The Sky Is Not Falling

Stewart Mandel, like a lot of outsiders, paints a pretty gloomy picture of the future of Mountaineer football.

Michigan’s good fortune comes at the expense of West Virginia fans, now reeling from their second crippling blow this month. (And unlikely to be comforted by rumors that native Terry Bowden — out of coaching since 1998 — is believed to be Rodriguez’s most likely successor). The first was a gut-wrenching Dec. 1 loss to arch-rival Pittsburgh that knocked the Mountaineers out of the BCS title game.

I don’t see it the same way. Rodriguez has built an upcoming program at West Virginia. The key word is program. We have made significant strides in recruiting and facilities to compete year-in and year-out on the national stage. If WVU makes a splashy hire — and I believe Bowden would make good waves — we can continue to reap the seeds that Rodriguez has sewed. Or some other farming metaphor.

Either way, the sky is not falling for West Virginia football. As long as Pastilong makes a good, quick hire, this program is not going anywhere. We have the personnel and money (thanks, Michigan) to lure a very good coach. The next two weeks could very well decide the next 10 years of Mountaineer football.

Personally, I’m seeing this glass as half full.

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12 Responses

  1. What is the deal with dating the resignation letter Jan. 3rd? Is this going to effect the buyout?

  2. If Ed says–No, go now–its considered a firing and WVU pays CRR to leave. It is a totally selfish move.

  3. What about his recruiting for Michigan (Pryor)… does that in any way throw a wrench in the plans. I may not be a lawyer but that seems like a breach of his current contract.

  4. Rod wants to coach the Fiesta Bowl (Jan. 2). He feels it is his team and he should get the opportunity to go against Oklahoma. Obviously, WVU feels differently. Rod basically baiting WVU to fire to prevent him from coaching in the Fiesta. If WVU were to fire him, then there would no longer be a 4 million dollar buyout for Rod to pay.

  5. Michigan won’t allow him to coach that game. If we call his bluff, we’ll eventually win this battle.

  6. There is no way that Rich Rod can dictate what his former employer does to him. We are getting that buy out, one way or another. I will go and get it myself if i have to.

    i for one agree with mr. west. We gotta get a great hire in here, like tonight or in the morning preferably, to show the young guys we have now, and the young guys wanting to come, that they loved WVU not Rich Rod.

  7. Agreed. We won before and we’ll win again. A lot of people thought that the sky was falling when Belien headed off. That worked out pretty well for us.
    Worst case scenario here is that we lose a recruit or two. We will still have great players that know how to win and will want to continue that, and we’ll be getting a playbook that hopefully has at least, oh, say seven plays in it.
    As Charley said: Program!

  8. I have to agree with charley that this january 3rd thing is a total bluff. No way Michigan is going to allow that. And if it comes to it, I say let him coach the bowl, who cares. We’ve all lived through more than our share of crippling bowl losses and we can survive one more, especially with these mitigating factors.

    And I also have to agree with Amelia that there is no way his contract permits him to recruit etc with Michigan before his resignation – and I am a third year law student, if not quite yet a lawyer.

  9. Interesting article for all the Bud Foster Fans….

  10. RR I wish you nothing but the worst. You are low life trash and he may have already violated NCAA rules by contacting Pryor on Michigan’s behalf.

    That would be a great way to start your tenure at Michigan…by the way Ann Arbor’s a whore!!

  11. I’m not sold on Terry Bowden yet. Honestly they should look at Brian Kelly of Cincy.

  12. Quick hire would be nice, but I’d rather make sure we get the right guy. Wouldn’t want to end up with another Dan Dakich. Has anyone looked at Bowling Green recently, YIKES!

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