We Saved Dave; WVU Now 2-0 In 2008

Yes, boys and girls, our persistent efforts have payed off. We, single-handedly, “Saved Dave.” Wondering what I’m talking about? Well then, check here. And here.

It was an ambitious undertaking. Imagine the audacity of trying to save the job of one of the worst coaches in the country. A coach who continually recruits pro-level talent and squanders every single bit of it. A coach who’s most redeeming quality is the grooming of his mustache.

But alas, we have done it, as today, Dave Wannstedt’s contract was extended through 2010. Now, instead of only winning one game this weekend, we have now one two: this year and next. With Wannstedt at the helm, we now have guaranteed a 6 game winning streak against Pitt. Hooray!

So, when you’re at the game tomorrow, don’t forget about the events of today. When you’re signing Country Roads, sing it loud. But save just a little for 2008, because you’ll be singing it next year after both Syracuse and Pitt.

2-0 baby!


4 Responses

  1. Kudos on saving Pornstache.

  2. I picked Wannstache in my “Fired Coaches Pool”. Dammit. Un-effin-believable.

  3. Hey thanks for saving Dave for us. I look forward to his squad completely outplaying you AGAIN next year…and the year after…and the year after.

  4. Fuck Pitt

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