On Location: Touchdown City

You wanted Morgantown to rock? You wanted the crowd to finally be in a game? You’re about to see it tomorrow. You’re about to see 60,000+ of your closest friends cheer like they KNOW we’re going to the National Championship. This fan base is about to come alive, finally.

I have not been this excited about Mountaineer football since my friend poured a full beer on himself at the Sugar Bowl. This is it, ladies and gentlemen. Win out and we get called to the show. Lose and it’s over. Want to see some Mountaineer fans cheer like their hopes and dreams hang in the balance? Witness it at Mountaineer Field tomorrow.

And, hoping all goes well, watch everything you see tomorrow TIMES TWO against Pitt next week.

I’m drunk now. I’m drunk tomorrow. See you in Morgantown.

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4 Responses

  1. The stadium is going to be insane even with half the students gone.

  2. Let’s Goooo Mountaineers!! Looking forward to stomping out overrated UCONN.

    BTW, Sports Nirvana is no more. I have a new blog “http://firstandtensports.blogspot.com” if you want to update it on your site. I had to cancel the old one because the higher ups at work were actually viewing it, plus they went to Rutgers so all the guido stuff probably wouldn’t go over well(LOL). Anyhow, it’ll take a little bit but I’m posting everyday if you want to visit. Thanks.

  3. What a fucking game!

    I’ve wished your celebrations well here: http://buzzardbilly.blogspot.com/2007/11/oh-how-i-love-those-mountaineers.html

  4. Alright boys, we’re down to one. Let’s get it done.

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