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We’re both swamped — MGoBlog with visions of restored grandeur and me with suicidal fantasies. Either way, we both have a lot on our plates. Still, Brian from MGoBlog was nice enough to answer a few questions on the Rodriguez victory/debacle. His thoughts after the jump.

Charley West: I’m feeling a bit ferclempt. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic. Ryan Mallett, Rich Rodriguez, and the spread offense, discuss.

Brian Cook: Well, obviously there will be an adjustment there for Rodriguez. He likes his quarterbacks to run, that’s clear. But at times — mostly the Shawn King era at Tulane — the QB running has been a side dish to the main course: throwing. I think we’ll see a spread shotgun with Mallett at the helm closer to the systems used by Purdue and other pass-oriented spread teams until a Pryor or similar sort of mobile quarterback is ready. Mallett worked exclusively in a spread shotgun in high school so it won’t be much of an adjustment, really.

Charley: OK, a little more seriously…how do you feel Rodriguez’s “down-home sensibility” will play in Ann Arbor?

Brian: Well? I have no idea what his personality is like, but the AD likes ’em boring and “down home” seems pretty boring. I think his personality is probably a better fit that Miles’, just because I don’t know anything about it.

Charley: Rodriguez has been at Salem, Glenville, Tulane, Clemson, and West Virginia. Not to talk badly about my own school but none are exactly national programs like Michigan. How will the Rodriguez hire affect recruiting?

Brian: That’s an open question. His system has started to attract talents like Pryor and Devine, so it can be a powerful lure to a certain type of player. To some kids, Michigan sort of recruits itself, so that will help. The helmets and tradition get them in the door with a bunch of other kids, too, and Rodriguez’ relative youth and long-term prospects at Michigan should be a sizable initial boost. Past that it’ll be up to the staff. For him to assemble the talent he has at West Virginia that shows a lot of dedication, and I think that effort will show.

Can’t say I disagree with much of any of that. Except the boring part. The only think boring about Rich Rodriguez is the play-calling. Just wait until the first time he struggles or — gasp — loses a game. That press conference should be a gem.

[photo courtesy of the Detroit Free-Press]


4 Responses

  1. Hope RR hires a stylist with his new $$. That tie he wore for the press conference was butt ugly.

  2. If you look closer, that tie is a snake skinned tie. Which we already knew he was a scandalous snake. He could also be the leader of the terrorist group “Cobra”.

  3. He forgot what the colors were at UM. Rita helped.

  4. Who’s your hockey coach? Red Berenson may retire soon. Just Kidding, we’d never hire a WV hockey coach.

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