The Unburned Couch

People, we had our Saturday night all mapped out:

  1. Tailgate
  2. Watch WVU beat Pitt
  3. Burn couches

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry. So, in honor of those once-great plans, I give you a helpful place of mourning: The Unburned Couch. Go there, have your good cry, and then come back here ready for Oklahoma.


4 Responses

  1. Against Louisville in the ’05 Elite Eight, we once possessed a 39-19 lead and mad 18-24 3-pointers in regulation, and still didn’t end up in the final four. At least in that game we gave Louisville our best shot, and Louisville was a very good team. Pitt isn’t even a very good team, and didn’t come close to getting our best shot. Just an analogy, though I know alot of people don’t care about the basketball team as much as the football team.

    Some more random thoughts.

    Our O-line has been average all season long, at best. 300 yard rushing games used to be the norm. However, UConn is the only 300 yard rushing game since ECU. That’s a span of 8 games. From the Sugar Bowl until the Pitt game in ’06, we rushed for 300 yards 9 out of 11 games.

    WVU has lost 9 games since 2004, 6 of those have been after Nov. 1.

    With late Nov. losses, WVU blew BCS bowls in ’04 and ’06, and the national championship game in ’07.

    Steve Slaton, consensus all-american in 2006, had a combined 19 carries in the last two games of the year. LeSean McCoy had 38 carries against WVU.

    Selvish Capers looks like an undersized tight end, and plays right tackle.

    This was our best chance, and we blew it. A surprisingly good defense, all the skill guys anyone could want, a soft schedule, and no dominate teams anywhere in college football to be scared of in the title game. Here’s hoping our O-line improves ten fold next year.

    Big Losses:
    Dykes, Mundy, Wicks, Schmidtt, Rivers ( the punt returner)

    Lewis, Rivers (the cornerback), Williams, Magro

    Key Players that might leave:
    Dingle, Reynaud, Slaton

  2. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me.

  3. This is really more of a futon, I think. I’m just sayin’.

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