Rodriguez: Liar, Douchebag, Good Coach, etc.


As we learn more and more about how the Rodriguez saga unfolded, we learn more and more of how slimy Rich Rodriguez is. The answer: very slimy.

First, it looks as if he talked to Terrelle Pryor, the #1 recruit in the country, before telling anyone else of his decision. Here’s how that went down:

That was how things began on Sunday morning with Terrelle Pryor informing us of perhaps the biggest coaching story of the year. As the day progressed we began to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

One of Pryor’s coaches called and informed us ten minutes later that Rich Rodriguez had informed his players taht he had indeed accepted the Michigan job.

So, Rodriguez tells Pryor Sunday morning that he’s leaving and later that afternoon, Rodriguez decides he should probably tell, you know, his fucking players and coaches.  Classy.  Of course, the reason for this was to take Pryor’s interest and transfer it from WVU to Michigan. That looks to have worked…to an extent.

But upon learning of Rodriguez’s move, Pryor said, “Michigan is back on my list.”

When asked where West Virginia now stands, he said, “West Virginia is off.”

Fair enough. I would’ve been shocked if Pryor had made any other move. But the next statement is telling:

Pryor said he was “surprised” by Rodriguez’s decision. Rodriguez called Pryor yesterday and told him he was leaving.

“I just didn’t think he’d leave Pat White and Steve Slaton,” Pryor said.

Pryor said he most likely will make an official visit to Michigan. Although he is now considering the Wolverines, he also said he looks at Rodriguez a little differently.

“One of the bad things is that he’s leaving a place once, so he could leave again,” Pryor said.

Exactly. West Virginia’s new coach should call each and every player on Michigan’s recruiting list and remind them of exactly that. His credibility is pretty shot right now. Sure, if he wins, this will be all wiped away, but for now, he’s vulnerable.

Shayne Hale, one of the top linebackers in the country, had even harsher words for Rodriguez:

Gateway linebacker Shayne Hale also was considering West Virginia, but said the Mountaineers are no longer on his list. He visited West Virginia the weekend of the loss to Pitt.

“I was still considering West Virginia, so this is a big shocker,” Hale said. “Personally, I didn’t expect him to be leaving. He was telling everyone that he was going to be there for a while and that he wasn’t going anywhere. This makes him look like he lied.”

Yes, a liar indeed.

Let’s face it: we’re not going to get guys like Pryor and Hale. If the loss to Pitt didn’t finish our chances, losing Rodriguez certainly did. But, we still have the high road. There are still plenty of recruits who have yet to make up their mind. Even the recruits who have made up their mind will probably change it three times before now and signing day.

It is uber-important to make a quick, big-time hire and get the recruiting process back on track. Plus, if we could steal just one Michigan recruit, it would make my day. Or if Rodriguez gets hit by a bus. Either way.

[Bob Lichtenfels @]
[Pittsburgh Post-Gazette — HT: zub, again]


14 Responses

  1. It’s not going to happen, but Bill Cowher would really make a splash.

  2. Third time I’ve heard his name come up in this truly disgusting turn of events. That would be incredible. As unlikely as it might be, It’s clearly in the ether now. Long shot, but it wouldn’t hurt to approach him.

  3. That picture is awesome.

  4. Petrino, Jr.

  5. Please, please, please, for the love of all that is holy, I am on my knees begging to the football gods that it is not Terry Bowden.

  6. This has got to go down in history as the most infamous exit by a Mountaineer coach, by a country mile down a country road. I took two showers and I still feel dirty.

  7. I guess the snowstorm didn’t happen 😦

  8. His last game will be his legacy…the most humiliating defeat in WVU football history. Get lost dickhead!

  9. I love the comments made by West Virginia’s Governor: some thing’s wrong with college football when you can’t trust a coach’s word. What is it with college football coaches these days?

  10. […] WBGV hilarity: Rodriguez: Liar, Douchebag, Good Coach, etc. ? West BY GOD Virginia Interesting take on the progression of events too… […]

  11. Well did liar liar through the Pitt game? Seing as how he was on the outs with the athletic dept. Was this a way of showing his ass. Look at me I’m coach Rod, I can do what I want. Toss the game and steal the recruits. Try to look like the good guy and WV like the bad guy? What a joke!

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  13. Still think Rod miguided the hard working men to a loss in the Pitt game. An ESPN Radio announcer said, “LSU has to thank Rich Rodriguez for their championship. His loss of Pitt kept their coach there so that Rod can go to Michigan.”
    Let’s think this clearly Pitt was no Oklahoma and I hope this catches up with Rod. Would like to see fines and penalties from broken NCAA legalities and xiolations regarding Michigan’s stealing Rod and the recruits.
    Congratulations Coach Stewart for leading the WVU Mountaineers back to their Championship Ways!


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