Nick Saban’s Agent Contacts WVU

Sources close to University President Mike Garrison have informed WBGV that Nick Saban’s agent has contacted WVU regarding our vacant head-coaching position.

These sources tell us that Saban is extremely unhappy in Tuscaloosa and has failed to recapture the situation he had in Baton Rouge with LSU. The purpose of the agent’s call was to express initial interest in the position and to have WVU athletics put together a compensation package enough to lure Saban from Alabama. This package would not need to be as much as Saban is currently making at Alabama, but enough to not result in a 50% paycut. So, we’re obviously talking more than the $1.9 million former coach Rich Rodriguez was making.

Again, this is all very preliminary, but solid sources have confirmed that Nick Saban’s agent has contacted West Virginia University.

*** UPDATE #1 *** This report has been confirmed by the staff at Unfortunately, it is posted on their premium board so that confirmation can not be reprinted here. Still, it has been confirmed.

*** UPDATE #2 *** Well, it’s not a stone-cold confirmation, but our friend Mike Casazza can’t verify that the story isn’t true. Pardon the double negative, but it looks like this baby certainly has legs.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Out of curiosity, what is Saban’s buyout?

  2. Wow, well I’ve been saying for years that I don’t like Saban because he has never mentioned that he’s from WV and kinda acted like he wished he wasn’t from WV, but if your sources are true, then that’s interesting. BTW, do WV citizens control the NCAA coaching carosel or what!?

  3. As interested in the name Nick Saban as I am, I have to say I would be concerned about his staying power if he was chosen as the head coach… but then again, maybe in today’s football world coaching tenures like Paterno’s and Bowden’s are a thing of the past. Should be interesting. Hope they make a decision soon.

  4. Stop toying with my emotions. Saban’s is the only name that would make us forget about Rod in the way Huggy did Beilein. There’s no way WVU has the rescources to pay 3 million a year, but a guy can dream can’t he……..

  5. Wow. Just as I was really getting into the idea of Doc Holliday. Wow.

  6. Saban does not have a buyout at UA. He did not have one at LSU either, nor was there one at Miami. You guys could have him if you could afford him.

  7. How do i know this info is legit? I’ve never even heard of this site

  8. Saban is of course a well established coach. I would much prefer that Bowden be on the top of the list though. His staying power and love for the Mountaineers would finally maybe be the security most of us die hard Mountaineer fans are looking for.

  9. Saban has no buyout at Univ. of Alabama-Tuscaloosa. He is as free as a bird to shop around.

  10. He will have the #1 recruiting class in the country when Julio commits. How’s that for recapturing what he had at LSU?

    Delusional Mountaineers, Rich Rod left because WVU will never be a consistant National Power, So now you think Saban is gonna bolt from the #1 recruiting class in the country. Non sensical.

  11. That is one story I never saw coming…talk about left field.

  12. Not so fast, my friends. First, let’s find out if Bobby Petrino is getting tired of being a Razorback yet . . . .

    Kidding! Don’t bring Saban in. WVU would go from being a stepping stone to being merely a revolving door.

  13. This is totally bogus. Saban is currently bringing in some of the best football talent in the nation. Alabama’s athletic budget is 4 times that of WVU. Alabama has much better facilities than WVU and much better chance to NC. This is laughable.

  14. “This package would not need to be as much as Saban is currently making at WVU…”

    Quality journalism right here, folks.

  15. You guys are delusional. No way anyone with a big-name resume would want to come to WVU to coach your team. Jimbo Jones (Fisher) has already said “thanks but no thanks” to you and you have to ask yourself this question, why is that that you have not one but TWO coaches paying millions of dollars to leave West Virginia University?

    I am sure that the sheep across the Moutain State got a good work out last night so why don’t you guys take it easy and quit lying to yourself.

  16. As much as I hate Bama, you guys are smoking crack!

    No offense but didn’t you say RR was likely staying at WV a few days ago?

  17. Good scoop and dead on. I saw Saban yesterday at Krystal’s and he was wearing some mining company T-shirt.

    He is not happy in Tuscaloosa and Terry hates it even more.

    After all, you can’t blame a man going back to the state where he grew up.

  18. “This is laughable.”
    Awww. Some poor bammer is upset.

    Sweet dreams.

  19. lol

    West Virginia’s own Steve Slaton said it best. He can understand why Rod would leave West Virginia for Michigan, but why would he go there when he could have gone to Alabama? That means…..

    West Virginia < Michigan < Alabama

  20. Hey Charley, who are your sources?

  21. “This package would not need to be as much as Saban is currently making at WVU…”

    Quality journalism right here, folks.


  22. I heard that Pat Dye was comming to coach next. All he would as in return is that you name your dirt after him.

  23. To the barner above, Wingnut ain’t exactly loving it at the barn. He shops around every year. He’s gonna jump soon or with the first loss to Alabama you toilet paper rednecks will fire him out of Lee County in a cannon.

  24. Saban has no buyout. If he wants to go to WV then he can go- But I don’t believe this story for a minute – While I have nothing against WV or her fans I don’t believe for a second that Nick would leave this early in hus tenure at the Capstone. he is bringing in one of the best recruiting classes in the nation and the future is indeed very bright at ‘Bama… This story is BS…

  25. Won’t happen. Contrary to what your source supposedly said, Saban is quite happy in Tuscaloosa. He also realizes that he could never live down bolting for another job, as he’d instantly lose any credibility with the whole Miami thing already lingering over him.

  26. Uh, oh. The bammers have heard about this, and now we’ll have to hear how wonderful their school is and how crappy ours is. I live here, and I can’t imagine the man wouldn’t want to leave these fans. Have they mentioned 12 nashanul champeenships yet?

  27. Daniel, thanks for your continued interest in the University of Alabama.

    Talk about obsession…

  28. Come on, this isn’t a true article people. It reeks or sarcasm.

  29. Saban has NO buyout.

    He never has. There is no buyout for Bama, nor was there one for Miami, nor LSU.

  30. Pretty funny. Good luck with your search.

  31. Rich Rod thought WVU was a better job than Bama, why do the gumps find it so hard to believe Saban might think the same way? He’s from WV, it’ be a homecoming.

  32. Hey Jeff, you delusional bama fans are still whistling pass the graveyard, trying to convince everyone (and yourself) that UAT is the best coaching job in the world and that they are back. (for about the 10th time in the last 5 years) $aban is totally unhappy down there with the bama rednecks and will leave at the first opportunity. Why do you think the only way he would come to UAT is with a no buyout clause and $32 million guaranteed. bama sold their soul to little nicky and now he wants out. Can’t say as I blame him, though.
    Oh yeah, in Jan 07, he was going to win 5 straight national championships, and in Dec 07, he can’t even win the state championship (for the 6th straight time). Hows that working out for bama????

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  34. Hey Auburn man, because Bama is much better than WVU and Auburn. You prove it yourself, with your obsession with Alabama. Check how Alabama’s recruiting is going compared to Auburn. It’s coming to you soon. Weegle Beegle Wuh Eagle!!!

  35. Come on, West Virginia’s salary cap can’t compete with Bama’s.

  36. Nick won’t even know about the vacancy until it’s filled. That’s how much he cares about WV football right now.

    Move on Mounties, don’t be surprised if Terry Bowden fills your slot for you.

  37. Does Bama even have a salary cap? I hear the Alabama economy operates on the barter system, so whatever actual dollars are floating around can all be spent in futile efforts to graft Bear Bryant’s head onto bodies looted randomly from fresh graves throughout the Tuscaloser area.

  38. Alabama was winning Rose Bowls BEFORE Bear Bryant. He didn’t invent Alabama football. Laugh at the idea of thinking the West Virginia economy is better than Alabama’s.

  39. For the idiot proclaiming Saban is so unhappy in Tuscaloosa and for this bogus post. Let me let you in on a little bit. I personally know Tubberville, and Tommy has frequent conversations with Saban. Saban and Terry couldn’t be happier in Tuscaloosa. BUT Mr. Tubberville will be looking and looking more often for another job soon. He hasn’t been treated with the best of interest lately or ever in Auburn. You should enjoy those six while you can b/c there very well could be a streak doing the opposite coming right around the corner. WVU as flattering as you may think this is, it is a completely falst rumor. Someone thought this up as a joke for this website. Auburnboy(see you’re definitly not a man) please just tell your mom to fix you your meatloaf and keep quite youngun.

  40. This is great fun.

  41. Wow Charley, you certainly stirred the pot with this one!

  42. Saban has no buyout. He’s free to go anywhere he likes. If he’s fired by Alabama the entire contract value is guaranteed. Shows how desperate (or delusional) Alabama was when they hired him.

  43. bama fans sound scared… like they know this could be real.

  44. Hey BamaInBarnTown,

    Seems like if you knew Tuberville you’d know how to spell his name.

  45. “Mr. Tubberville will be looking and looking more often for another job soon. ”

    Man you bama fans want Tommy gone in a bad way. Maybe if Saban goes to WVU you can find a coach that can actually beat him.

  46. Jeff, you are absolutely right. Bama is back.(again) With Saban as coach they will win numerous MNC’s the next several years. All they have to do is pull on that crimson jersey and victory is secured. I know this is true. It’s been the theme the last 15 years. So what if they can’t get a coach to stay more than 4 years. It’s the coaches problem, not Alabama’s problem. Mal Moore is the best A.D. ever in the U.S. He makes great decisions everytime. Even though they’ve recruited highly ranked classes several times the last few years, this class will be the real thing. Alabama is the only job in the country that can have any coach it wants. Just look at how many coaches have been down there in the last 10 years. Every coach wants the Alabama job. I bet if Saban were to mess up and leave, Jimmy Johnson would be there before midnight. Oh Alabama, how great you were with the Bear. How insignificant you have become.

  47. “Mr. Tubberville will be looking and looking more often for another job soon. ”

    Man you bama fans want Tommy gone in a bad way. Maybe if Saban goes to WVU you can find a coach that can actually beat him.

  48. Might I also add that Saban has said– over and over again, throughout his career– that he was happy and his family loved:

    1. East Lancing and Michigan State (He may have said this about Toledo, too, while he coached there.)
    2. Baton Rouge and LSU
    3. Miami and the Dolphins (before the losing began in earnest)
    4. Tuscaloosa? Don’t know. But I do understand that he has yet to utter the words, “Roll Tide”…

    And don’t hand me any crap about how he’s REALLY happy at Bama. Anyone who has watched his press conferences after the LSU game, the ULMonroe game, the MSU game and the Auburn game can CLEARLY see this man is miserable.

    For comparison, do some research and watch his physical demeanor during press conferences at LSU.

    Compare and contrast.

    Never say never!

  49. must be why jimmy johns is moving to linebacker…. hmm…

  50. “BamainBarnTown Said: Let me let you in on a little bit. I personally know Tubberville, and Tommy has frequent conversations with Saban.”

    You “personally know him”, but you can’t even spell his name right? Go back to lying on BOL, loser.

  51. This is making rounds around cyberspace too, someone linked this on Dienhart’s article on TSN about possible candidates….you have created a monster, and well done.

  52. Honestly it’d be easier for Nick Saban to win another National Championship at West Virginia than at Alabama. The situation he is in at Bama is different than the situation that was at LSU when he took over. For starters, Bama is a state with 2 big schools, LSU has no instate competition to lock down homegrown talent. Also, the SEC west is so much more difficult now with Nutt at Ole Miss, Petrino at Arkansas (at least for today), Meyer at Florida and SOS at South Carolina. And of course, on can’t forget the LSU Tigers, who are now a dominant school in the most competitive division of the most competitive conference in all of college football. The road Saban has to a shot at a NC is very long, 2-3 years, at Bama, vs WV, who with talent like Devine could be back in the hunt next year. Nick would reshape the defense and let the Spread continue in the system there, as the team is built for it, and I could see him getting a shot at a NC game sooner at WV than at Bama. I also think he would have won the Pitt game, as RR did not… When the clutch time came, Nick was great at LSU. Sorry bama faithful but the truth is that you have nothing to tie Saban to you but money, no history, no tradition. Petrino took a paycut to get out of dodge, and Saban could do the exact same thing. I think you have to look no further than the lost to UL-Monroe to consider that Nick’s head wasn’t exactly in the game towards the end of the season, especially after the heart breaker to LSU

  53. Alabama football. Alabama fans are obsessed with it and so are Auburn’s.
    Nobody here expects to win a National Championship every year. We do however, expect to compete for an SEC Championship and National Championship with the same consistancy as a UF or LSU.

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  56. Jeff F… True, Paul Bryant was not the beginning of UAT football, but he essentially was the end of it. With the exception of 1992, UAT is about as competitive as Mississippi State. Since Gene Stallings left UAT, they are 73-61… Very impressive.

  57. What team are you associated with d rock?

  58. BamainBarnTown says; “I personally know Tubberville,”

    Obviously you don’t know him well enough to know how to spell his name!

  59. So, I just went to and see no mention of this so called confirmation.

    additionally Sexton has half a million clients

  60. why is so quiet about this potential? whistlin past the grave yard… let the meltdown begin.

    memo to WV, do yourself a favor, hire someone with Character, like Les Miles… the RR fiasco should teach you that hiring an alumni isn’t a gurantee, and Nick Saban is the slutiest of the football sluts out there…

  61. Hey Bama and Auburn fans-

    Go back to your own boards. Why do you feel the need to fight on other boards?

    Why are Auburn fans even over here posting about Alabama anyway?

  62. For LSU fans. Remember what your program was pre-Saban? If you don’t go look at the record. Also, Les Miles would have taken the Michigan job if they actually offered him.

  63. Who wouldn’t want out of Tuscaloosa? Bama’s had top 10 recruiting classes the last 2 years, yet somehow this year it’s different with Saban.

    Bammers are delusional and suffocating. They’ve been through more coaches in the last 25 years than most schools go through in a life time. They need to realize that shools like WVU have passed them by. No one cares about a dead drunk that won some games 30 years ago.

    Yep, Saban to WVU makes perfect sense.

  64. […] Saban’s agent contacts west virginia Sources close to University President Mike Garrison have informed WBGV that Nick Sabans agent has contacted WVU regarding our vacant head-coaching position. These sources tell us that Saban is extremely unhappy in Tuscaloosa and has failed to recapture the situation he had in Baton Rouge with LSU. The purpose of the agents call was to express initial interest in the position and to have WVU athletics put together a compensation package enough to lure Saban from Alabama. This package would not need to be as much as Saban is currently making at Alabama, but enough to not result in a 50% paycut. So, were obviously talking more than the $1.9 million former coach Rich Rodriguez was making. Again, this is all very preliminary, but solid sources have confirmed that Nick Sabans agent has contacted West Virginia University. *** UPDATE #1 *** This report has been confirmed by the staff at Unfortunately, it is posted on their premium board so that confirmation can not be reprinted here. Still, it has been confirmed Nick Saban’s Agent Contacts WVU West BY GOD Virginia […]

  65. Jimmy Sexton Represents a ton of coaches, why does it automatically mean Saban? Its a better story.

  66. Alabama fans feel the need to laugh at West Virginia fans getting excited about crazy rumors concerning our coach. As for Auburn fans, they are here because we are here. They like to tag along.

  67. And Wingnut to…….Oh wait, nobody actually wants him; even though he wants out of that sesspool, the ugliest village on the plains.

  68. His agent represents about 35 coach’s, so …yeah…Saban’s agent probably did contact wvu. Unfortunately for wvu fans, it is not Saban.

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  70. It is no secret NS wants out of Tuscalloosa. His wife has been involved in some pretty serious ‘catfilghts’ with the local High Society women in and around the campus. When the family isnt happy, nobody is happy. Saban tried to get the Arkansas job but they would not have him.

  71. You do realize that Saban’s agent Jimmy Sexton, represents a ton of coaches. His agent may have talked to WVU, but it was not about Saban. This is really reaching.

  72. FatJack,

    This “WVU” started it by posting this ridiculous story. You can’t blame us for coming over here.

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  74. Obviously, the bammers who posted on this were totally unaware that Saban was meeting with boosters of LSU to get his old job back, when it looked like Miles might take the micigan job…..geez, that does not sound like a guy all that happy with where he is….but of course, if the UL-Monroe coach were to leave or be fired tommorrow, bammers do not be too surprised to hear that Sexton has contacted them as well about the opening with the off chance they could come up with some Saban like money to lure him to a school who has a leg up on alabama right now in stature.

  75. Yeah, ‘ol Nick would be a HUUUUGE improve for West Virginia

    West Virginia 38, Mississippi State 13


    Why would you want a coach who’s inferior to THE MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY?

  76. This is absolutely hilarious. I hear Joe Paterno’s interested as well.

  77. guys… has just confirmed reports. Stay tuned, but looks like N1UA is on its way to Morgantown. This is horrible news for us. I don’t know what we did wrong, but he apparently wants out if reports are true on BOL. Sounds like he is your man WV

  78. “Hey Auburn man, because Bama is much better than WVU and Auburn”

    hmmmm, if bama is so much better than auburn why cant they beat them?

  79. Yeah, Brian, I’m sure you’re plugged in, pal. It’s laughable how scared you guys are of Nick Saban–you’ve desperately tried to delude yourselves into thinking he wants every job in America but the one he has. Then again, if UA was getting its ass handed to it in recruiting the way AU currently is, I’d probably be getting pretty desperate myself.

  80. I’m an Alabama fan and I don’t think Nick Saban will jump ship again after just one year at the Capstone. Agreed, he did grow up in West Virginia (Fairmont), but I got a feeling he will stay at Alabama. If he tries to jump ship, that would shoot his credibility down entirely. Take the Petrino situation, his credibility is shot to hell and many of the Falcons’ players would agree with that assessment. Nick Saban did say his next stop was a place in Georgia where I think he’ll retire. Don’t believe me, read the transcript from his introductary press conference on West Virginia will probably hire someone who knows the spread offense like Rodriguez to utilize the talents of Pat White and Steve Slaton, assuming both stay for their senior year. I believe Nick Saban will stay at Alabama. It wouldn’t surprise me if Saban left for home, but I believe that he will stay at Alabama cause he’s got an opportunity to do great things for Alabama.

    By the way, Nick Saban’s agent also has other clients too and all of them have the opportunity to be the next WVU coach.

  81. Most important of all, Jimmy Sexton – Saban’s agent – is also the agent of Spurrier, Tuberville, Nutt, Fulmer, Coker & Beamer. He could be “calling” on behalf of any number of coaches.

  82. As an LSU fan I can honestly say that Saban would never leave to go to a small progran as a Big East school. They are in the ranking as a default with their petty schedule. Saban is at a place where he can and will win just as he did here at LSU. He took us from being nothing to somebody. I know alot of our fans hates Saban because they know how good he is. I personally thank him for what he did for us. When a site like this post garbage like this then it makes no sense. I will however say that I have some tickets to sale to any WVU fans who want to see a NC game. I think the BCS is finally gonna figure your conferense out. Just alot of nobodys. Hawaai would whip anyone in your conf. Good luck with Bowden.

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  84. […] assuming that Kigh CalmerThanYouAre meant that should Nick Saban actually pull up “roots” from Alabama and roll north to West Virginia it would be so great because it might actually signify that the end is near. Or perhaps our nation […]

  85. >>”If he tries to jump ship, that would shoot his credibility down entirely.”

    What credibility?

  86. And I doubt an LSU Fan wrote that. LSU fans don’t come to Saban’s defense.

  87. LMAO, some of you people are amazing. CNS never tried to get the Arkansas job and he is not interested in the WV job either. Are some of you really that gullible? People, please, please quite reading internet blogs as if they were written in the same stone the 10 commandments were. CNS will be at Alabama no less than 5 years if not longer. Anyone who has taken the time to learn their facts about Saban knows that he is not a job hopper. He was talked into leaving LSU by a very persuasive and desperate owner and he admitted it was a mistake. He hated the NFL but at least he gave it 2 solid years. Not only that but he left on good terms with the owner. That’s a hell of a lot more than Petrino can say. Sure, he lied to the media but who wouldn’t when he has a team to coach and a season to finish? You guys call him Satan when the truth is that he missed college football and he will spend the rest of his coaching days proving everyone wrong by staying at Alabama and finishing what he started. He and his family love Tuscaloosa despite what you have heard from some guy who’s main objective is to stir the pot. I had no idea people were that gullible, that’s truly amazing. Have fun with that story up there, should be fun explaining how fake it is after WV hires a nobody.

    By the way, no disrespect is meant by my above comments but seriously people, don’t believe everything that you read.

  88. Actually a bama coach leaving for another University for less pay is not without precedent. Bill Curry won 10 games and had the tide up to as high as No..2 in the nation in addition to winning a share of the SEC championship in 1989. After that success, what did he do? He said get me the heck out of there and bolted for the Kentucky job. Always comparing every coach to the bear no doubt really rubs some coaches the wrong way. And didn’t Dennis Franchione do the same thing a few years back?

    With bama being dumb enough to not have a buyout clause, it makes it incredibly easy to wake away from something that doesn’t quite suit you. Based on my observations of saban’s attitude toward the press and the players, I don’t think he is overjoyed with his job at bama even though it does pay very well. Money isn’t everything.

  89. […] Posted by ‘BusNative This is hilarious if it turns out to be true: Nick Saban?s Agent Contacts WVU ? West BY GOD Virginia An unconfirmed report from WBGV… they seem to be tracking the situation over there. are you […]

  90. LOL…WVU, good luck with your search. Barners, Terry Saban unhappy? Guess that is why she has told people that if Nick leaves Tuscaloosa before they retire to Lake Burton, Georgia that he is going without her. Funny, Tubs just had an OC hired the he did not want but who was wanted by Dye and Lowder. And you think he is happy? LOL.

    WVU, if Sexton is involved, look for a smokescreen with a couple of his clients mentioned early and then the real guy getting the deal worked out behind the scenes. That is how he works.

    I am sorry all of the barners have invaded your site. They love to bring Saban’s name up with every opening because they know what is about to happen.

    Good luck in the Fiesta Bowl and good luck finding a good coach.

  91. […] Report: Saban’s agent contacts WVU (West by GOD Virginia) […]

  92. TigerDog,

    Saban knew he had to control the media from day one over here, just like he has done with the fans. He does laugh and cut up in his pressers. Just because ESPN doesn’t show that part doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

    Saban’s attitude toward the players is exactly what it should be in our situation. He has to separate the men from the boys. In order to do that you gotta lay down the law. It will only get better for everyone once this process has taken place.

    He is here and he will finish the task. By the way, Terry is VERY involved with the locals in TTown. She is making an impression and seems to be just as happy as she can be.

  93. “The future is very bright at Bama.” “Wingnut is not happy at the Barn.”

    U. Alabama-Tuscaloosa fans are like Militant Muslims. Any day their glory days are going to return, they are sure of it with religious conviction. It’s amazing. Every year is going to be their year! Until La-Mo beats them I guess.

    To Bamers, the next NC is always just right around the corner. Why didn’t Saban win this year? Alabama’s players, left by Shula, were not good enough. That is the conventional Bamer wisdom, but when Star Jones shows up to replace Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson, it’ll all be fixed. That’s interesting– Alabama had six players named all SEC at the end of the season. Auburn had one. Really it must be Alabama’s terrible players that caused the Sabanator to drop six regular season games. Clearly nothing to do with coaching or discipline.

    Alabama fans embarrass the state. They come on a WVU board and cry and moan and belittle WVU. WVU would have beaten Bama every year for the last six. Rich Rod wouldn’t come to Tuscalooser, and now Saban realizes what a rat-hole 70s nightmare it is as well. Saban has no LOVE for Bama. Bama fans can’t seem to understand this. That’s why they have had EIGHT coaches since the Bear died, while Auburn has had two coaching changes since the Bear died.

    Sorry to you WVU fans. Bama fans, like I said, are about as rational as Militant Muslims. Just ignore them.

  94. What credibility? I didn’t think Saban had any left. The entire coaching staff at Miami cheered when they got the announcment of his departure. As I recall, the players were just as happy. He left a team that just got their first win in 14 games, and has recently gone 6-6 with a team that is not on probation and was “BACK” in 2005. He is in Tuscaloosa for 4 million reasons. An not one of them because of the history, tradition, blah blah blah.

  95. QUOTE: Alabama was winning Rose Bowls BEFORE Bear Bryant. He didn’t invent Alabama football.

    So why does everybody down there wear houndstooth overalls?

    QUOTE: I personally know Tubberville, and Tommy has frequent conversations with Saban.

    At least he spelled “Tommy” correctly. Probably an accident.

  96. Not bloody likely.

  97. Who in their right mind would even want Saban? We are in the midst of the turmoil created by a coach leaving us for greener pastures. At least Coach Rod “had” credibility when we took a chance on him. Saban on the other hand has already proven himself a traitor time and time again. We have taken too many shots to the crotch to take a chance like that.

  98. Maybe we should be asking Kirk Herbstreit. He has a lot of reliable “sources”.. …..

  99. You better not pout,
    You better not cry!
    You better not laugh
    and I’m telling you why!
    Tater Tot is coming to town!

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  101. Terry Bowden is your next coach, not Nick Saban.

  102. guys’ look at the article and read it, do you think sources close to the president would go to this site and report it, the wvu rivals site pulled it from this site to, so this is bogus as they came, as far as my bama fanbase yeah they get nuts at times, besides this would be career suicide

  103. It is going to be so much remembering all the dumb%^* comments banrers, corndpgs, and (now) the never has beens are saying about Bama/Saban in a few years.

    Do you bunch of DAs really believe that a coach like Saban, bringing in the BEST talent in the nation, will not rise Bama back to the top? Puhleeeaase!!! You people are ridiculous and in denial. It’s gonna be fun watching you eat your words and it’s coming really soon.

    For those pointing out Bama’s record since Stallings, we have not had a head coach near as talented as Gene since he left, and much of that was on the AD/BoTs, but now that we do (look at our recruiting class), ,and now that BOTH probations have come and gone, we will be back with a venganve.

    So keep lying to yourself fellas.

    To barners, you knew the streak would end soon (after Saban was hired), and now that you know we will be whipping you like the redheaded step children you are once again, you are back to starting your rumors of coaches leaving, PLOIs, and just basic barner behavior. I must say….I LOVE IT!!!! That just means all is will be right in the world again very soon.

    To corndogs, you’re corndogs. Nuff said. You have the most disgusting, filthy, trashy fanbase in the country, and yet, for some odd reason, you losers are proud of it. Congratulations! You stinky bunch of drunks manage to foul up every college town migrate to. You’re a joke, and, before Saban got to LSU, LSU was a joke. But Hey, don’t worry, Les Miles will take you straight back to mediocrity here shortly.

    To Mountaineers, you never have been, and never will be not even the smallest blip on the radar screen that is college football. You got lucky to have a coach like RR, and now that he is gone you will right back in the gutter (morgantown) You will not hire a Saban, you will not hire a Tubbs, heck… won’t even hire a Miles. No one will come to WVU that has coaching credentials. You will have to go out and hire some cordinator from the WAC or Mountain West and pray he can be a head coach. Good luck.

  104. Mountaineers….beware….Saban as the WVU HC means
    -August mornings reading about players being arrested after two-a-day practices
    – a team captain and leader of the ‘team discipline council’ in jail the night after a scrimage
    – weekly press conferences to belittle reporters and the common fan
    – losing to Mississippi State when you knew they had the game circle
    – losing to the dregs of the Sun Belt Conference
    – a 6-6 regular season
    – as many free text books as each player can carry down to the off campus book store
    – comparing losing to La Monroe to 9-11 and Pearl Harbor
    – a potential 1st round draft pick laying down on the team after being suspended for 1qtr in the La Monroe game
    – a meaning less bowl game in Shreveport, LA
    – having to insinuate rumors about your arch rival’s coach leaving for the Dallas Cowboys, Kansas St., Texas A&M, Arkansas after your arch rival owns your team for the sixth straight time
    – and finally……….having to find solace in moral victories such as recruiting rankings each December
    ….you gotta love the process.

    Rho Tade.

  105. JM75,

    I have seen his pressers because I live in the B’ham area. I don’t think I have ever witnessed a coach act anymore condescending or just plain rude to reporters than he has. I’ll admit, some of the questions thrown his way are dumb, but it doesn’t excuse his actions.

    In Nick’s words… “It is what it is”.

    With all that said, I doubt that he would go to WVU but, WVU now has about $4MM to play with from Michigan paying RR’s buyout. As crazy as this season has been from start to finish, I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. Definitiely more believeable than a 15 lateral 1 minute plus play at the end of a ballgame to win it.

  106. I love this . . . SEC fans coming over and telling us how inferior we are to all of them. How about Rod turning down Bama last year and now Saban has interest in coming home! We are just soooo inferior, Who’d we beat in the 2005 Sugar Bowl!?

  107. Nice try boogs. It’s amazing how concerned the boogs and every other sec opponent are about Nick and Terry’s “happiness” in Tuscaloosa.

    Thanks for your heartfelt concern.

    Congrats on your troy recruit…

  108. Nick Saban has no buyout. He can walk whenever he wants for $0. But if he’s fired by Alabama, they have to pay him every cent remaining on the contract — Absurdly one sided to the point

  109. If Saban goes to WVU he can recruit the guys that he was saying schools like South Florida sign earlier this season, aaaaighhht. Just one of a handful of comments he made that really went over well with America.

  110. Hey “Saban is UA to stay” how’d you like to have Steve Slaton, Noel Devine, Pat White, next year, what’s that? Oh, you guys going 7-5 again, nice!

  111. […] him say, "I am not going to be the coach at West Virginia," so everything is safe. Nick Saban’s Agent Contacts WVU West BY GOD Virginia […]

  112. How ’bout the Lousiana Monroe coach….he seems to be a much better coach than Saban

  113. As much as I dislike Bammers, no way is WVU landing $aban.

  114. “Oh, you guys going 7-5 again, nice!”

    man you’re giving them an extra win next year? try 6-7 and a 3rd trip to shreveport next year.

  115. Its Tubby guys. Sexton is Saban’s agent and he also represents Tommy Tuberville at Auburn.

    Tubby is the one that wants out.

    Tubby is the one you are taiking to.

    Hope you get him. Good luck.

  116. That’s brilliant Grant. What buy-out did Tubbs just agree to? What is Saban’s? That’s right. The snake Snaban can slither away whenever he wants and he owes BAMA nothing; if Tubbs leaves, he owes Auburn 6 million. Who wants to have the option to leave more? Is this getting through your thick skull? Seriously, you Bamers are dumber than a bag of hammers. One more year of Mal Moore and other Bamer Insiders telling Saban what to do, and that modern-day Napoleon is going to bolt.

    You people act like NO BAMA COACH could ever leave the crapstone. And yet, Franchione did. He went to a school that hasn’t been as good as West Virginia in a while. If I were Saban, I’d go to WVU, get to dominate my conference and play for multiple NCs. Alabama won’t play for an NC in the next 25 years. Alabama is like Rome right before the Empire fell– decadent, worthless, without values, living in the past.

  117. Hey BearisDead?,

    If Saban does leave, you might be able to get a recruit. I’ll pulling for you man.

  118. […] somebody has leaked Nick Saban’s name to a job opening. This time, it’s West Virginia. This blog mentions something about Jimmy Sexton contacting WVU about the job opening. Look, I […]

  119. Grant,
    That shows exactly how smart you really are. Tubberville just signed a new contract with Auburn.

    As for Saban to WV… I think it’s bull. I would expect to see Spurrier there before Saban. He’s looking for one more shot before he retires. I think WV would be a good fit for him.

    To the Mountaineer fans, please try to ignore the Alabama fans boasting their greatness. Their arrogance has been their downfall. Good luck in your bowl game and I’m looking forward to the big matchup next fall!

  120. Aren’t you the same person that said RR was not leaving??? Don;t worry – Jimbo will come. I guess since Jimmy Sexton is also Spurrier’s agent Spurrier is coming? Good luck!

  121. Poetic justice will be served if Saban comes home! This will be the hope we need to get over the debacle that Richy Rich left us in. See Chaleston for the whole report on how he resigned from WVU. This guy makes Saban look like a saint.

  122. […] to be the first to post the Saban to WVU rumors. Simply so I could defeat them before anyone else. Nick Saban’s Agent Contacts WVU It might be true that Sexton contacted WVU, but Sexton represents tons of College Coaches. One […]

  123. Just a point of clarification, calling Alabama the University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa (or UAT) is like calling WV West Virginia-Morgantown (or WVUM). IT is the University of Alabama. Period. Just don’t do it, it doesn’t give you any credibility. Thank you.

  124. OMG~ If this is true and Sevear goes to WVU, the entire mullet nation will be on suicide alert

  125. As an LSU fan, I would just like to point out that what twinkles said above is true. Lsu fans don’t come to Sabins defense. Sabin made unsavory comments about the people of Louisiana. Nothing made our fans happier than seeing LSU beat Alabama. Oh wait, actually watching two Louisiana teams beat Alabama was icing on the cake. Geaux Monroe Warhawks. Now he has to come to Louisiana to play his bowl game, and all those Bama fans have to drive through a little town named Monroe to get to Shreveport. well, now i have my cake and I am eating it too.

  126. “Just a point of clarification, calling Alabama the University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa (or UAT) is like calling WV West Virginia-Morgantown (or WVUM). IT is the University of Alabama. Period. Just don’t do it, it doesn’t give you any credibility. Thank you.”

    We call it UAT b/c it could be confused with UAB. Kinda like UT.. It could be Tennessee or Texas. Both are D1 schools and should be addressed with clarity. Just b/c Alabama is all you think about, doesn’t mean the rest of the world thinks that way.

  127. Well I personally refer to the “school” in Tuscaloosa as “UAT,” so that readers from out-of-state don’t confuse UAT with the better UA schools in Huntsville and Birmingham.

  128. […] Nick Sabans Agent Contacts WVU Nick Saban’s Agent Contacts WVU West BY GOD Virginia […]

  129. Tigers bleaux!

  130. Frank Solich is the only real choice here.

  131. You are correct BamaFan, UAT is in appropriate.

    I prefer to use SPUAT…..Scandel Plagued University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa.

    For example, “I will be attending SPUAT in the fall, cause da got’ dem tweble nashl’n champunships in fusball.”

  132. that’s laughable…..

  133. Heh, Heh, WVU could take away a HC from Bama for the second year in a row.

  134. L
    Bammeroids, you really must stop buying human beings

  135. “Hey BearisDead?, If Saban does leave, you might be able to get a recruit. I’ll pulling for you man.”

    That’s amazing grammar, genius. Do you think Bama will win next year with your freshmen who haven’t even signed yet and probably won’t once Applewhite leaves? That’s right Julio is coming to AU to play for Franklin now, surprise.

    “I’m a Bamer! Jesus loves me! The next National Championship is right around the corner, despite the fact cronyism and corruption have wasted my University (which I probably didn’t attend, like most Bamers)! I can’t wait to send my daughter to T-Town to get raped! Or arrested while cruising, smoking pot and hooking-up with with Juwan Simpson! That’s how we roll. Cocaine, buck shot GPA, and fighting cops on the strip– what could be better?! Rao Tahd!”

    What a classy school you inbreds have. It’s so pathetic, you’ve lost six games in a row to “The Barn”, but still you don’t get it. It’s over, Bama’s dominance in football has always been contingent on cheating– Bear did it always, and Gene got caught too. Those days are past. You are no one’s media darling. The whole nation hates your coach. Times have changed. Bama will never be a dominant program again. No one in their right mind would go to Tuscaloosa, backwoods strip mall dump that it is, when they could go anywhere else.

    So brag about the faux title rivals gives you for recruiting amongst yourselves. Come talk to me when Bama is actually able to beat Auburn. Number 7 is on the way.

  136. Redirect…this is a WVU forum.

  137. Why are the boogers so concerned with UA? It’s all they can talk about…I suppose it’s the only thing that they can discuss as Auburn has been and always will be, in the eyes of college football….irrelevant. Hence, 2004…

  138. Saban wants to get out of the hell, formally known as Tuscaloosa.

    Bama is cheating its ass off again and he doesn’t want to be there when the crap hits the fan again. Bama has been cheating since the 60’s and most of their old-time boosters feel that it is part of their tradition.

    If you look at the Alabama constitution, it states:

    Article 65, Section 1a:
    The University of Alabama can use any means necessary to get sign HS football players. The Bear did it for 25 years so it must be allowed.

    Article 65, Section 1b:
    @$#^#$ Auburn University.

  139. Amelia, on December 17th, 2007 at 12:09 pm Said:
    Out of curiosity, what is Saban’s buyout?

    Saban has no buyout

  140. You guys are on crack. Do you seriously think that WVU is such a plum job that Saban would actually leave a program like Alabama and take a significant pay cut so that he could wind up in Morgantown? The guy’s making a cool $4 million a year for Christ’s sake! LMAO!!! Talk about self-delusion. Wake up, fellas. It ain’t happening!

  141. I have a friend that works at the Arkansas Athletic Dept. and Petrino has not signed his contract yet. Apparently he is getting his agent to setup an interview with West Virginia about the coaching job. There’s no way he can do this right? Imagine the media heat he would take?!

  142. Didn’t Sebear leave Miami for tuscaloosa and take a paycut? Same thing

  143. Auburn is the 2nd most penalized institution in the NCAA. And most (if not all) of those violations involve payments by the school directly to players. It’s funny when they accuse Alabama of cheating.

  144. I realize that Saban is the 2 ton elephant in Sexton’s circus, however, it would probably do you good to consider the cheap seats of Sexton’s ARM client list…. Parcells, Coker, Beamer, Fulmer, Nutt, Spurrier, and Tommy Tuberville.

  145. “Redirect…this is a WVU forum.”
    Actually, its not… the moment the author of this post decided to write something which implicates University of Alabama football, it officially became a free for all for idiot fans of both Alabama and Auburn to bash each other endlessly. I’ve seen forums for everything from NFL forums to non-sports forums become killing grounds for Bama-Barn flame wars. Welcome to discourse in the state of Alabama, and especially in the ether-state of Alabama. I don’t feel sorry for you, though, as you brought this on yourselves.

  146. LMAO…bamer’s are all over every WVU site there is…warning to the WVU folks, these people eat their own, so watch it…

  147. I am interested in the job, please contact Jimmy Sexton.

  148. And in 2008 when the LSU job opens up, Saban will leave show his loyalty once more. He screwed the Dolphins so hard, we are changing the name to Sarfish!

  149. I hope we get Saban. And I really enjoy the squacking between the elephants and the war eagles. You guy’s make the OSU-Mich rivalry look like a bunch of fat girls fighting over an ice cream sandwich. What a great rivalry. I don’t think neither program is dominant anymore (not saying WV is), however the passion is undeniable.

  150. and if you do hire sebear, just a heads up…he will make you lower all the podiums by 24 inxches.

  151. Auburn fan, Just think you might be opening up the 2008 season against Saban.

  152. Two words, Mark Mangino

  153. Will work for Food

  154. I think were going to stick with Terry Bowden. If we get Saban or Tubbs then there could be a actual civil war in the bama state. They have officially invaded every wvu site. Atleast they have better jokes than those arrogants #$%#$ from Ohio and Michigan. The world needs more Auburn and Alabama fans!!!!!!!!!

  155. Whether we hire Terry, Saban, or some other quality name we need to do it quickly. We need to recruit and we need to hold this ship together.

    Asshole Rich Rodriguez (ARR) may have taken this program to a new level but we can’t let him take this program down to the likes of an Alabama. We want more than a .500 team. Come on Eddie P. get it done.

  156. Remember West Virginia fans, the people here claiming Saban is leaving are the same people who consider tradition:
    A. Throwing toilet tissue into a dead tree.
    B. Having a tractor pull to celebrate a fake national championship created by a twelve year old.
    C. Giving players “Sociology degrees” that aren’t worth the toilet paper thrown into the dead tree (See point A.) examples… Carnell Williams, James Brooks, Otis Mounds, Brent Fullwood.
    D. Have all ot the ex coaches still on payroll to keep them from spilling the beans about their recruiting practices.. Terry Bowden, Pat Dye, Wayne Hall, Larry Blakeny…and so on..
    E. SACS probation..Their engineering school and vet school have gone in and out of accreditation.
    F. They are located in an absolute arm pit just west of Georgia.. and they have a dump for a stadium built over a creek bed that they only sell out for games maybe once a year

  157. Jeff, no need to trash the Auburn fans on here. I think they do it pretty well on their own. After all, they’re on a WVU blog because someone started a rumor that Bama’s coach is going to WVU. If that isn’t obsession, I don’t know what is.

    But the rest of you need to realize that Saban’s agent a few dozen NCAA D-1 coaches, and he could have been calling on behalf of any of them.

  158. “I will not be the head coach at Alabama.”

  159. From a couple days ago …

    Interestingly, while working the story last year, a source in West Virginia told me that the governor would essentially be the one who would hire the new Mountaineer coach when Rodriguez left for Alabama.

    Of course, I didn’t know at the time that the governor was Joe Manchin — who is a close friend of Nick Saban and godfather to Saban’s son Nicholas.

    (No, not starting the Saban-to-West Virginia rumors. Just pointing out an interesting sidebar).

  160. Bama fans, for the hundreth time the bear is dead and he isn’t coming back so please quit digging me up.

  161. The reason so many Auburn fans are following this is because of how obnoxious the Bama fans are concerning everything. They think everything crimson is superior and they gave Auburn fans heck concerning the possibility that Tuberville would leave for Arkansas. I don’t think Auburn fans are obsessed with Bama, I just think they would like to be left alone. Since that will never happen they take every opportunity to give it back as good as they get.

  162. I guess I’ll have to say it, I will not be the coach at West Virginia next year!

  163. I’m not buying it untill I hear “I will not be the head coach of west Virginia”
    then I’m sold

  164. I played at WVU in the mid-80’s. I am very proud of what WVU stands for. I am truly upset with coach Rod’s decision to leave, but the sun will come up tomorrow in Morgantown. The University and the people of the state of West Virginia are proud people that share a common goal. They love the state, and they love the WVU football program. I am truly “PROUD” to be a former WVU student-athlete. WVU will be back on “TOP.” The people and the state will have it no other way…

    Best regards,
    Eugene Napoleon
    RB # 33 1986-1989

  165. Hey, I heard the University of Texas has a great Offensive Coordinator who would make a great head coach – Greg Davis. That guy rocks, and any team that grabbed him would be a winner for it. He’s awesome, led UT to 6 straight 10-win seasons, developed Vince Young and countless receivers and backs and linemen. Greg Davis would be GREAT for WV! Please scoop him up before he gets away from you. He won’t last long, many suitors are calling him these days. GREG DAVIS TO WEST VIRGINIA! Man that would be a great headline that would make my Mountaineer heart proud.

  166. […] in Bill Cowher, former Pittsburgh Steelers coach. Oh, let’s not forget the report that Nick Saban supposedly is interested. We laughed as […]

  167. Once again, a coach uses UAT as s stepping stone to a bigger and better job.

  168. We need to dump UAT from our schedule and pick up Troy. The weakness of UAT hinders our BCS ranking every year. We’d do better in the BCS calculations if we picked up the much stronger Troy.

  169. WVU. would be stupid to even consider Satan.

    You should go after Terry Bowden. The Bowden name alone will bring your program to the next level. Look at B. Bowden at FSU. and T. Bowden at Clemson for examples.

    Bobby B. has always been a force at FSU. and Clemson U. has become a dominating factor in the ACC under Tommy B. Year in and year out these two coaches decide the fate of the ACC Championship. Good Luck and Go Tigers!!!!!

  170. I laugh at those that call Alabama a big time job. Maybe 25 years ago

  171. If you get tired of the bammers, just post some facts. They hate facts, as it pulls them out of their koolade induced haze. FACT: Alabama finished 20th in the AP poll and 3rd in the conference, with losses to Miss St and Vandy in 1941, yet they claim a national championship that year. FACT: Nick Saban has no buyout. FACT: He is from West Virginia.

    That should help out some. Just follow the formula for a little respite from the crimson necks.

  172. […] Apparently, other reports have listed Florida State coordinator and Terry Bowden disciple Jimbo Fisher as a candidate for the West Virginia job, and a lot of speculation also circulates around Cincinnati’s Brian Kelly. Some wild rumors are flying around that even Nick Saban has contacted […]

  173. […] Nick Saban’s Agent Contacts WVU West BY GOD Virginia […]

  174. this is really cracking me up… my dad is a huge west virginia fan… he went there and was a starter (like in the stone age lol) and we have mountaineer stuff all over our house and car… did i mention we live in dallas? everyones like wtf? random hick school? lol

  175. If Bammers are this up in arms about him thinking about WVU, imagine what would happen if he actually decided to leave and coach at WVU.

    I don’t care who you are that is funny!!

  176. […] this was funny on a WVU website Nick Saban’s Agent Contacts WVU West BY GOD Virginia "Sources close to University President Mike Garrison have informed WBGV that Nick Sabans […]

  177. Seems your having trouble with some deluded ‘Bama mooks. I’m here to help. Just show them this…

  178. […] Virginia Rumors Are Falling Appart December 17, 2007 — TideDruid A post by West By God Virginia has been making the blog world rounds, giving Saban haters something to gnaw on for a few hours. It […]

  179. FACT: Auburn fans like ThreadJack love bringing up the Bama’s past, then accuse Bama fans of living in it. FACT: Auburn fans like ThreadJack are flaming a WVU blog due to an erroneous rumor concerning Bama’s coach. FACT: Gov. Joe Manchin today called these rumors a “fabrication.”

  180. One of reasons AU and UAT fans invade other schools’ boards is most posters have been banned at their rival’s home forums. So the only place they can wage online war is at non-partisan school boards.

  181. I am ready to buy some new visors with the WV logo on them if ya’ll will have me!!!!

  182. FACT: Charlie is flaming Auburn on a WVU blog. FACT: Charlie is searching the internet, terrified that Sabear might leave. THEORY: Charlie was at the Tuscaloosa airport with Collette to greet Saban.

  183. this is true. I hold inside sources that say its a long shot but his agent has contacted WVU. We may come up short on money but he has some interest.

  184. […] Nick Saban’s Agent Contacts WVU [image] Sources close to University President Mike Garrison have informed WBGV that Nick Saban’s agent has […] […]

  185. […] Nick Saban’s Agent Contacts WVU [image] Sources close to University President Mike Garrison have informed WBGV that Nick Saban’s agent has […] […]

  186. This simply proves anyone can start an internet rumor. Why on earth would Saban leave Alabama after ONE year? He’s making 4 mil a year, has lots of control, the facilities are amazing and he’ll likely have the number one recruiting class in the nation. People, wake up! Terry Bowden is much more likely. This would be a huge step down. Even Arkansas would have been less of a step down, or even Nebraska. The man hasn’t even lived in WVA in decades.

    Now, who are the real candidates besides Bowden?

  187. I throw Tubberville’s name around every year as a candidate for a job, but in reality I can’t sell him to anyone. Sure he beats some top 10 teams here and there, but the man loses 3 to 5 games a year, and has one conference championship in 12 years in the league. I mean really, look at the sweet deal I have! I’ve got him locked in at Auburn no matter how he does. I thank the Lord that Bama’s been on probation, otherwise he wouldn’t even have the Bama wins!

    Oh, and I had nothing to do with this latest WVU rumor. Come on, who would believe my boy Saban would actually go back to WV?

  188. […] A post from West By God Virginia has been making the blog world rounds, giving Saban haters something to gnaw on for a few hours. It claims that Jimmy Sexton contacted WVU about the open coaching position, hinting that Nick Saban is not happy in Tuscaloosa and wants to escape to Morgantown. But, the only sources he could claim came was a private message board post from and a newspaper blog that only said it is not able to determine if the story isn’t true. Wow, what an amazing balancing act. […]

  189. […] This probably has no merit but is worth noting anyway.  Apparently an insider is telling the site Westbygodvirginia that the agent for Nick Saban has recently contacted the University of West Virginia about their […]

  190. This will get your feelings going early in the morning. Reply

    From the Post-Gazette. I didn’t know the women’s soccer coach had left.
    WVU officials blamed for coach leaving
    Tuesday, December 18, 2007
    By Chuck Finder, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    The wealthy donors primarily responsible for keeping Rich Rodriguez as head football coach at West Virginia University 53 weeks ago are angry and frustrated over his departure this week for the University of Michigan.

    Their ire isn’t directed at Mr. Rodriguez.

    It’s aimed at WVU administrators.

    “I tell you what, I’ve never seen anything mishandled as much as this was,” Bob Reynolds, former chief operating officer of Fidelity Investments, said yesterday. “Here’s a university that made a $200,000 decision — it probably could’ve cost less than that [to keep Mr. Rodriguez] — and it’s going to cost them millions” in booster support, potential bowl money and revenue from football success.

    “I’ve had calls from at least six major contributors to the program, and they’re all done [donating] because they know the Mickey Mouse things that have gone on there,” Mr. Reynolds continued. “I’ve been in business 36 years, and it’s the worst business decision I’ve ever seen. I’ve been the COO of a 45,000-person company. When somebody’s producing, you ask, ‘What can I do for you to make your life better?’ Not ‘What can I do to make your life more miserable?’ They have no idea how big this is. It’s frightening.”

    Mr. Reynolds declined to discuss it, but one source said he informed university officials yesterday that he planned to withdraw $12 million in donations he pledged to the school.

    Earl G. “Ken” Kendrick Jr., a part owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks and benefactor to the WVU College of Business and Economics and other colleges in his home state, said: “I’m severely disappointed in leadership. I’m discouraged by the decision-making and lack of judgment. And the lack of respect for key employees — because this isn’t just about Rich, he’s just the most high-profile one. It’s a sad story. It’s compelling to me as somebody who’s given emotional and financial support to the university. And it makes it questionable to me as I go forward.”

    Mr. Rodriguez, both at the top of his program’s prestige and other colleges’ candidate lists, made what he considered relatively simple requests. However, his employers considered them “gun-to-the-head” demands because he already had the Michigan offer, said one source close to the administration.

    All agree that the details separating the two sides had nothing to do with Mr. Rodriguez getting richer.

    In separate meetings with Athletic Director Ed Pastilong, Chief of Staff Craig Walker and, finally, late Saturday night with newly installed President Mike Garrison, he asked the university to do the following:

    ? Allow at least an additional $100,000 in bonus money for his assistants.

    ? Allow scholarship players to retain possession of textbooks at the end of each term, which meant they could have sold them, as apparently happens at other programs.

    ? Waive a $5 ticket fee for each high-school football coach attending Mountaineer home games, a fee that generates an estimated $5,000 for the university each season.

    ? Hire seven graduate assistants and a new recruiting coordinator, to ease the duties performed by secondary coach Tony Gibson.

    “You could do them in 15 minutes,” Mr. Reynolds said of the wish list.

    Those supporters, who pledged millions last December for the six-year, $1.9 million-per-year contract that helped to keep Mr. Rodriguez from accepting the University of Alabama coaching position, offered to absorb the additional costs. Their offer was denied.

    “It is frustrating to me that when push came to shove, we weren’t included in a possible solution,” said Wheeling, W.Va., lawyer Dean Hartley, who last year donated toward VIP seating added to Mountaineer Field. “We were not asked to do anything that would bridge the divide that had developed obviously between the administration and Rich. Over the weekend, I’ve just been bitter over the way it was handled, especially knowing that it wasn’t about Rich getting a raise.”

    “[Mr. Rodriguez] was flabbergasted, because this did not have to happen,” said Mr. Reynolds, a Boston-area resident who also donated toward the new academic center that was part of Mr. Rodriguez’s deal last December. “It just became political, and he didn’t think he was supported. And I don’t blame him.”

    Some of the items discussed were part of the contract extension signed Aug. 24, more than eight months after the details were first hammered out last December. Mr. Rodriguez’s representatives maintain that university administrators agreed to other requests that haven’t been met, though they decline to publicly specify them. In short, it means Mr. Rodriguez might contest the $4 million he owes WVU to buy out his contract, by claiming the university acted in bad faith or fraudulently.

    The search for a new coach to replace Mr. Rodriguez, a Grant Town, W.Va., native who went 60-26 and to five bowls in seven seasons, began yesterday.

    The only known candidate to step forward is former Auburn coach and current ABC/ESPN announcer Terry Bowden, son of former Mountaineer coach Bobby Bowden. Sources said Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster and former Mountaineers assistant head coach Rick Trickett of Florida State may soon come to Morgantown to interview for the vacancy.

    Other possible candidates mentioned include Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley; Huntington, W.Va., native Jim Grobe of Wake Forest; Central Michigan coach and former Mountaineers assistant Butch Jones; Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster and former Mountaineers assistant head coach Rick Trickett of Florida State and Florida State offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher.

    The West Virginia boosters have become close to Mr. Rodriguez and acknowledged that he grew depressed — one described it as despairing — over the 13-9 loss to Pitt that cost the Mountaineers a chance to play in the national championship game.

    Mr. Hartley said he found it “amazing” that in the last year, WVU lost its basketball coach, John Beilein, to Michigan; the head of the Mountaineer Athletic Club, Whit Babcock, who was instrumental in last December’s rally that kept Mr. Rodriguez, to Missouri; the swimming coach, Sergio Lopez, after winning the Big East title, to a Jacksonville, Fla., high school swimming program; and women’s soccer coach, Nikki Izzo-Brown.

    One college where she reportedly interviewed? The same place where Mr. Beilein and Mr. Rodriguez work.

    “Maybe we should be a farm system,” Mr. Hartley added, “until our coaches get good enough that they can coach at Michigan.”

    Chuck Finder can be reached at or 412-263-1724.

    Posted on 12/18 6:31 AM | IP:

  191. Saban doesn’t have a buyout.

  192. I cannot imagine this is true. The original post indicates Saban is “unhappy” and has “failed to recapture the situation he had in Baton Rouge with LSU”

    Forgive me, as I am a ‘bama fan – but how can you say he’s failed in one year? Are you even paying attention to the recruiting wars this year? Saban has put together perhaps the best recruiting class in the proud history of Alabama football.

    Only folks outside of our program viewed this year as a “failure” – he wasn’t going to battle with “his players.” I think this is just one of the many rumors that springs up when folks are looking for gossip.

    I know that historically he has a bit of a nomadic personality, but the man is absolutely hero-worshipped after a .500 season in Tuscaloosa, which speaks volumes for how respected he is.

    Further, the kids he’s bringing in this year (do yourself a favor and become acquainted with names like Tyler Love and B.J. Scott…..not to mention possibly Julio Jones) are high-character guys that are trying to be a part of “something special.”

    I’d be very shocked if this were true.

  193. He doesnt have a buyout Amelia. That was a stipulation that he demanded in his contract. I wonder why?

  194. […] following and have it be even the slightest bit plausible is reason enough to adore this man. From West By God Virginia: Sources close to University President Mike Garrison have informed WBGV that Nick Saban’s agent […]

  195. If true this would be a huge move for WV and just more conformation that Alabama is not what it once was. Saban has a history of jumping jobs so “if true” this should not be a shock.

  196. Anyone can have Saban for $4,000,001.00 dollars

  197. […] Internet rumors and gossip have a way of spreading like wildfire. But check out this story from a blog out of West Virginia. There has been no confirmation that Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban’s agent has contacted West Virginia, but this story seems to be getting legs. Here is the link  […]

  198. is validating this rumor

  199. […]
    West By God Virginia posted yesterday that Saban’s agent has contacted WVU. And it has been supported by other media sources.

    I’m a chaos monger, but this is ridiculous. I believe Saban may be unhappy at Alabama, but he is not going to leave this year. He has things going in the right direction with the Crimson Tide and while I doubt he sticks in for the long haul, he will turn that program around and whomever succeeds him will reap the benefits (like Nutt will do at Ole Miss with the O’s good recruits). Petrino may have outdone Saban with what he did last week, so why would Saban want to move back into the “Biggest Asshole in football” position? Is he that arrogant that he wants that title back? I’m joking of course. But there are a lot of rumors coming out of Tuscaloosa that could add to his flight status. […]

  200. You Alabamians act like the Tide is the hotbed of football. WVU has been a hell of a lot closer to a NC then Alabama has for the last several years. Face it, Bama has sucked for many years now and if Saban were to leave, they’d remain looking up to the rest of MAJOR college football.

  201. It is a mud slinging lie or the agent was working on behalf of another client. Saban just stole Chris Jackson from Georgia Tech and is one commitment from having the number one recruiting class in the nation (by far): Julio Jones. Saban makes $4 million a year and is building a mansion on the river. He plans to retire to Georgia. He has been given the keys to the athletic Alabama He has not lived in West Virginia since he was 18 or 19 and really has no ties to the state other than memories. I will personally wager $1000.00 that it is not true that Nick has any plans to go to West Virginia to coach.

  202. Jimbo Fisher is another of Sexton’s clients.

  203. […] Saban thinking of heading home [WBV]? We will only know for sure when Saban utters the immortal words “I will not be the head coach […]

  204. Sports Illustrated has picked up the rumor, but doesn’t seem to give it much credence (though they can’t prove it isn’t true either).

  205. How funny. Rich Rod’s logic makes sense, but his mathmatical depiction is wrong. According to his logic, he should have written:

    Alabama < West Virginia < Michigan

  206. Did you guys here Gov Machen from WV on Jox?

    Great guy, said that he and CNS are best friends. 0% chance of CNS going to WVU or ANYWHERE for that matter. It was his opinion and belief that CNS would be wearing Crimson for the rest of his coaching career and that CNS and Terry are TOTALLY committed to bring the Tide back to it’s rightful place in college football.

    Nah, I’m sure your radios were off when that happen huh…

  207. I believe that the reports are genuine. I have spoken with an alum that played for RR @ Glenville and he keeps tabs with current RR and his current staff, and Saban’s agent has contacted WVU to express interest in their current vacancy.

  208. Geez, does Saban have a buyout?

    Here’s WV’s new head coach…

  209. Rod to UofM
    O’Saban Been Lyin’ to UWV
    Terry Bowden to UAT
    A Bowden is finally going to be coaching in Tuscaloosa

  210. Whats really going on? R u kidding, I just don’t see him making that decision. No offense, but SEC play has no comparison to these other conferences.

  211. […] Lewis, West Virginia Mountaineers. Just when you thought Bobby Petrino had outslimed Saban, Saban reclaims the throne! Sources close to University President Mike Garrison have informed WBGV that Nick Saban’s agent […]

  212. […] Miami Dolphins, Michigan State Spartans, Nick Saban, Toledo Rockets, West Virginia Mountaineers West By God Virginia is reporting that quitter/whore Nick Saban isn’t feeling hated enough this holiday season, and has […]

  213. Bama better than Auburn? Are you rednecks from Bama ever going to learn? Six in a row and you still don’t get it. Keep talking about the past……keep talking about the future. Let’s look at today/present/reality……..6 wins…….what a joke. Lost to ULM and MSU. The refs had to save you from Ole Miss. Bama no doubt hosts the most delusional/ignorant fans in the nation.

  214. Why would you want a coach who’s inferior to THE MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY?

    I don’t know. Ask Tubby. 19-14 sound familiar?

  215. I think it’s funny how ‘Bama fans still think they are the powerhouse they were MANY years ago and how you are so superior to WVU. How badly do you think the past 5 Mountaineer teams would beat the past 5 ‘Tide teams? There is NO WAY you can say your program is anywhere near WVU’s right now. Saban or not WVU is a high profile coaching position and it would not suprise me to see some big names expressing interest.

  216. Saban does have a buyout, It called losing 30
    millions dollors over 7 years if he quits.

  217. What about Muschamp or T. Bowden. they would be great & for much, much more affordable.

  218. […] Is Nick Saban thinking of abandoning the Bammers and heading up to Morgantown? — WBGV: "Nick Saban’s Agent Contacts WVU" […]

  219. I work air traffic at Tuscaloosa Airport. A 1991 Aspra SP registered to a company called FMR Corp flew in, waited 15 minutes, then flew out. Could have sworn I saw Saban and wife board but can’t be certain. Flight plan was for destination in Wheeling, OH.

  220. Bama has had 2 recruiting classes without scholarship limits, it will take at least 2 more to get enough players; Bama won’t wait that long. Saban could get quicker results at WVa; without a buyout and good friends with the Gov of WVa as in saban’s boy is the gov’s Godson; could be.
    Look at Saban’s record at LSU vs the best in the SEC: UT, AU, Fla, Ark, Ga and he barely bats above 500. The boosters will grow impatient with Saban long before he could win the SEC and a loss to AU next season will fly like a led zepplin. This is the same guy who said he would not be the coach at alabama. If he is talking, let him go to WVa.

  221. Bama fans are hoping Saben is a good recruiter because we saw this year that he sure can’t coach. MS did a better job with less talent. As for whether or not Bama will have the #1 recruiting class — it will take more than Julio Jones (who may be headed to Oklahoma) to jump Georgia and Notre Dame who have several players already of Jone’s caliber.

  222. You guys need to look at both Bowden and Saban. As an Auburn fan either one is a man of his word when it comes to staying. Bowden left Auburn in the middle of a season. And Saban seems to have a problem with honoring contracts. But if these are the kind of men you want – you can have them. We’ll take Tommy Tubberville anyday!

  223. Ok, just a couple things here:

    1) How many coaches does Saban’s agent represent? I know he represents half the SEC alone. Yea, Saban’s agent probably did contact WVU……for another one of his clients.

    2) Saban is recruiting his butt off right now. Bama just got the guy today to jump Georgia by stealing a WR recruit from Georgia Tech. Why would he leave a team he has practically built from the ground up. Rumor has it that a number of players will not be returning next season b/c Saban is sick of them and is revoking their scholarships by kicking them off the team, making room for his huge recruiting class.

    3) That plane is going everywhere for recruiting. Not to mention Nick did make a coaching stop in Ohio at Kent State, and probably has friends there. You people make me sad. Seriously, who watches planes and taps phonelines for a living?

  224. […] I think the later sums up the feelings of West Virginia fans. Did I mention that Nick Saban’s agent contacted West Virginia? […]

  225. I don’t believe that Nick Saban is under contract at Alabama, hence no buyout cluase or anything contractual to hold him there.

  226. Are any of you hearing of the possibility of Steven Medlin being a candidate for the WVU position. He is the Spread Offense Guru from Missouri who’s name has been kicked around as a potential candidate for coordinator positions.

  227. Here you go people. Radio interview with WV Governor Joe Manchin about Saban to WV.

    Now everyone keep arguing.

  228. “You people make me sad. Seriously, who watches planes and taps phonelines for a living?”

    The same people that were doing it when the rumors were flying about Tommy Tuberville leaving Auburn for Arkansas.

  229. […] Already To Jump Ship at Bama??? Nick Saban’s Agent Contacts WVU West BY GOD Virginia This is interesting reading. Dont know if it is 100% true but if it is I am not suprised. […]

  230. ???

    Did I get deleted? I posted yesterday that Jimmy Sexton is also Terry Bowden’s agent and that Terry Bowden has expressed interest in the job. I even posted links for the information.

    Are you telling me that the writers of this blog can “update” to say that some website “can’t deny” the rumors, but doesn’t see fit to clarify that Jimmy Sexton also represents people like Jimbo Fisher and Terry Bowden?

    That’s pretty pathetic.

  231. LOL, Doesn’t surprise me Dawgfan…They spin it anyway they can. I guess they want people to believe that Sexton represents Saban and Saban only.

    By the way people, there was a story about Bowden and WV on ESPN just the other day, guess everyone missed it.

    For all those people up top talking about Bama fans being delusional and obsessed with Auburn fans and this that and the other…Do me favor, try scanning the Auburn message boards over on rivals, then scan the Bama message boards and get back with me. Half of their topics involve Bama, bama fans, bama players, bama coaches or anything else crimson. You will never see that on the bama board. Facts are facts, peace out…………..

  232. […] Nick Saban’s Agent Contacts WVU ? West BY GOD Virginia Quote: […]

  233. […] famously the agent to both Fisher and Nick Saban (as redundantly reminded to me 4,000 times in these comments), has told numerous people that the buyout is quote “manageable” (considering the […]

  234. […] Posted by MaizeandBlue Nick Saban?s Agent Contacts WVU ? West BY GOD Virginia Posted three days ago, btw. That aside, isn’t Saban’s agent Jimmy Sexton, who represents […]

  235. Please don’t group all SEC fans in with the folks posting obscene comments on here. Most of us have class. 😛

    I can’t say I see this as being in any way likely. Jimmy Sexton represents about half the coaches in the SEC, including Phillip Fulmer, Houston Nutt and Steve Spurrier.

    Just his presence there doesn’t mean that Saban, or any other SEC coach is even interested in the WVU job. Sexton is well known for gaming job openings for better contracts – just look at what he did for Tommy Tuberville earlier this season. He could be looking to see who he could shop for a better deal for.

    Having said that, if there was an SEC coach that would be easy to get, Saban is probably it. He has no buyout on his contact (IMHO, a really dumb move on the part of the UAT administration) and could be lured with the right compensation package.

    WVU has accomplished great things with Rodriguez at the helm and I believe that, with the right leadership, that they can continue to do well. I also look forward to playing y’all next year in Morgantown. I may go if for no other reason than to check out the PRT system!

  236. re: codelemur and others.

    The University of Alabama is NOT UAT. It is simply UA.

  237. UAT UAT UAT UAT UAT UAT…..Was that 6 times?

  238. There is no UAT in Alabama. I know because I live here. There is UAB and UAH but they are governed by a board of trustees and chancellor in Tuscaloosa. Also, Auburn University is not UAA but there is AUM in Montgomery.
    Ignorance can be corrected but a lack of intelligence is forever.

  239. […] Nick Saban’s Agent Contacts WVU [image] Sources close to University President Mike Garrison have informed WBGV that Nick Saban’s agent has […] […]

  240. As a Bama fan, I hope Saban leaves and soon. Would serve Mal and company right. If he does leave, maybe Bama will get it right this time and fire mal moore.

  241. “Jimbo Reid” (isn’t that just a typical UAT name) and Loyd Ryley:

    Because UAB and UAH are better schools than UAT. 😛

  242. tider4ever, good to see you don’t believe all the hype from Saban Iam a legendinhisownmind. You might be the only bama fan who does not. having had a son play in years past for saban I can tell you firsthand that there isn’t a truthful bone in Saban’s entire body. You wonder why he didn’t get further than repeating Shula’s record this season?

    In a word – liar. Teams and players don’t win for liars, they win for those who can inspire and lead. Threats and intimidation is a dime a dozen, those are the only tricks in Saban’s bag – reminiscint of the 80’s style of leadership.

    This upcoming I-bowl game just might be one more painful reminder of a team unable to believe in their own leadership.

  243. […] throw around the Nick Saban name, it brings a whole lot of attention.  We know this, as we have some experience in this area.  But Mike Casazza is making the leap.  We wish him well… GLENDALE, Ariz. – The pause in […]

  244. WOW – I am 69 years old and have been a WVU fan since I was born in Harrison Co WV, and tonight I could not have been prouder!!!!!!!! Our guys showed the entire nation plus Ex-Coach, whatever his name is,
    that we have what it takes!! Lets just keep Stewart
    like Pat White said!!!!!!!!!!!!! I currently live in Florida,
    however my license plate reads I Love WVU!!!

    Fred Hess

  245. I’m sorry to bring up a dead thread, but I enjoyed reading the various comments from those outside of the WVU football nation.

    I lived in Huntsville Alabama a couple of years ago and I can honestly say the following things:

    1) I met hundreds of Auburn fans
    2) I met hundreds of Bama fans

    With no uncertainty, about 90% of the Auburn fans that I met had a degree from Auburn University.

    On the other hand, the majority, if not all of the fans from Alabama had no college degree whatsoever. In fact, many of them did not even have a GED.

    I vacationed in Alabama back in October of 2007 and watched Bama vs. Ole Miss. I have never seen or heard more pessimistic people watch their own team win a game than that day. I vow to never watch an Alabama game with an Alabama fan for the rest of my life. Bama won the fucking game for God’s sake. Quit being so lame and go to night school. Get a chance to actually say “I attended (insert community college here)” and move on from there.

    Now don’t get me wrong about being all warm and fuzzy about Auburn just yet. I respect the fact that their backers were actually alumni, but that is where it ended for me. I attended the Chik Fila Bowl when Auburn beat Clemson in overtime. That was one of the most boring games I have ever seen in my life. I simply cannot wait for WVU to play Auburn next season. For one, it may (or may not) quell these rumors that anything SEC is better than WVU, and it cannot do anything but improve our strength of schedule.

    Maybe someday I will meet an Alabama Alumnus that can read and spell. In the meantime, Auburn is as close as we are going to get. Call me overconfident if you will, but when Auburn fans get a taste of WVU, their “War Eagle” Weagle Weagle, Kick em in the butt secret circle of fans from a place way worse than Morgantown airs on national TV, I want to see the respect that we deserve (wow, long sentence).

    We don’t, never did, and never will want Nick Saban and I don’t care where he was born. Lou Holtz was born in WV and you don’t hear his name popping up either. I should have never gone to that Auburn game, because it masked what I thought was a powerhouse as a paper thin team and fan base that barely hung on to the fucking Peach Bowl. As for Alabama fans, keep on re-living the past. That is all you have anyway, Nick Saban or not.

  246. If Nick looses again to Auburn again in 2008, you can hire him cheap in early 2009!!

  247. You made several observations that I find interesting. My wife is from WV (Terra Alta) so I’ve been to Morgantown several times. To tell the truth, I wasn’t impressed with the town but was impressed with the school, the hospital (her dad had bypass surgery), etc. I was very impressed with Deep Creek Lake and the several restaurants in the area.

    We split our time among Auburn, AL, Destin, FL, and Incline Village, NV. If you’ve figured by now that we can afford to live anywhere we want, go to the head of the class. If you’ve also figured it isn’t Morgantown, WV, you are in genius territory. I suppose that’s why they manufacture Fords and Chevys, different strokes, etc.

    Don’t be too hasty to condemn AU’s lackluster performance against Clemson. We had 2 or 3 true freshmen on the offensive line, a new coordinator for 8 days running a new offense, plus, Tuberville is notorius for sitting on any kind of lead, regardless of time left on the clock. Besides, Clemson wasn’t a shabby team and every Bowden hates AU, thus Clemson was highly motivated.

    My bride and I will be in Morgantown on 23 OCT for the game so I suppose we’ll see what we see. I wish we had Pat White from Daphne, AL, though. He’s a winner. As usual, when AU shows up in a foreign stadium, we’ll see the opposing team’s A-Game, which is what I’m expecting from WVU. I’m looking forward to it. The bride is looking forward to the culinary class at the Greenbriar, which speaks volumes. As I said, different strokes.

  248. You guys are kidding yourselves! This is THE most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard. Seriously? Leave Bama, and go to West Virginia? Seriously?

  249. […] he says he loves ‘Bama but his agent did contact WVU when we had an opening.  Will he even be the coach once the championship rolls around?  Hell, […]

  250. […] reading the Gospel on many an EER Football blog or two I ran across this post: Nick Saban’s Agent Contacts WVU. You all realize Saban is from Monongah in Marion County, West “God’s Country” […]

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