Les Miles Is Bat-Shit Crazy

Did you know that LSU is undefeated? I didn’t. But that’s exactly what Les Miles would have you believe. In fact, Les is willing to accept only one loss, rather than his actual two. Either way, LSU has less losses.

What am I talking about? Just read what Les said during his pre-SEC Championship press conference:

“This team has not lost a game in regulation. I know it does not mean much to you guys (media.) The point is, in a 60 minutes game, we play as competitive as we can be. There is not a team that we have played that has bested us in the first 60 minutes. If you had to look at the length and width of the game, that is how it is measured. Then you go to overtime, and I think our overtime system is just as flawed as any other overtime system. It’s just the way it is and it is probably correct. You have to decide it then where it takes the length of the field and certain situations out of it. It is imperfect, but a darn good system. You tell me if there are other teams in this country that can say that. If you just give us ties, like in the old system, we are undefeated with two ties. Maybe that adds up as one lost.”

No, it doesn’t. Not even close. It adds up as exactly two losses. Not one loss. Not undefeated with two ties. Two losses. Not four. Two.

Seriously, have you ever heard someone quite this stupid? The “system is flawed”…or it’s “probably correct.” It’s “imperfect”…or it’s “a darn good system.” I have to ask you, then, Les: what did you mean by that?


[press conference transcript]

17 Responses

  1. I don’t know. I think Ole Les is justified in criticizing the overtime system we have. It completely negates the ability of a defense to control a game. All it does, by putting the ball on the 25, is test how good your redzone offense is.

    That being said, Les knew this was the system when the season started.

    Still, losing your games in 3OT aint too shabby.

  2. Does it not also test how good your redzone defense is? WTF are you talking about? Sure, it doesn’t test you if want fieldgoals, but who cares? Stop somebody in OT LSU if you have the greatest defense man has ever seen. Sadly, you can’t. We win.

  3. eh, move the ball out to the 35 in OT, and make them go for 2 after the first overtime period. Bing bang boom done.

    And as a Michigan fan, I’m hoping the batshit crazy Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (aka Les Miles) comes to town. We could use a little freaky deaky insanity up there…

  4. No doubt, but let’s agree that redzone defense is, in some very important ways, a different style of defense considering how spread out you have to be. Should Miles stop his bitching? Absolutely. Does he have room to criticize our OT system because it’s not reflective of the game we play for the previous 60 mins? Sure.

    It would be hard to deny that LSU is disadvantaged in the current OT system we have…as opposed to a team like West Virginia (with its explosive offense). It just isn’t how LSU wins games. Down here in the durrrrrty south, field position is the name of the game. And yeah, admittedly, our offenses are kinda boring and need that help from the defense. It is, then, no surprise that a team like LSU has a hard time winning in this OT system.

    But like I said, it’s the system we all agreed to at the beginning of the year. Miles needs to stow it. To be honest, his comments were really directed at Georgia, who’s hoping to sneak into the BCSCG if you guys lose. He’s just trying to argue that his Tigers are more deserving than the team from Athens (who wouldn’t have won their conference championship in this equation). Anyway, best of luck to you guys against Pitt and beyond.

  5. Well, the South can do it how it wants, but if LSU is so good, they should win in regulation, OT, whatever.

  6. I have to agree with Les. Being an OSU fan, we go by the “we’re undefeated in the first minute of the game” theory. Illinois doesn’t “technically” count as a loss because we had them beat 39 seconds in. After the first 60 seconds you’re working in a totally flawed system.

  7. If they are that good, why do they “let” the other team take them to any OT? He and Herbie ought to get a man marriage together and kiss each other’s ass.

  8. I can’t help but chuckle at the insane claim that LSU’s defense is one of the best in the country. Arkansas dropped fifty points on them! you can argue that the overtime points shouldn’t carry any weight, but really, a #1 team shouldn’t be going into overtime against anyone, especially an unranked opponent (although I will say that Darren McFadden even get the Miami Dolphins in the win column)

  9. LSU would cruch west virginia. Come to the SEC and get out of the weak ass big East. I mean honestly yall played UCONN ( who ) for the big east championship …… when yall come to a conference where everyone is as fast as pat white and steve slaton come talk to me. Until try to break the streak of two in a row with South Florida. Jesus the big east what a joke.

  10. Hey Tristan,

    Nice name.

  11. Hey Charleywest,
    suck my dick. fagget.

  12. HAHAHAHA, Tristan, did you go to LSU to lern how to spel?

  13. i stand corrected miles is staying he is not my favorite coach but i think he’ll get better

  14. Isn’t Greg Blue still looking for Steve Slaton? Oh that SEC speed!!!

  15. West Virginia pulls the greatest choke job of all time..LSU has to two quality football BOWL ELIGBILE teams.. and West Virginia loses to PITT nice job

  16. west virginia fans there’s always next season

  17. Kentucky and Arkansas???

    LSU deserves to go to the game, but lets not make those teams out to be in the top 20. This was a choke job.

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