As Honest As I Can Be (PS: It’s Not Pretty)

In my conversation with Crimson and Cream Machine, I was asked about my individual faith in WVU’s passing game. While my answer is posted at their site, I felt it best to go ahead and display it here. It is as honest as I can be about our inability to consistently pass the football. If you have a dissent, or have any comments at all, leave them below.

Again, the question was, “How much confidence do you have in the West Virginia passing attack?”

None. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Some other synonym for not at all confident.

We have no passing game. We can occasionally pass the ball, but we have no passing game. The majority of any passing yards we accrue are from bubble screens and swing passes. Basically, an extension of the running game.

This is something that bothers me about Mountaineer football. To truly succeed on a consistent level, West Virginia needs to establish a balanced attack. That certainly hasn’t happened this year. In our losses, and even in the games where we haven’t played well, the opposing team has slowed our running attack. Each time that has happened, we continued to run the ball, just as if it were going gangbusters. No adjustments from Coach Rich Rodriguez (CRR).

There are two theories for this occurance, neither of which are very palatable: 1) he can’t make in-game adjustments; or 2) he has no faith in our passing attack. The first makes CRR look incompetent. The second makes Pat White, Jarrett Brown, and our receivers look incompetent. Neither are very palatable.

Personally, I believe it to be the latter. It pains me to say that our Heisman-candidate, Big East Offensive Player of the Year can’t make our passing game work, but it seems he can’t. Whether that is a condemnation of White or our receivers or both, I don’t know. But something isn’t working.


6 Responses

  1. I agree whole heartedly with that. To me, its either he has no faith in Pat or he has no faith in our recieving corp. Not sure which. Shit……..a couple deep bombs per game and wallah, we have wide open spaces to run again. I do not understand.

  2. Before we start jumping off the Westover Bridge, let’s keep in mind that the two most disappointing seasons under Rodriguez, 2001 and 2004, were also the two seasons with the biggest commitments to the passing game. Those year we threw for 164 and 166 yards per game. The best year, 2005, was the year we averaged the fewest passing yards per game, 116. Obviously, a passing game could have made a difference against Pitt, but the rushing attack won us 32 of the previous 36 games. And the four losses were due to defensive breakdowns and turnovers, not the lack of a passing game.

  3. I got to watch a practice this year, and we do throw the ball around. I don’t know what stops us in games, but I have a guess.

    It is my believe that CRR comes with the theory of “Three things happen when you throw the ball and two of them are bad.”

  4. Obviously I dont have confidence in our passing game, nor should I. Pat as great as he is, and i wouldn’t trade him for anyone, isn’t a great passer. Our reciever core, as much as I like tito, and jalloh and reynaud, they arent deep pass running threats. And I’m sick about hearing about Wes Lyons. If he was good we would throw it to him like we did Chris Henry.

    It’s ignorant to think Rodriguez hates to pass, all you have to do is look at other teams he’s coached. Jed Drenning, Scott Otis, Shaun King. Rodriguez wants to win as much as anyone in the stands, and more than most. If he thought throwing was possible and would have been the difference against Pitt, its ignorant to think he would not have done just that.

    I do not always agree with every play call he makes and he has been responsible for losses, but he sees the players everyday in practice and has been coaching and winning at every level for 20 years. He has spotted talent in Dan mozes and pat white and steve slaton that no one else did. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and guess that if he didnt think we could pass against pitt, we probably couldn’t have.

    Personally, if i had pat white, i would run him 20 times for every pass he threw. Tom Osbourne did a decent job running the ball every single time too.

    Charley West, you are dead on about us not having a passing game. But with Pat White ,it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as when we had rasheed marshall.

    I like oklahoma 35-24.

  5. And the bigger problem will be WVU not being able to stop the pass rather than not being able to perform the pass.

  6. I blame everyone, the fans, CRR, the players, and even baby Jesus, for the loss against Pitt but I don’t want to talk about this year anymore. The Oklahoma game is in ’08 and to me is the first game of next season. Our seniors want to go out on with a win, just as the last two senior classes have done. Hopefully, they will play with the pride and passion we know they all possess to show the youngsters that one bad game will not define your football career.

    Also, if we win expect the recruits to notice…

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