My Official Heisman Ballot

And when I say official, I mean official. I was invited to take part in the 73rd presentation of the Heisman trophy, presented by Nissan 1st annual mock-Heisman, presented by Mizzourah. I knew it would be a close ballot, though I thought the ultimate winner would be different. I still believe the actual winner on Saturday will be Tim Tebow, sophomore status be damned.

Here is my complete ballot:

1. Tim Tebow
2. Colt Brennan
3. Darren McFadden
4. Dennis Dixon
5. Chase Daniel

Your thoughts?


6 Responses

  1. 5 picks against Idaho doesn’t scream Heisman for me. Other than that I think it’s fine. Personally feel that if Colt Brennan is going to the Heisman ceremony then every Texas Tech QB from now on should be invited as well.

  2. I agree…it will be Tebow.

    I was surprised that P-Whiddle and Kevin Smith (UCF) were tied, but the fact that Glenn Dorsey even got one vote (1!!) was crazy, but he got two 5th place votes. What the hell?

    Overall, it was a success.

  3. It should be Mcfadden, he is the BEST player in college football.

  4. Yeah, it’ll be Tebow. Some people are touting him as a three-peat waiting to happen. That makes me laugh. Florida will eventually get a running back in their backfield, and Tebow’s carries will be diluted.

    This Superman stuff is getting tired, too. How do you lose 3 games with Superman under center?

  5. Glibglub- I agree with you 100%. I think Tebow is as overrated as they come. That being said, he’s had a good season. McFadden was the best player for the last 4-5wks of the season, but Tebow was consistently good.

    If Mizzou won the B12 title game, I think Chase Daniel would have won. But, I’m a Mizzou fan.

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