Rodriguez Likely Staying @ WVU

Take it away EERHole:

RR is staying. He met with Eddie P earlier and issues have been resolved. Unless some other issue arise, he will be the coach at WVU next year. RR has a long way to go to restore my trust. But, the first step is the biggest.

To say that Rodriguez has a long way to go to restore MY trust is a vast understatement. I’m not sure he’ll ever fully do that. But, if this is true (and it likely is), we at least have a fighting chance in the Fiesta Bowl.

[EERHole @ Scout]


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  1. Well, I still hate him. Glad EERhole can coroborate my guy as well. At least I know my info continues to be reliable.

  2. I am just pissed…. and I rarely get that way. I am tired of being jerked around by such a smug man (I could have used a few other choice words here). He has come across as completely self-righteous and I personally believe he has some major explaining to do. Most of all, I am furious that year after year (as it is becoming a habit) the players are supposed to be preparing for football games while wondering if their coach is going to leave them high and dry! Needless to say, my previous “In Rod We Trust” mentality has been shattered and the only thing that may even begin to repair it is hearing from RR himself and it better be good!!!

  3. Amelia,
    He is a son of a bitch, that’s for sure. It’s no wonder he can’t prepare a team to play when he’s always looking for something else.

  4. I have been destroying Rich Rod for two days, and i am still pissed as shit at him, however, if he stays, i still love wvu football, and i love winning. So i have been coming up in my head with things to be positive about.

    1. Michigan wants our coach, he must be doing some shit right.
    2. We are going to be favorites esentially in every game we play in conference for a realy long time. (on the flip side, he cant seem to fulfil these profecies)
    3. if we keep winning tons of games and going to marquee games, hopefully beating some teams that we arent supposed too, then we will be in a spot to where when we go undefeated, we will get to play in the national championship.
    4. When we are winning, Rich Rod’s style of play is FUN to watch.
    5. This is the last time we will have to go through this, cause noone will take it anymore.

  5. On Zub’s #5…a lot of people said that last year. Maybe we’re the fools.

  6. i totally feel you, i just dont think the university will fuck around with this again. He does it again, he is gone.

    just my oppinion.

  7. I pull for West Virginia, and by extension, Rich Rodriguez. It’s not the other way around.

    I will support him as I will always support the head coach at WVU, but that’s the only reason I support him at all.

  8. I will not believe it is over until I hear it from CRR’s lips. WVU will never fire CRR for talking to other teams because we don’t want to lose that 4 mil. buyout. He is a dirty double dealer and can’t be trusted in the offseason.

    As I said before I hope he stays but I also hope he learns how to throw the damn ball.

  9. Sources say he IS taking the michigan job.

  10. And now they’re saying maybe he ISN’T.

  11. Seems like he’s gone now according to most sources.

  12. Not def. but I heard Dick ROd is having meeting @ 2 with players to tell them he is leaving!

  13. According to the message board the meeting was at 1:30. He already told them he is going to Michigan.

  14. what site ?

  15. Dont let the door hit you on the way out.



  17. Well, then good riddance to a poor big game coach and a disloyal alum. I just became a part time Buckeye fan.


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