Michigan, Rodriguez Meeting In Toledo

Once I got over my initial reaction of this news, here is my take:


There’s no way this is a play for more money. There’s no way this is a play for facilities upgrades. We already went through all this last year. We’ve given all we can give. This is Rodriguez simply wanting to “upgrade” over West Virginia. There’s not much we can do about that. The draw of your alma mater is only so much. For Greg Schiano, the home-state team is plenty. For Rodriguez, I guess not.

This isn’t going to stop. Even if he doesn’t accept the Michigan job, the same thing can and will happen next year. And the year after. He’s here now, but he may as well be gone. Maybe not Michigan, but somebody else.

Just let him go.

UPDATE #1: Kudos to Ed Pastilong.

“I don’t know anything about it,” WVU athletic director Ed Pastilong told the Gazette. “The only person who can clarify that is Rich Rodriguez.

“We recently put a strong contract in place with Rich. We made a strong commitment to him and he made a strong commitment to us.”

Mad respect to Pastilong if he holds his ground. We made a very strong commitment last year. If that isn’t good enough, too damn bad.

Update #2:

Update #3: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we have a WBGV correspondent at Hart Field (Morgantown Municipal Airport) as we speak. If Rodriguez was, in fact, on that plane, we should know soon enough.

Update #4: “No comment.” Thanks Rich, you’ve been a big help.

Update #5: Pastilong’s second statement:

“I think it would be unusual that he would be doing that without sharing it with us.”

It has come to this Rich. The day of the first Fiesta Bowl practice and you’re sneaking around the athletic department’s back. PS: I hate you.

Note: Stay tuned for updates…

[Sporting News]
[Charleston Gazette]


59 Responses

  1. Can’t agree more! WVU can simply not give anything else. Loyalty is out the window – meeting with UM for any reason what so ever is ridiculous – unless he is seriously thinking about leaving. It is clear that he will entertain offers each year, what a piece of crap!

  2. Well stated my good man, fuck the mother fucker

  3. It’s amazing how quickly people jump to conclusions over one report. Remember how ESPN reported that Rod had signed to go to Bama, only to have us learn a couple hours later that he was staying? I’m waiting for this to be substantiated by someone other than a radio call-in show. And why would they be meeting in Toledo? Makes no sense to me. I’m standing pat until I get more info.

  4. I must disagree with my brethren on CRR. I say DEAL WITH IT…

    All this run around may never stop but if he stays then I am happy. The days of coaches staying forever at a school may end with Paterno and Bowden. CRR is one of the only coaches left that could continue on at one school until he retires.

    It may be disrepectful for him to talk to other schools but it is also disrespectful for me to put him on blast every time he doesn’t throw the ball over the middle when it is wide open.

    We need to have an alumus or West Virginia boy as our head coach. If we don’t then they will actively seek other coaching opportunities rather than just “talk” to other AD’s, see Belying. If CRR leaves then our hopes for a national championship anytime in the next 5 years leave with him.

    Please stay CRR, we need ya.

  5. So you’re telling me CRR is not “actively” seeking other coaching opportunities? It seems like that’s exactly what he’s doing.

  6. Dont get me wrong, i am a coach rod supporter, you can ask anyone i know, i am probably the most positive fan you will find, but this pisses me off on a personal level. SO let it be known that my problem is with Rich Rod the man, not rich rod the coach, whom i love, for better or worse.

    We need coach rod to be good right now, but we dont need him so badly that we should pine over him. he shouldnt meet with other schools, not right now especially when we are at a cross roads recruiting wise. We are getting ready to lose our entire team, and we need to reload. This sends a message to recruits that, even if he stays, wvu is not Coach Rod’s number one priority. Coach Rods number 1 priority is Coach rod.

    Let him go, and lets find someone who appreciates WVU and wont cry like a lttle bitch when he blows a chance to go to the national championship game at home as a 28 point favorite and the fans boo him. I mean seriously what a little bitch.

  7. I wouldn’t care if he left if Jimbo were still out there, but I’m not sold on Terry Bowden after 10 years off. Maybe he wants a regulation size IPF now that huggins got his own. Too bad. Coming off the most depressing loss in history, and after donors went to the brink last year in their giving, we won’t scrape up that kind of doe. My guess, he feels so awful about Pitt, he needs his ego stroked a little, and Michigan will do it.

    Either he leaves, or he will stay without ANY extra upgrades or salaries.

  8. Either he leaves, or he will stay without ANY extra upgrades or salaries.

    If WVU kicks in one more cent for Rodriguez, I will go on a killing spree.

  9. As Rod’s biggest appologist here, I of course want him to stay, but lack passion I felt last year. It’s just getting old. Oh the irony of Michigan stealing both our coaches. I would hate to be an ohio st. fan, but that might be what it’s coming to.

  10. If he is in fact meeting with them, fuck him. I’m tired of the shit.

  11. At this point, i dont know if i could handle him coming back. There is no reason for him to be there, but to leave.

  12. I’m speechless. This looks bad, sounds bad and IS bad if it is true.

    A commitment is a commitment and meeting with these other schools, even if its just to “explore” options is B.S.

    Our focus right now needs to be 100% on our upcoming bowl game. We do not need the distraction this will cause. Especially coming off of the horrific loss to PITT.

  13. Interesting post on mgoblog….

    “Even if his buyout is high ($4M), remember, Martin somehow got B_____ without having to pay the buyout. Maybe his business accumen helps out here and he outsmarts the WVU lawyers.”

    Noone outsmarts these WVU lawyers! oh wait, we are 3rd teir, damnit…

  14. Anyone think Mangino likes peperoni rolls? Chilli dogs? Cant see him turning those down.

  15. Man, is this for real? What is the problem now? Fans not wearing enough gold? Not purchasing enough Fiesta Bowl tix? Maybe he just misses Beilein terribly.

    Is it the trend to get your football and basketball coaches from the same source? If so, maybe we get Brian Kelly.

    Whatever is going on, I’m staying mellow until something is confirmed.

  16. Mangino, after all, is from Western PA. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but I admit that would be a good replacement target.

    As far as RichRod’s flirtations with other schools… part of it could be listening to his agent in terms of being able to appraise the market for his services, which I can’t hold it against him for wanting to find out. I’m personally willing to let this, and future exploratory visits, slide as long as he doesn’t ultimately leave. But if he does leave, after everything he’s said, I’ll lose a great deal of respect for him.

    The screwed up thing is, who could we possibly get who’d be more likely to stick around? What coach, who enjoys any kind of success, won’t play mercenary if hometown alum Rod does?

  17. After the Pitt game, Rodriguez reiterated that WVU isn’t good enough to win by just showing up. Perhaps he feels by going to Meechigan he can fill his roster with so much talent that his teams can win just by showing up. That way, he doesn’t have to worry about game plans.

    Interesting side note: The nickname “Meeechigan” derives from the pronunciation legendary Wolverine coach, and West Virginia native, Fielding Yost used when referring to the school. Yost was also the coach of the 10-0 Kansas team from 1899 that we heard so much about a couple weeks ago.

  18. Alright listening to sportsline right now is getting my blood boiling. I tried to play devil’s advocate and give him a chance but I’m pissed now and my shoes are off.

    Being the head coach in your home state at your alma mater should be enough especially when you are making 1.8 million fucking dollars. You were one game away and your ego and horrid play calling prevented you from reaching the promised land. You can accomplish your goal of winning a national championship at WVU quicker than you could if you went to Michigan.

    NO COMMENT NO COMMENT kiss my ass.

  19. Rich just spoke to Sportsline and he is not denying or admitting anything.

  20. Lets get smart!!!!!!!!!

    We can not give him what he needs. Send him to a school where all of his excuses will be taken away.

    Fire him right now. Everyone will be leaving for the draft next year….lets just rebuild this thing from the ground up.

  21. Get him out of the buildings now!!!!!!!!!

  22. All the TV stations in Michigan are saying that this is a done deal!!!!

  23. someone please fucking do me a favor and take this bitch ass coach!!! fuck rod and that b-ball coach (whats his name again i forgot already).

  24. See what happens when you cry after blowing a chance at the national championship at the U of M.

    I give him 3 years tops then we will see more of him back at the coal mines that he is always saying are a sense of pride for him.


  25. This might be a great thing.

    Calling our next shot:

    TERRY BOWDEN!!!!!!!!!!

    We got Huggins, now lets go get a coach who can handle the pressure.

    Man Up Mountaineer Nation!!!!!!!

  26. Terry Bowden’s email:


    We need him!!!!!!!

  27. Sporting News is reporting on the message board that Michigan will call a press conference at 10am.

  28. Link? Por favor…

  29. fuck bowden we need someone from the family like HOSTETLER!!!!!!!!!!

  30. fuck bowden we need someone from the family like HOSTETLER!!!!!!!!!!


  31. I am still trying to pull up that message board on sporting news .

    Hostetler—What are you smoking??

  32. ESPN just posted a link, stating that Michigan’s AD said he didnt know anything about this meeting either. Leaking is weird…

  33. Terry Bowden did graduate from WVU.

    Please be informed.

  34. Is the Mo Town burning down yet????

  35. Maybe the reason he is leaving is because the fans were loud it enough. They will be loud when he gets rolled by OSU.

  36. Maybe we should just hire Pat White, he is the offensive genius in Morgantown, after all, he is the only person that can make the same 4 plays work, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN…..

    haha, I used to stick up for Rich Rod. Maybe ill start liking the cowboys, bandwagons are fun to be on.

  37. Bobby Bowden
    WVU alum
    MHS Alum

    Get your Bowden on!

    PS. Rick Trickett was his Offensive line coach at Auburn. Bring Rick Trickett back too.

  38. Let the BIG DOG speak!!!!!

  39. mrmacwvu wrote:
    there once was a coach named rich

    once you got to know him you just called him dick

    once his offense became a bore

    he decided to be a whore

    he said that he was not lying

    not that he was not trying

    so this Christmas is not as merry

    welcome home Terry

  40. Coach Rod’s salary at WVU— 1.7 million dollars

    Buyout for Coach Rod—- 4 million dollars

    Seeing Coach Rod turn on his school and state— Priceless

    Bring Terry Home!!!

  41. Has anyone else been on the sporting news site? There was information that stated the press conference was for 10am. It was from the sporting news site on the message board page #5. I can not get that page pulled up. Has anyone else seen this??

  42. BIG DOG WV

    Speak it.

    Who would want the HOSS to take over???

    The same people who like going 7-5 every year.

  43. Guys, this isn’t your own personal conversation. If you have something to add, add it. If not, don’t just post to hear yourself type.

  44. I’m keeping the little bit of naivety I saved up from last December and I’m going to let this slide until I see which hat CRR is wearing next month.
    This whole thing is ridiculous.
    I wish that someone in this world would just be as adamantly happy to be in WV as Bob Huggins.
    God Bless you Huggy…you bring hope to us all.

  45. Funny that Terry Bowden’s email address is “info@terrybowden.com”. The fact that Terry Bowden would have his own website is about as surprising as the time I hit up Trevor Matidich’s (sp?) website. Yes, he has a personal website.

  46. 1. Doc Holiday. WVU in his BLOOD. Coming home like the Huggybear.

    2. Jenna Jameson. She isn’t gun shy, is willing to try new positions, and doesn’t choke when the money shot is coming.

  47. @WVCouch: Jenna has probably played with more pain than Steve Slaton has.

  48. Dick Rod Shirts are back in Style! Just Bring us a coach who can run more than 4 plays! He plays with the water to much! He better call a press conference tomorrow or I will burn a couch ! Speak your peace R(ass) Rod taker ! Get Involved!

  49. I like this blog cause it normally weeds out meaningless message board type chatter….apparently not today.

    “Maybe we should just hire Pat White, he is the offensive genius in Morgantown, after all, he is the only person that can make the same 4 plays work, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN…..” – good stuff. I’m a strong believer in the power of pat white, or, pat WHITE POWER.

  50. Why don’t we wait and see what happens before we crucify CRR?

  51. Why? Why wait? We waited the first time when he flirted with Alabama. That was his one chance. Now he’s done the same thing with Michigan. If we wait again, we invite this type of behavior.

  52. Played with more pain than Slaton. Good one.

    Also, she can recruit the big ones.

  53. Rich didn’t build this program. He’s underachieved, in fact, given the talent level and schedule. He has no playcalling skills, no ballsack, and no courage. He can’t prepare a team to play in a big game (with only the Sugar Bowl as the exception). He’s fastly over-rated, and I haven’t been a fan of him for a while. My blog will note this fact.


  54. In 1978 Bowden secured his first coaching position at his alma mater, West Virginia, as a graduate assistant. Before making the transition to the sidelines, Bowden donned the Mountaineers uniform, earning two letters as a running back from 1977-78.

    Bring Terry Home

  55. The fact that you tracked the plane is a bit disturbing.

  56. No Terry Bowden please. No no no.

    I want Brian Kelly. Or Calvin McGhee

  57. Ummm, I mean Calvin Magee. Momentary lapse of memory there for a second.

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