Game Recap: UConn

Now THAT is more like it. Finally, even after a sluggish start (in which we only lead by 10 at half), WVU put together it’s most complete effort yet this season. Against a team that had not given up more than 27 points all season, the Mountaineers absolutely humiliated UConn for 517 rushing yards and 66 points. In Reece Davis speak, we hung half-a-hundred on them, plus a few more for posterity.Seriously, what we witnessed Saturday afternoon was a thing of beauty. When this offense clicks on all cylinders, frankly, I don’t know who can stop it. Certainly not UConn. They weren’t even close.

In the national spotlight, with the BCS Championship on the line, it looks like CRR let his hair down and really let the offense run full-steam. WBGV had been calling for more Noel Devine for weeks, months even. What did we see Saturday? More Noel Devine. Not just in a relief role, either. More than a handful of times, we saw the scariest of Mountaineer backfields: White flanked by Slaton and Devine. And you know what? It worked. Over and over. White runs for 186 yards, Slaton goes for 2 TDs, and the mercurial Devine averages over 10 yards/carry. Imagine that.

This is a trend I can get used to. Games like these renew my undying love for both Mountaineer football and the spread offense. When CRR takes the training wheels off, good things happen. They happened in the Sugar Bowl, they always happen against Pitt, and they happened last Saturday.

And speaking of Pitt, they’re in big, big trouble. This is a team that hasn’t been able to stop this offense the past 2 years. They’ve had their asses kicked like a MAC team, or even worse, Marshall. Now, they face a Mountaineer squad on a mission. You thought UConn was ugly? Imagine the impending embarrassment of the Pitt Panthers, a once (kinda) proud program that is in shambles. The game this Saturday is going to most closely resemble a junior high pantsing.

We’ll have plenty more on Pitt as the week progresses, but this will close the book on UConn. They were simply over matched by a mile — more specifically by 45 points.


3 Responses

  1. That was a straight up ass whipping, and I expect even more against those Pitty Kitties.

  2. Not to lower the grammar hammer, but “shambles” is a plural noun and should be used with a singular verb. Meaning, you should have written “program that is ‘a’ shambles.

    Also, there wasn’t a whole lot of diversity in the play calling. We ran the zone-stretch a hundred times in a row, but when holes open up faster and wider than the legs of a Pitt sorostitute, the coach looks like a genius.

  3. Let it be known that “The 25314” speaks for no one in the 25314.

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