Maybe NOW We’ll Start Throwing

By now, most every WVU fan has heard of the commitment of burner WR D.J. Woods from Strongville, OH. The kid may only be 6’0″, but when you run a 4.35 40 and have great hands, people turn their heads. Color me excited.

What has me more intrigued, however, is what Rodriguez said to him on his most recent recruiting visit:

“Coach Rodriguez told me that in the Pitt game they couldn’t throw the ball like they wanted to,” he said. “They had 1-on-1 coverage on the boundary side, but nobody on that side could beat their man. They said with my speed they felt comfortable I could make a big play. I told them if I came there, I’d make a difference. Now I’m there and I’m ready to make an impact.”

Obviously we couldn’t throw. And I would say just about anything to get a big-time WR commitment. But it does give a little insight on how far our passing game is from being decent. Our WRs can’t even beat 1-on-1 coverage? Pathetic.

[Mike Casazza @ Daily Mail]


6 Responses

  1. Sounds like a good pickup, but RR is telling us we don’t have a single guy that can beat 1-on-1 coverage? Isn’t Reynaud about the size of Woods? Isn’t he supposed to be the fasted guy on WVU? I don’t know, some things RR says is totally quizzical at times.

  2. How the hell do we know if our WR’s can beat 1-on-1 coverage when we don’t throw the damn ball in the game. The pass plays CRR calls are for Patrick to take a step back and then lob the ball down field. If Patrick misses an inch or two here or there our WR’s have no chance.

    Throw a daggone slant, curl, or out to see if our WR’s can run routes. We have some fast guys at WR but CRR is too dang stubborn to put the ball. Ok I’m getting too fired up and the rush of pain is coming back so I’m going to stop talking before I break something at work.

    Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I have been busy with a new job. My b-ball predictions are much different that both charley and Stiles so be ready.

  3. If you cant beat a guy one on one on the post, why not throw it into the 15-20 yard cushin that every team has given us over the middle, utilizing the 3-5 seconds that we get on every snap because teams are too scared to pass rush? This one is on Rich Rod, not our players.

  4. Our WR’s can’t beat 1-on-1 coverage…against Pitt no less. I just don’t know what to think about that, but Mr. Woods appears to be a nice get. Congrats RR, now live up to your words and air that fucking ball out from now on.

  5. Doesn’t matter one damn bit. We will still not throw the ball. Imagine if we through the ball down the field a few times during each game. We would have running lanes big enough to drive Pac Man Jones’ ego through.

  6. I live up in this area…this guy is not that good.

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