Losing Assistants As Well

Both Calvin Magee and Tony Gibson boarded the plane to Ann Arbor with the artist formerly known as CRR. Bill Stewart will obviously be the head coach for the Fiesta Bowl, but now we are without our offensive coordinator.


6 Responses

  1. Crap. I wanted Calvin Magee as the HC. Oh well, no more Rich!

  2. One more thing.


  3. Magee leaving sucks. That’s going to cost us the bowl. Who will call the plays? Gibson is a Van, WV native. He, too, should be better than that. Very dissapointed in all of them. You can tell who’s Rod’s fav. assistants were.

    How do you think Rod Smith feels about leaving the O-coridinator job at USF to take the QB job here, out of his love for W.Va., only to be left by Rich.

  4. Magee? Last time i checked we ran 4 plays. He must be be the biggest yes man in america, run left, ok, stretch play right… yes pass play where none of our receivers run a rout and pat white does our jobs for us…yes that sounds good too.

  5. Barwis (sp?) is on the plane too.

  6. Agree, Magee against Pitt was a disaster, you would think the man could use a computer program to call the plays, no screens, no reverses, no fullback on 4th in front of Slaton, throw the ball all day in the 1st half and we are in New Orleans.

    Magee thought he was playing UConn again, same plays.

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