It’s Oklahoma Month

Usually, we have a week to look forward to an opponent. But since it’s bowl season, we have an entire month to prepare for the Oklahoma Sooners. After taking the past few days to gather our senses after the Pitt loss, we’re back and ready to go. Get ready for a big month of shit-talking/pointed banter towards our panhandle brethren to the West.

That banter begins today.  Yesterday, we began exchanging questions with ccmachine of Crimson and Cream Machine. Today, look forward to the first installment of our 372 part series recapping that conversation. So expect that…and much, much more. Or just more.


One Response

  1. Dissapointed on the first post about Oklahoma, okay. I was hoping for at least one trail of tears reference (which remember was from Georgia to Oklahoma…bowl victories over UGA/GT, now OU…coincidence?). Or the least you could do is send Bob Stoops a blanket covered in smallpox like the good old days.

    And for a history lesson, the name “sooners” came from the settlers who ilegally inhabitted and claimed land in the territory before the free giveaway in 1889.

    Hear Lee Corso say today WVU has a tendency to choke in big games? Lately, i would have to say he is right. However, thats when people expected things from us. We’re flying under the radar now……which means……..mike dent still sucks and we’ll probably lose, but not as badly as the national media thinks.

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