This Space Intentionally Left Blank



Back later today when my soul has recovered…


10 Responses

  1. We both shit the bed. This sucks.

  2. Welcome younger folks to the crushing feeling that has accompanied many a year in Mountaineer football history. We had this feeling after quite a few Nehlen bowl games (especially the one where the Major Harris-led Eers played Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl for the national title). Yet, somehow, hope springs eternal in the end.

  3. Hail to Pitt!!

  4. Never felt so heartbroken…so crushed.

  5. It hurts my face.
    I’m in awe, still…

  6. We need a playoff system.

  7. Charley- email me when you get a minute.

    I’m doing something that you might be interested in.

  8. let’s post nonstop about how we’re going to dominate pitt

    that won’t jinx us at all

  9. Wow. The football gods really smote this team. I’m gonna be prostrate for weeks.

  10. Thanks again for saving Dave!

    Care to save Paul Rhoads for us too?

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