100% Class Act

This will be Owen Schmitt’s last appearance at Mountaineer Field. In one of the most unlikely stories in WVU history, Owen Schmitt has become a true star in Morgantown. Tales of his exploits will live on in these hills for years and decades to come. I think I speak for all of us when I say, “we’ll miss you Owen.”

Mickey Furfari remembers the Mountaineer career of Owen Schmitt

Owen Schmitt is one of 19 West Virginia football seniors who will be playing at Mountaineer Field/Milan Puskar Stadium on Saturday night for the last time.

That thought hasn’t been exactly pleasant for the 6-3, 255-pound fullback, tight end and special-teams player from Fairfax, Va. The reason: His swan song will be somewhat sad.

Schmitt said he’s very grateful for having been given the opportunity to transfer to WVU in 2004, sit out the one-year residence requirement, then play three years as a Mountaineer standout.

After every game, he expresses his appreciation to coach Rich Rodriguez. He’s that type of young man.


5 Responses

  1. Stud ! Steelers need Smitty Bad !

  2. My favorite was when Schmitt got a touchdown off a fumble a couple of games back and the announcers were like “the big guy just got his paws on it! Didja see that!” I think they were happier than Schmitt and that says a lot.

  3. Owen is my hero – still trying to find #35 jersey (in white) online. A dedication and focus, and ability that through hard work made for one great football player.

    I wish him continued success in the NFL and especially when he gets out of football.

  4. […] take a gander at a special Eer facemask bender [West By God] […]

  5. I feel like we’ve been cheated only seeing Owen for three years. I wish he had one more year of eligibility left.

    He has definitely left his mark and made an impact on WVU football. Schmitt will be a name that lives forever in the annals of our program. He’ll be mentioned in the same breath as the Harris’, Bulger’s, Zereoue’s and Cobourne’s of our program.

    Thank you Owen, good luck in the NFL, you’ll be missed around here for quite some time.

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