Kirk Herbstreit Wears A Helmet To School


Yesterday, when I thought Les Miles was the dumbest person on the planet, all seemed right with the world. Now, we have another contestant: Kirk Herbstreit. Mr. Buckeye, wearing a ridiculous hat that would even make “THE Hat” blush, chimed in today on his thoughts of an Ohio State national championship berth. His opinion? Thanks, but no thanks (sidebar on right):

In my opinion, Ohio State could do more about [improving] the image people have of its program by playing a talented USC team that right now is as hot as any in the country … I promise you, if Ohio State goes into the Rose Bowl, everyone is going to be saying, ‘USC is going to kill Ohio State.’

… Ohio State will gain more respect if it plays USC in the Rose Bowl and wins that game, than if it goes and beats West Virginia and wins the national title. From an image standpoint, Ohio State would score more points going to the Rose Bowl than by going to the national championship game. If you can believe that, that’s the truth.

I think I speak for all of us when I say, “What the fuck?” Ohio State would be better served by just playing USC in the Rose Bowl than winning the National Championship? Are you insane? Do you not have a soul? No one will give two shits about the Rose Bowl a month after it’s over. The National Champion, on the other hand, gets a trip to the White House, an entire off-season’s worth of publicity, and all the SI special edition hard-bound volumes it wants.

Herbstreit, obviously, is just setting himself up for a Missouri win this Saturday. If Missouri wins, Ohio State “saves face” by going to the Rose Bowl. If they lose and tOSU goes the BCS Championship, no one will remember this column. Not even Herbstreit. He’ll deny it like it’s Watergate. As well he should, because suddenly, Les Miles looks like the sane one in the stupid hat.

[photo courtesy of Awful Announcing]


7 Responses

  1. Can someone please explain to me why everyone keeps saying USC the hottest team in the country. Since when did a 3 game winning streak in which they scored 24! points in back to back games against bad Cal and Oregon St. teams. (Needing a late touchdown to even beat Cal). And then in the 3rd win, they beat Arizona St. by 20.

    West Virginia has won 6 in a row, including its last game by 45 points against he #20 team in the country.

    Perceptionwise, Herbstreit is probably right. People would respect a win over USC more. But that’s because everyone is stupid. But everyone is stupid. And the best teams are the ones with arbitrarily highly-rated recruiting classes and not the ones that win games.

  2. Herbie is a homer. He’ll do anything to make the Suckeyes save face.

  3. tOSU would get run by either Mizzou or WVU. Their defense is oh so great against the spread offenses. Get their shit handed to them by Illinois and Florida last year. Is a USC beatdown better than losing to Mizzou or WVU?

    The B10 is a Chrysler; looks good early, breaks down, and never recovers. It happens every year.

  4. It never fails, Herbie always shows his true colors at the end of every season….OSU fans would have you believe he is the most objective, unbiased, impartial talking head out there, but if you ever listen to his radio show, broadcast solely in Columbus of course, you get to hear the REAL Herbstreit. He’s an asshat and always will be, but the real fuck you to the nation in all of this is all the free pub and recruiting help OSU gets with his constant gushing for the Buckeyes on ESPN.

  5. Kirk is such a douche bag. Anyone that belives that shit is a complete moron……wait, all of the OSU faithful will believe it. Wait, that makes them all………..

  6. If Ohio State goes to the national title game, they’ll lose. If Ohio State plays USC in the Rose Bowl, they’ll lose. So this is all a moot point.

  7. I think Kirk was right – the rest of the country would be more impressed with an OSU victory over USC. Had OSU gone to the national championship and beaten WVU, everyone would just say that OSU was lucky to avoid playing a good team from a top conference like the SEC, Pac 10, or Big 12.

    Obviously, none of this means anything now. Instead, no matter who OSU plays next, people will whine that the Buckeyes were lucky to avoid playing someone else (Georgia? LSU? Missouri? Oklahoma? USC?). Can you imagine if OSU beats Hawaii for the national title? Now that would be a perfect end to this crazy season (as it would piss off fans from pretty much everywhere).

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