Which One Will Rich Impregnate?


UPDATE:  The picture is back!

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  1. As someone new to the backstory of Rich Rodriguez, what exactly is this in reference to?

  2. […] For some reason that passes my understanding those ‘Eer fans are convinced Dick-Rod is a real poon h…. "Which One Will Rich Impregnate" __________________ All Things Being Equal I’d Rather Not Go There […]

  3. It became a well known rumor that Rich got one of the WVU cheerleaders pregnant. I can’t provide any proof but the entire state of WV is pretty sure he father a child with a WVU cheerleader.

  4. Pretty sure? Not quite. Every affair rumor I’ve heard about RR has been laughable. The cheerleader rumor was that he’d impregnated a black cheerleader. (Whether or not she had an abortion varied depending on the rumor.) The only problem was at the time, WVU didn’t HAVE black cheerleader.

    But that’s still a pretty funny picture. If he’s having an affair, it’s probably with Mrs. Beilein. That could explain the sudden flight to Ann Arbor. 😉

  5. this is a classless blog….you should be ashamed

  6. I would have an affair if my wife looked like Rita…..He needs the money to get some surgery done for her….

  7. This guy is a true piece of sh$t. What a douche bag

    Check this WVU website out


  8. We will have to remember to run his illegitimate child out of WV, when we run the entire Fraudriguez family out of WV.

    Get the F@ck out of my state DickRod….you ball-less wonder.

  9. Hey y’all! News takes a while to filter down here in SC. Heard the affair was with one of the WVU MALE cheerleaders!! I guess impregnation would be a non-issue if this is so!

  10. Ask ANYONE that was at Glenville state when Rod was coach there–the cheerleader thing is NOT new to Rod–and this was OPENLY KNOWN by the GSC community. To that you can add the LOWEST graduation rates out of his GSC program.


  11. I am pretty sure he is a hound dog all men are but given the nature of how he acts and the suite at the Radison, what do you think he did down there?Meditate! I don’t think so! Him and his Beotch Tony Gibson took their hoes down there or maybe each other Especially the way Tony runs after him. Yes RR I will follow you were ever you go!! Can I lick your shoes clean for you RR? That Tony Beotch makes me sick

  12. I’ve got a pretty good idea why “Big Rod” made the move he made, and why none of these young ladies will be impregnated…..see below

  13. He did in fact get a cheerleader preggo and she is due in 3 weeks. She came up here from Glennville State. And the reason why he left WV is because his wifey made him choose “WV or ME”!

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