Pat McAfee Is Not Ray Finkle

Honestly, I don’t know what to say. There’s no point in writing 4 paragraphs talking about the Pat McAfee death-threat situation. Obviously, it is wrong to threaten the life of anybody (outside of Oprah), especially a Mountaineer player. He didn’t even miss the game-winning kick. He missed two kicks very early in the game. Two kicks that, with our talent level, should have played absolutely ZERO roll in the outcome. He was a part of Saturday’s problem, sure, but let’s try not to go just a tad overboard and vandalize his house/car and threaten his life. Leave that kind of ridiculousness to Nebraska fans.


6 Responses

  1. after the ’03 cincinnati brad cooper kicking fiasco i said to my friends that we should burn a lower case ‘t’ in his front yard for ‘time to start making kicks’. eventually we decided just to kill him. unfortunately we then looked up to see his parents and little sister walking out of the staduim directly in front of us, and felt kinda bad. but not as bad as i did that we lost to cincinnati at home.

  2. People who make even idle threats like that have no place in human society. Well, except for in an asylum for the criminally insane, that is.

    That said, fans are usually pretty harmless. Sometimes it’s your teammates you need to look out for. Remember last season when some back up punter stabbed the starter? Some small college out west I think. Some people just lack any semblance of proper perspective.

    Anyway, let me say that I have faith in Pat McAfee. He’ll bounce back. Long may his hair wave.

  3. i hope every member of the offensive line finds who did this, and takes their frustration for sucking so bad against pitt out on them. that is absolutely rediculous. Maybe ok if he intentionally missed the kicks, but i guarantee you he was trying his best.

    those people are going to be realy pissed if he leaves and we have no kicker next year, let alone an awsome punter.

  4. If you would like to let Pat know how you feel, here is his football address:

    Pat McAfee
    % Bill Stewart
    WVU football office
    PO Box 0877
    Morgantown, WV 26507

  5. People that would do this show how much they know about the game. Complete and utter useless pieces of trash in society. I sat there in the cold, although high from Jaigermeister, and witnessed our demise. Not one damn time did I think about harming someone or something. Its a game you moronic people that do such things. I hope to God they catch you and lock you up.

  6. I was santa and can say he will not get coal for christmas. he has no play @ all in that game . O line we should talk 2 or even the whole team as 1 ! Oklahom! Now ! Oklahoma! SOOON be done son !

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