A Part Of Me Died Last Night


Last night, sitting in the freezing cold and light rain, I adopted a Zen-like attitude. Watching my hopes and dreams crushed in front of my eyes, there was no anger. There was no yelling (of course, outside of screaming my lungs to nothing when we were on defense). Walking out of the stadium, there was no urge to throw things. Well, that’s a lie, but I didn’t throw anything. I just sat, Indian-style on the gravel, completely silent, and drank. And kept drinking.

I wasn’t necessarily trying to drown my sorrows, but at that time, Miller Lite had never tasted so good. I didn’t want to talk about the game. I didn’t want to hear about the play-calling. I refused to answer my phone, as if I had, I certainly would have ended a few friendships. I just wanted everything to go away. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to avoid ESPN and the entire Internet, it hasn’t.

If you’re expecting a great review of our great loss, it’s not going to happen. I don’t want to talk about. Maybe, someday, whether it’s tomorrow or next week or next year, I will feel ready to talk about it. But today? Not going to happen. Look somewhere else. If you want to talk about it — and I’m sure a lot of you do — do it in the comments. I might even chime in with some witty remark about suicide. But I’m going to leave the meaningful game commentary to someone else.

Note: Want to flame me for jinxing us? Do it in the comments. I deserve your wrath.

13 Responses

  1. It was a tough loss. Hard to take, and no, I didn’t want to talk about it much on Sunday. But on the other hand, I’m taking a “Zen like” approach, it’s just football.

  2. I threw stuff. I felt better, not much better. The only consolation prize that will make these blue eyes shine again will be kicking VT’s ass in an orange bowl bid i hope. =I

  3. It is without a doubt, my biggest loss in any sport. I can’t recall being emotionally invested in anything else like this, and have it turn so wrong.


    When we start next season, and we will be ranked top 10 or higher, I will not get so into it.

    It IS hard to be a Mountaineer.

  4. There will still be a bowl announcement tonight. Yes, it stings, but there are only a fuckload of programs that would love to be getting in a BCS bowl and won’t be.

    There are plenty of schools that would have killed to have the year the Mountaineers had. Even if they knew it was going to ride just to the edge of the end before we pulled a Munson.

    It’s not the end of all hope. It’s just not going to end as high as we’d hoped it would.

    Give in to the healing black humor in it. I have. Shit happened last night that just made no sense to anyone. Sports announcers screamed, “Are you kidding me?!? You never see this.” It was a horrible, freakishly awful game where some of the best players in college football had their worst night collectively. When’s the last time you saw a game where two separate QB’s hands suddenly became the magnetic opposite of the football? One of them more than once.

    It was bad. Freaky bad. Jaw-droppingly, shockingly, awfully bad. And there’s a different game in a month.

  5. Buddy, I so wanted you ‘eers kick that buckeye ass around, damn it….
    -vol in ohio

  6. So it’s the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma. They didn’t seem to have much of a problem with spread-oriented Mizzou. Hope springs eternal, though. Let’s hope the spot-the-ball Mountaineers show up, and not the cough-up-the-ball Mountaineers.

  7. It was so bad the sun didn’t even show its face in West Virginia today.

  8. I take watching any of my sports teams play with a pinch of salt, even West Virginia. For some reason this loss snatched my soul from me. It really hurt for some reason. Perhaps because we were on the cusp of doing something great? I don’t know?

    You just to have to move on, and yes we still are in the BCS against Oklahoma which will be a big deal for this program. Hope does spring eternal. Before you know it, we’ll be talking about the basketball team.

  9. I really don’t know what this says about me, but I am pretty much over the loss already and ready to move on, but maybe that has more to do with avoiding ESPN all day yesterday and staying away from the internet sports sites….and the other knowing WVU is still in the BCS and in the Fiesta Bowl. One thing I am fucking fed up with though is having to repeat the yearly Mountaineer fan motto, “there’s always next year”, but alas, here I am saying it yet again. Fuck it, here is to the men beating the shit out of Auburn this week.

    And for what its worth, the dude in the pic is one of my buddy’s that I go to the games with.

  10. History repeats itself:

    Penn St 1992
    Fumble on the goal line/Middle TE screen for 81 yards to lose the game.

    Miami (OH) 1992
    29-29 tie—-This is not the “U”

    Syracuse 1992
    Marvin “Freakin” Graves–

    Florida 1993
    Thanks for switching QB’s

    Miami(FL) 1996
    Who could forget that choke job? We could not punt block all year.

    While Rich is far better than having Don with the headsets, he should focus his attention on the game.

    This guy should quit worring about the fans and how loud they are at the game.

    Beat a team when your are 28 pt favorites and make some adjustments.

    He asked for the following:
    new learning center–check
    new uniforms–check
    better equipment–check
    indoor practice–check

    Now go out and win.

  11. Anybody remember Tommy ” Freakin” Orr??

    I would like my 150k back from Rich.

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