Rodriguez Still A Mountaineer

Well, since the media has decided that CRR is a candidate for every single head-coaching job in America, I feel it is my duty to report when each of those vacancies is filled.

Today, apparently, is our lucky day, since Rich Rodriguez has turned down Texas A&M. Thanks to Milan Puskar and Steve Goodwin on this one, as they probably managed to negotiate a raise of only $3,000,000/year to keep CRR in Morgantown.


4 Responses

  1. love the new look of the site.. keep it up.
    why isn’t your url correct though. you are still forwarding to the wordpress site. should just have it going to your main url…
    is this still the test site?

  2. Well, we’re temporarily hosting the site at WordPress. It was just easier to get the new site up quicker that way. Eventually, we’ll move everything over to our own domain.

  3. I think last year finally dispelled any notion that he is truly thinking, or ever thought, about leaving.

  4. How naive we all were. The reason the media said he was a candidate for every coaching job in America was because his agent made him a cadidate for every coaching job in the country.

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