Thanks Arizona, Arizona +11.5

Yes, that’s right, Arizona has defeated the #2 ranked Oregon Ducks. Arizona, known for it’s high deserts, John McCain, and undefended illegal border crossings, now can claim an even bigger prize: helper of Mountaineer football (and my bank account). After the #1 LSU Tigers and #2 Whoever Survives The Big-12 Jaysoogers, the Mountaineers effectively rank #3 in the BCS.

So, you’re asking yourself, what is the best case scenario? Well, here it is (all points assuming we win out):

  1. LSU loses the SEC Championship Game, most likely Georgia…in the Georgia Dome. Odds: 2-1.
  2. Oklahoma loses on the road to Texas Tech. Anything can happen with Texas Tech. Oklahoma then goes on to win the Big 12 Championship. Odds: 6-1.
  3. LSU loses on the road this weekend to Ole Miss. Odds: 8-1.
  4. Missouri loses on the road this weekend to Kansas State. Classic trap game. If this happens, and Missouri can beat both Kansas and Oklahoma, we go to the National Championship game. Odds: 12-1.

Taken individually, each is unlikely to happen. Considered together, however, there is a decent probability that one of these will happen. Of course, there are other scenarios, but these seem to be the four most likely.

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4 Responses

  1. Our game against Cin needs to be a big blow out IMHO. Also, we need to make this game a statement, “We are ready to play anybody, and we can win against anybody”

  2. OregOWNED

  3. We can get the big win if we can keep from turning the ball over at will. The Bearkitties are at or near the top in forcing turnovers, which quite frankly scares the shit out of me.

  4. The Arizona Wildcats are reminiscent of those childhood story book characters, The Bernstein Bears!

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