Boll Weevils Crushed 81-53

Stiles and I attended the game this evening and I can say that I was pleasantly surprised with the team’s performance. This is a result to expect from a decent team playing a cupcake early in the season. Not much can be gleamed from playing a team like the Boll Weevils but at least we didn’t get “Gardner Webbed.”

Ruoff, Butler, and Alexander were the most impressive players in the game. Ruoff lit it up from outside and moved well without the ball. Butler looked stellar on defense and showed some decent inside moves. Alexander dunked 3 times in transition but lacked touch from beyond the three point line.

We looked sloppy on offense at times but would often recover with a good defensive stop. Again, this was Arkansas-Monticello so don’t get your hopes up too much, but expect some sparks from this team.


  1. Was CBH wearing a blue three piece velour suit?
  2. I love CBH’s intensity on the sideline. Even though we were playing the Boll Weevils he got up in the players face when they did something wrong. It is a welcome change from that other guy’s lackadaisical attitude, what’s his name?
  3. We may not win 27 games but this team will be exciting to watch.

Finally, the WVU women’s soccer team beat Navy 4-0 (nil) to advance into the second round of the NCAA tournament. They will now face James Madison at 1 on Sunday.

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One Response

  1. CBH was wearing a custom made suit of Blue with Gold Pencil Stripes. Very, Very nice in a three piece model. The blue shirt and two lapel pins were a little much, but he IS a little much.

    Very exciting to have a coach that likes to dress for success!

    Ridge Runners off to the Queen City today. Bourbon, Buddies, BBQ and Mountianeer’s.

    Lets put’m away early!

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