Let The Speculation Begin

I am on the Bud Foster bandwagon. Actually, I’m on a lot of people’s bandwagons, Bud Foster’s being one of said wagons. So, obviously, this excerpt interests me greatly:

Foster’s agent, Bob Lattinville, presented an interesting possibility Saturday.

Lattinville said that while Michigan isn’t interested, things could “get interesting” if West Virginia head coach Rich Rodriguez left to fill the Wolverines’ opening.

“West Virginia is a program Bud is very familiar with,” Lattinville said. “If Rodriguez left, I think they might be interested in him, and I’m sure Bud would have some interest.”

So Foster is staying put. For now.

He is certainly worth pursuing, at least to gauge interest. He has captained consistently outstanding defenses at West Virginia. He was also at Tech during the careers of Michael and Marcus Vick, so you know he has some experience with opening up an offense for a mobile QB. He might be the guy to get WVU back to a dominating defense with the offensive chops to keep us at the top.

[Roanoke Times — HT: zub]


9 Responses

  1. Im on this bandwagon too, and i definately dont want to listen to anyone say, “never will we bring in a VT guy” or any garbage like it. If we restrict our coaching options to teams we dont hate, we will be looking at Montana, northern florida and Utah state. We need the best guy for our program, and ladies and gentlemen, i think this may be our man.

  2. Fuck North Florida. Those bastards can rot in hell.

  3. in fear of being one of those guys that chats with people on these boards, to the annoyance of everyone….

    I hate North fla. too. I mean damnit, remember when they beat us when we had a chance to go to the national championship at home and we were like 28 point favorites? Damn N. Fla. OH SHIT that was PITT. haha, have fun in michigan rod.

  4. I agree with Charley west, go with Foster or Holliday, both know about open offenses and are great recruiters, I live in Idaho, and except for BYU, football pretty much sucks out here.

    The Pitt game showed that we need to put more passing in the spread, I think if WVU had just passed every play, especally screens, slants, backs and tight ends we might be going to New Orleans. BTW I dont even remember a reverse with Rnaud during Pitt.

    As a native West Virginian I think the whole state needs to drive to the Fiesta Bowl to show our support and just stand outside the stadium in Glendale in Gold and Blue.

    Love the Neers, we need to support the players, they just got hit n the gut. I appreciate the RR but he needs to move on, should have happened last year before he started thinking about this before the Pitt game. THoughts well precede the action.

    My personal preference is Holliday, I remember him at linebacker and he knows the spread at Florida. If we cant get these guys go after Brian Kelly or Petrino, some who has coached.

    Go Neers.

  5. My early fav from what I have read so far is Mike Locksley, OC at Illinois…we all know what he has done with Juice and Mendenhall, and by all accounts he is an outstanding recruiter.

    And if we hire Terry Bowden I will jump off a fucking bridge.

  6. I don’t know about Bud Foster. I always feel that VT is one of the most overrated teams in the country. Maybe he’s put together some decent defenses in the past, but as for opening up the offense when the Vicks were there, I think that’s off. What involvment did/does he have with the offense? Also, VT really didn’t change their offense for the Vicks. If you remember they continued to pass downfield before and after the Vicks and usually have a decent RB to hand the ball off to. Michael Vick normally made his outstanding plays as scrambles, not like the runs that are called for Pat White. I feel like Jim Grobe is the best candiate for the job . . . see my blog http://lendmeyoureers.blogspot.com/ for an explanation.

  7. NeerInIdaho
    scout.com, hurricane, wva contacts of Holliday (his hometown) report he is the new WVU football coach and expect announcement tomorrow, may be true may be false


    Scout.com: West Virginia Forums List
    Re: CONFIRMED: DOC HOLLIDAY NEW WVU COACH Post Rating … Posted: Today 6:03 PM. Re: CONFIRMED: DOC HOLLIDAY NEW WVU COACH Post Rating. Please, God, no.

    Personally, I think this is a good fit, I like Florida’s version of the spread with more passing and more emphasis on defense would not hurt, although WVU made good strides on improving defense this year, also he has great recruiting contacts in Florida and he has been in coaching and recruiting with no lull

  8. please not a hokie……I can deal with anything but a hokie. Holliday would be fine…..where does Terry fit in all of this…His name was hot for awhile…..and I haven’t heard much after……does anyone know?

  9. NeerInIdaho

    ESPN’s Joe Schad reported on College Football at 1:30 pm MST that of the 4 candidates interviewed so far that Doc Holliday is the frontrunner for the WVU head football coach and that he may brin Trickett of FSU with him.

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