Apparently, Rodriguez Is A Child

I have always been critical of Rich Rodriguez’s seemingly inability to accept criticism. In his mind, he is above any negative statement from the fanbase or media. This cements that:

Meanwhile, a longtime friend of Rodriguez, who spoke confidently, said he could understand if the coach were interested in the Michigan job. The friend complained how some Mountaineer fans reacted after WVU lost the Pitt game, ending chances for a national championship.

Some fans booed and criticized Rodriguez, while kicker Pat McAfee, who missed two field goals in the game, reportedly received death threats.

Oh my god, they booed? You mean we complained after losing as a 28 point favorite, at home, to our biggest rival, in a game we had to win to go to the National Championship? You gotta be shittin’ me. I figured we’d give him a big pat on the back. Good job Rich. Good job.

Take your ball and go home to Michigan.

[Metro News — HT: APH]


6 Responses

  1. CW, your thoughts on this absolutely mirror my own. Except I’ve never like his coaching style or persona. The one thing that really irks me are all of our idiot fans who think RR made this program. He did not. I get the feeling most have only been watching since 2003…

  2. Did the longtime friend speak “confidently”? Or perhaps he was speaking confidentially.

  3. Hmm. Wonder what CRR’s buddy thinks about CRR dissing his own team to the recruit Woods? I smell hypocrisy.

  4. He’s staying. I have truly legit info on this one. RR going nowhere….

  5. I actually stuck up for him, and cheered for him after the game, while still in the stands. The fact that there is one fan who was still cheering for him, means that we have the most positive fans in america because it was the worst coached game ive ever seen. What an ass.

  6. Uhh, I don’t think I liked RR on the 1:45 min ride home from the sPitt game. Although I didn’t boo. Neither did the 6 other guys in the van. Die hard fans, 5 of which went to every single game this year and the past 3.

    Were we critical of RR, YES. Was it a Nightmare, a FUCKING NIghtmare of the 9th Circle of Hell variety.

    We DID NOT even mention Pat. Never crossed my mind or the others. It is hard to blame a kid for something, and easier to blame an adult.

    When a choke happens, we will blame the coach, as will every other major program in the USA. Remember that coach’s ranting from OkS earlier this year. “Blame me, I’m a man, not a kid!” Well, that is what the Ball Coach is there for. And better take it like a Man.

    Lord, my fear is WVU will give RR a contract extension. He will get something for spending six hours in Toledo. The Hyperbaric (sp) chamber is coming, and this had nothing to do with it.

    But one difference about the Bama fiasco and this one. Nobody was/has/is calling around to try to raise some funds for RR.

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