Guess Not…Rod To Michigan

In a twist that would make the writers of General Hospital jealous, Rod is heading to Michigan.

The Charleston Gazette:

The Rich Rodriguez era at West Virginia ended early Sunday afternoon, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

In an early afternoon meeting with his football team, Rodriguez announced he was leaving to become the head coach at Michigan.

Rodriguez walked into a scheduled 1:30 p.m. meeting with his team and emerged 10 minutes later without comment and walked briskly back to his office. Shortly thereafter the players began to file out of the meeting room, somber-faced and generally without comment.

Rodriguez reportedly met with Michigan officials this past Friday in Toledo, Ohio.

Early names to replace Rod include Jimbo Fisher and Terry Bowden.

More will follow after the 1:00 pm NFL Games. Please feel free to put your thoughts in the comments section.


22 Responses

  1. Maybe we can beat USF and Pitt now!!!!!!!!!!

    Michigan will fire him……..WE SHOULD HAVE FOR NON PRODUCTION!!!!!!!!

    I hate to say it……….but I will be cheering for OSU……gag me………….


  2. I just hope the Michigan-OSU game shows up on ABC or ESPN for the next few years. I don’t want to have to subsribe to the Big Ten Network so I can watch and cheer for Ohio State.

  3. Hey Rich, dont go 3-8 in your first season bud, cause in mich, they will straight cap your ass son!

    We are gonna be just fine, we now have the number 1 head coaching job in america, and will get the best names in here to interview. Its not often that coach will look at a program, and see fans that religiously are pissed their coach is leaving, at most jobs, the sentiment is the other way around. This is an amazing spot for anyone. Too bad rich couldnt see that.

    By the way, the dumbass comitted to a job at a school that he never even visited.

  4. way to go out, coach rod…..with a fat L to pitt…..he BETTER not be coaching the bowl game……maybe coach Belein can help him with his relocation….what a gutless move after making the ‘ your stuck with me ‘ comment after the pitt loss…..

  5. All these Michigan Fans talking about he is coming to a winning Program ! Sounds Like Pitt Fans talking about how they won 5 national Title (3 of which they shared) . I say Present and Future !

    Le’ts Go ! Mountaineers !

  6. I say replace him with Calvin McGee, then we could still run the same offense. I figure Jimbo will get a look though. If I were a coach I would want to coach my alma mater and take them to the promise land, but I guess he just said fuck it. We’ve gotten better each year. I hope and I will pray his team loses and he gets his fucking two faced ass fired. His new nickname to me is “Massengil” or “Summers Eve”.

  7. Oh yeah, and I must give props to Coaches Schiano and Miles for their loyalty. I respect that. FUCK YOU SUMMERS EVE!

  8. Wow. Rich Rod will never be welcomed back into the state with loving arms. Traitor.

    It’s not that he is leaving as much as it is HOW he left. The secret meeting, the B.S. press conference all just a few days after telling us we “were stuck with him for a long time”.

    I’m angry, disappointed and in disbelief that one of our own could do so much damge to these kids, the school, the fans and the state as he has.

    I hope the Almighty dollar pays him back well. WVU will regroup, as we have with Bob Huggins.

    LETS GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.O.S. = Rich Rod

  9. He’s going to be a total disaster there for years. They don’t have any of the personnel to run his office (other than the complete dearth of wide receivers after Manningham is gone. At least there is that). And I will be happy to see him choke. Here’s to upgrading in Football just like in Basketball. GO EERS!

  10. Jimbo just signed that contract with FSU. It’s hard for me to see him coming here, but I guess it was kind of the same situation with Huggins. We’ll see.

    But fuck Rich…how can someone turn their back on his own people TWICE!?

    All I have to say is O-H-I-O!!

  11. Now, let’s not get all delusional and say WVU is the #1 coaching job. But it will be interesting to see who gets a look from Pastilong, and who looks back at Pastilong with real interest.

    I see this a win-win situation for West Virginia and Ohio State. For WVU, we say bye (not goodbye, just plain bye) to an arrogant malcontent and disloyal alumnus. Ohio State sees its greatest rival hire a poor, inflexible big game coach. The Buckeyes just need to get tapes from South Florida and Pitt to learn how to defend his version of the spread offense, and be assured that their winning streak against Meeeeechigan will continue for years to come.

  12. Wonder if O$U will hire Wannstache now, since he f’ing owns Dick Rod!

    Talk about a turncoat…

    You’re only as good as your last game Rich and we will remember you as one of the biggest choking mo fers this state has ever seen!

  13. Fuck you CRR. I can’t believe we put up with him turning on us so much.

  14. Next question: Will WVU get stiffed on the buyout? I’ll be disappointed if they give an inch!

  15. i can finally say thank you to coach rod this year, thanks for finally leaving you fucking cunt ass bastard. hey fans dont forget to vote for coach rod for coach of the year. fuck him!

  16. The twisted irony is that if WVU had beaten Pitt, Rodriguez would still be the coach. There’s no way he gives up the opportunity to play for a title by leaving for Michigan.

  17. Dick Rod called Pryor before telling The Team!

    I hate Him ! I wish Nothing Good for Him ! Nothing!

    We Re-Load ! We Don’t Re-Build !

  18. We refuse to speak his name. We now refer to him as Dirty Sanchez. It’s the only name that’s fitting.

  19. Jimbo Fisher is out of the picture , right? Won’t he be the successor to Bowden when he retires at FSU?

    Terry Bowden has WVU and Morgantown roots, so I wouldn’t mind seeing him get interviewed.

    No matter what happens WVU will come out on top when it’s all said and done. We got the better end of if in basketball, and we will continue to go to the BCS in football. We ain’t done yet!


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