Apparently, the only people that can see this happening are A&M fans.

If I were A&M, I would spend a little less time focusing on the 12th man and a little more time on the first 11.

[thanks to bringONtheEERS for the tip]

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3 Responses

  1. What is it with fans of Texas schools? Are they delusional by birth? They have this sense of entitlement that parallels Notre Dame fandom….here’s the truth Aggie fans, A&M is as relevant as Texas Tech these days and money can’t buy you anything you want.

  2. They must have good grass down in Texas. Cause they are high as hell to think Rich Rod would leave.

  3. Those are wish lists. Kinda like when we were kids and made a wish list of all the toys we wanted for Christmas. Did we get everything we wanted? Hell no.

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