Nostradamus of WVU Basketball

With my infinite powers (and having seen WVU play several games), I have decided to take it upon myself the task of predicting the rest of the basketball season. Now, mind you, this isn’t easy. It takes a trained eye, omnipotence, and a keyboard. I just happen to possess all three.

So, here is how I see this year’s season playing out:

  • Arkansas-Monticello — W
  • Prairie View — W
  • Tennessee — L
  • New Mexico State — W
  • Maryland-Eastern Shore — W
  • Winthrop — W
  • @ Auburn — W
  • Duquesne — W

OK, so we’re 7-1 so far. A great start. A few more non-conference games…

  • Maryland-Baltimore County — W
  • @ Radford — W
  • @ Canisius — W
  • Oklahoma — W

11-1 after our non-conference slate (minus Marshall). This is an absolute dream start. While there is no marquee win, victories over Winthrop, @ Auburn, and Oklahoma will look good at the end of the season. We probably couldn’t have played a worse game against Tennessee and were in that one until the end. All in all, I’ll take it. Unfortunately, things get a lot tougher from here…

  • @ Notre Dame — L
  • Marquette — W
  • @ Louisville — L
  • Syracuse — W

Just a murderous start to the Big EAST campaign. Notre Dame is an extremely tough place to play, especially for WVU over the years. They will most likely be riding a 28 game home winning streak when we meet on January 3rd. Marquette, on the other hand, is a better team than Notre Dame. But, of course, they play in Morgantown, in front of what should be a raucous crowd. As for Louisville and Syracuse, both teams have disappointed, though both have a lot of talent. A split is likely.

  • St. John’s — W
  • @ South Florida — W
  • Marshall — W

A nice breather in the middle of the season. I will be severely disappointed if we don’t sweep all three of these games.

  • Georgetown — L
  • Cincinnati — W
  • @ Providence — L
  • @ Pittsburgh — L

Georgetown is almost a sure loss. They are a fantastic basketball team. Same with Pitt, at least in Pittsburgh. Providence is a tough game, especially in the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. It’s a game we’ll be in, but sometimes, you lose games you probably shouldn’t.

  • Rutgers — W
  • Seton Hall — W
  • @ Villanova — L

OK, here comes the home stretch. We’re currently 19-7 and in pretty good shape for an NCAA berth. Just need to close out the season with a few W’s to ensure a good seed in New York and an invite to the dance…

  • Providence — W
  • @ DePaul — W
  • @ UConn — L
  • Pittsburgh — W
  • @ St. John’s — W

23-8 overall and 11-7 in conference. That, my friends, is a great season. There’s no way, with that resume, that we’d be any less than a 6 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Marquee wins over Marquette and Pitt really help to solidify the record. And with the Big EAST as strong as it is, 11-7 is a real accomplishment. Probably good for a 5 seed in New York.


6 Responses

  1. I’ll take it. I’d probably just switch us losing to Marquette, but beating Providence and come out to the same record. Would be nice to split with Pitt this season.

  2. Wow, you think the Oklahoma game is a win? I certainly hope so, but I’d heard they were really good.

    I’d guess we beat Providence but lose to Syracuse.

  3. Provocative picks. I haven’t made up my mind about this team, but they sure have been fun to watch so far. (Lunardi’s bracketology has WVU as a 12 seed last I looked. )

  4. Oh, I hope you’re right. A good basketball season can make the snowy days all that much more enjoyable.

  5. UCONN looked very ordinary against Gonzaga last week. They hoist up a lot of shots, and their big man Thabeet(sp?) is a decent presence. However, we return the same team that beat them in Morgantown last year.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see us take one in Storrs.

  6. I would generally agree that 23-8 should get us in, but 22-9 didn’t last year when we beat “UCLA without Darren Collison”. (there of course no mention that we played half the game with TED TALKINGTON, who outplayed all their McDonald’s all-americans).

    Marquette probably a L. Wouldn’t be surprised if we beat Louisville. We might beat UConn or Providence on the road (how i miss God Shamgod) and lose to Pitt at home, but i have to say 23-8 or 22-9 is exactly what I was thinking too.

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