Let’s Play The Coaching Feud


OK, shit has officially hit the fan. The WVU program, today, has become the center of unrest in the college football world. That’s saying something considering Arkansas still exists as a state and university. This has been an absolute mess. Unfortunately, until either 1) a new coach is hired; 2) the athletic department is fired; or 3) I drop a ton of acid, this isn’t going to get any better. While we focused on the athletic department earlier today, let’s take a look at the coaching carousel.

And since everything is so peaceful on the home-front, I figured doing this Family Feud style would be appropriate…

Doc Holliday (38/100)

One of the absolute best recruiters on the planet. Seriously, just look at the list of players he has recruited/coached. Considering the school and positions he’s coached, that’s a strong list. He has fantastic connections in high schools throughout Florida (and beyond). Holliday has experience with the spread, coaching under Urban Meyer since he came to Florida. He is also probably the only candidate on this list that could fend off advances from other coaches trying to poach our recruits. The odds on favorite.

Terry Bowden (24/100)

Easily the fan favorite. Certainly has more name recognition than Holliday. Unfortunately, has been out of coaching for the better part of a decade. That will translate to a tough transition both on and off the field. Tough to recruit when you haven’t been in a high school since 1998. Bowden’s last name also has much less cache as it might have in 1998. Still, Bowden has a groundswell of support which might be enough to sway the University.

Bud Foster (14/100)

Directed one of the most consistently dominant defenses in the country since he became defensive coordinator at Virginia Tech. Foster would restore the defensive presence in Morgantown. While he’s never been a head coach, his defenses have seen very little fall-off from year to year. Foster, though probably an underdog to Bowden, is likely the 2nd best candidate for the job.

Rick Trickett (10/100)

One of the marquee assholes in all the land. While he is a fantastic offensive line coach, his credentials for head-coaching job are scarce. By interviewing for the top job, he may be in line for a bigger role on a new WVU staff. Would be a great compliment to a potential Doc Holliday staff.

Jimbo Fisher (8/100)

If Rich had made this decision two weeks ago, Fisher would be towards the top of the list. Unfortunately, he is locked into the head coaching position at Florida State. The only real draws are a return to his home state and the chance to coach now, rather than later.

Jim Grobe (5/100)

Easily the best coach on this list. If he were to have any interest in WVU, he would instantly jump to the top of the list. A native of Huntington, his current ties to the state don’t seem to be too strong. A darkhouse, buy a boy can dream.

Rich Rodriguez (1/100)

Keep dreaming.


16 Responses

  1. If we fired Pastilong….we wouldn’t have to play this game.

  2. Doc doesn’t have coordinator experience, let alone head coaching experience. Probably would have only to sPitt by 3 instead of 4, but get a name in here that is doing to turn some heads…

  3. WTF! How bout spelling Doc H’s recruits correctly from WV. Now wonder it takes 7 yrs to graduate from Fla. It’s Rembert and Saunders you jackoffs!

  4. Please not Doc Holliday. Wannstache can recruit but he can only win once in a blue moon. Please bring in someone that won’t waste our shot at a national title next year.

    I don’t want someone that has bad mouthed our program to get recruits. I also don’t want someone that has flipped off the WVU faithful after a VT victory at Lane.

    Just bring in Bowden and let him go undefeated in his first year just like he did at Auburn.

  5. If doc is such a hot prospect, why is it he can’t even get a coordinator’s job after 20+ years in coaching? No one doubts his recruiting credientials, but he is not a X & Os type of guy

  6. Torn.

    Lets get them all, they can rotate which donors they have to suck up/on/off.

    Terry would be big, big news, only if he can bring Doc and Trickett with him.

    Pay Bud a pile and bring him too.


    Also, I want my 150 from RR for my gold jacket.

    I guess I know what the “Gold Rush” was really about.

  7. Fuck RR!!!!! I got an idea….take you fucking ball and go home, you pansy…..Oh, i’m sorry…..this is your home…..NEVER COME BACK!!!!! We will be fine. It is hard to accept, but we will be better off in the long run.

  8. Longshot is right, but I really want Grobe in here. Come home to WV!

  9. Why Grobe? He’s had 2 winning seasons I believe.

  10. Let’s all move on to bigger and better things. Let’s ROCK WITH DOC!!!!!!!

  11. If we get Doc, which it looks that way, I would love to see us up the ante for Calvin McGee to stay on as the offensive coordinator and maybe Steve Dunlap as the defensive coordinator. Remember, Dunlap was the on our staff with Nehlen when we had those bad ass defenses in the 90’s, which the Pittsburgh Steelers use now. Also, McGee is the only one that hasn’t turned in his resignation out of the ones RR was taking with him. So we’ll see.

  12. Let’s hire Gov. Manchin

  13. Lets make fun of marshall. It helps me get through tough times.

  14. NeerInIdaho

    One of the few who graduated from Marshall, WVU and NC State. Marshall football really bites right now, I dont know who the MU president is but he needs to do something, I think Lengyel would do better.

    Mountaineer football will survive and do well, ESPN said today that WVU football is a premier job, which is comforting words, but something will have to be done with the Athletic department at WVU, wno one can afford to lose the kind of donors and money that Neer football may lose.

    A lot of these problems in athletics center around university presidents who think the coaches are just faculty members teaching calculus. The paradigm needs to change at MU and WVU, we need
    university presidents who understand the magnitude of college sports and when the faculty whine about how much money the coaches get just ask them when was the last time they brought real money into the university.

    Change the presidents, change the Athletic departments and know who the customer is, your Alums and donors, a very simple business, Oops, most faculty have never ran a business.

  15. […] Let’s Play The Coaching Feud [image] OK, shit has officially hit the fan. The WVU program, today, has become the center of unrest in the college […] […]

  16. Okay, How about somebody answering this question. If Bowden is so good, and has been trying to get back into coaching for the last 2 years, why hasn’t he been hired somewhere, or even so much as landed a coordinators position? If he is worth having wouldn’t some team somewhere hired him? Even his daddy did not hire him for anything serious. He would not even be on the short list if daddy had not made a call to his buddy the governor. Let us not hire only a name.

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