The Tentative Replacement List

OK, this is still way, way, way too early for this, but here is an initial candidate list to replace Rodriguez (in no particular order):

  1. Jimbo Fisher
  2. Terry Bowden
  3. Bud Foster
  4. Doc Holliday

Obviously, more names will surface in the next few hours/days. When they do, we’ll be there to evaluate them. Same with the names we’ve just listed.


18 Responses

  1. By the way, if I had to rank that list in order of preference, it would be…

    1) Bud Foster
    2) Terry Bowden
    3) Jimbo Fisher
    4) Doc Holliday

  2. Why isnt anyone talking about jeff casteel? hahaha


    check out the metronews link about the resignation. Bullshit!!

  4. OK, enough of this anti-Terry Bowden shit on every post. We could do a lot worse…

  5. who is dissing Terry B?

  6. All that need be said, is that we have the best spot to coach in america, Rich Rod left us with a better team then he is taking over at michigan. People are going to be jumping to get this job

  7. Open spot i should have said…sorry

  8. I would throw up in my mouth if we hired Bud Foster. I couldn’t stomach a VT guy. We need someone w/ WVU / W.Va. ties. (though i recognize that it didn’t help much with Rod, or Beilein-Wheeling Jesuit). You also have to think about Jim Grobe (Wake Forest, Huntington native), Todd Graham (WVU D coridinator 02-03), and Butch Jones (WVU WR coach 05-06). I don’t really like any of those guys.

    Jimbo has to be #1, but, thanks to Rod waiting 1 week longer, it’s impossible now.

    Terry….who knows, he hasn’t coached in 10 years. Remember Trickett was on his staff at AU. He would probably make a big name splash and then coach 5 straight 9-3, 8-4 teams.

    Rick Trickett has to be a candidate. He was ready to throw his name in if Rod had gone to Bama.

    Doc Holliday. I think he is the dark horse, and maybe our best option. Everyone knows he can recruit like crazy, he’s from Winfield, is a WVU grad and former asst., and knows the spread from being with Urban Meyer. The more I think about it, the more I like Doc as the best candidate.

  9. Oh, I forgot to clarify.

    Todd Graham, HC at Rice 2006, HC Tulsa, 2007 (taking over for the Krag, AND he has Herb Hand – WVU TE coach and recruiting coordinator 01-06, and Gus Malzhan – of the Mitch Mustain / Sprindal HS / Arkansas fiasco fame, as his co-offensive coordinators)

    Butch Jones – HC of Central Michigan – MAC East? division winners this year.

  10. Enough of the anti-Terry Bowden shit? There is a fucking reason he has the last name Bowden but couldn’t get a job for the last 10 years.

  11. You could go for Mangina. Does Mickey D’s in Morgantown still do free Supersizes?

    I’m fairly surprised nobody gave Brent Venerables (DC) from Oklahoma a look. He was a hot new coaching name earlier this year, and obviously, OU hasn’t done anything to hurt his cause.

    Not sure if Terry Bowden would be a great call. He’s been out of the game for awhile, but then again, so was Dick Vermeil.

  12. I heard Trickett as well.

    World class cusser.

  13. I like the thought of Graham, especially if he can bring Herb back and Malzhan too, either way I hope it is a quick hire and a big splash at that.

  14. I think Graham will make an excellent BCS-level HC in 2-3 years, but I don’t think he is ready yet. He would be around 4th on my list. Fisher and Foster would be my top 2 choices (probably in that order).

  15. Mike Leach of Texas Tech aka “The Evil Genius of the Plains”

    With the personnel we have now could you imagine a spread out passing game the likes of which no one has seen on this coast!?!

  16. Pastilong is meeting with Doc Holliday tonight about the head coach position

  17. Chip kelly oregon off cordinator……..guys go look him up everyone saw what he did with oregon in one year with dennis dixon had they not had 7 offensive starters injuried this year then they would have been in the national championship ….at New hampshire he avg. 500yds. off and 43 ppg plus if we get him theres a good chance pryor would come to wvu still because he runs the spread 100% better than RR can think of running it

  18. Woah…..lets not get ahead of ourselves here. RR invented the spread. There’s no way that this guy is that “100%” better. He may be a good fit, but lets not forget that Oregon is in the pac-gay. Another spread guy we could be looking at is Jerry Moore (App. St)

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