Good Lord, Yesterday Was Crazy

Here is the carnage from yesterday:

1) 68,530 hits
2) 94,012 page views
3) The 4th most popular blog hosted by WordPress.
4) The single most viewed post on all of WordPress.

Damn. All from a little story about WVU and Nick Saban.


8 Responses

  1. Need to get some advertising up, make a little christmas jingle. I wouldn’t fault you at all. Call United, they need someone with integrity.

  2. You know, that is the one bright spot in all this mess. We wont’ have to see those annoying United Bank commercials where Rich attempts to act.

  3. Go wbgv, its your birthday.

  4. You guys do know you just got a link on Sports Illustrated’s website, too, don’t you?

  5. Damn impressive.

  6. […] source of Monday’s net-melting rumor of Nick Saban’s interest in the West Virginia job; on Monday, that particular item received 68, 530 hits and was the most viewed post of any WordPress […]

  7. yes i like

  8. […] apparent origins? A post by fellow WordPress bloggers West By God Virginia which Monday, the 17th, received 68, 530 hits… it was the most viewed post on any WordPress blog that day), Finebaum seemed putout by […]

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