Help Some Brothers Out

When we started this blog, we had the idea that we might get some readership. We told our friends; we posted on a few message boards. At the best, we hoped our families might read it. Of course, considering we curse like drunken sailors and post pictures of scantily clad women, we decided not tell our families. But something even better happened. People actually came. Not a lot — we’re certainly not Deadspin or anything — but enough. Enough that we’re upgrading.

We have a brand new design and a brand new domain name. Well, almost. The new design is done, but we need some help picking the domain name. Unfortunately, our two best choices, and are already taken (apparently, we’re popular before our time). So, we turn to you, the loyal reader. At the top right, you’ll find a poll. In that poll, we have our few alternatives listed. If these don’t appeal to you, please — PLEASE — suggest some better ones in the comments.

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6 Responses

  1. I sent my vote in. Glad you guys are getting a good deal of hits.

  2. I’m adding you folks to my WV Blogroll. Looks like a nice layout here!

  3. Since we’re talking football and WV here, I think that WestBYRODVirginia probably isn’t taken. I really don’t need to tell you who the Rod in that is, now do I?

    My favorite cheer from my WVU days was “the U, the U, the motherfucking U, I said the U, the U…” Who needs elaborate when you have a goatskin full of rotgut hidden in your clothes? I wonder if TheMFnU is taken? Not only does it hail WVU, but it also serves to point out that little bit of motherfucker in all of us.

  4. themountaineershack


    One state, by god, for liberty and justice for all.

  6. While it would be way too long for a name, a friend of mine always says it’s “West ‘By God and Smile When You Say It’ Virginia.”

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