Open Thread: Cincinnati

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    Get pressure on Mauk and score some points early. I’m getting nervous.

  2. Ole Miss is giving up. Now we have to hope for the Red Raiders to put it on Oklahoma.

    The Michigan-OSU game had to be the most boring game of the college football season. Both of those teams are terrible on offense.

    Will GameDay be coming to Morgantown next weekend? I’ve heard some rumblings

  3. The middle was wide open but great stop on that series.

    Come on O make them pay

  4. How many times can somebody get behind our last defender? Watching that is more frustrating than seeing a guy break a 50 yard run.


  5. WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING! Can we please call a play that has a chance to gain some yards.

    TACKLE HIM….Wide open, great job!

  6. Great stop on D.

    Finally, the fastest backfield in the nation is out there at once!

    Let’s move the ball fellas.

  7. That drive was impressive. Patrick White is the toughest player in college football.

    Personal FOUL!!

  8. If we can win out and OU wins the Big 12 WVU can go the the National Championship. How great is this?

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