There Goes The Neighborhood!


The Rodriguez-WVU saga just got very, very ugly, and it goes much deeper than simply losing a coach.

In an article this morning in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, retired Fidelity COO (and WVU alum/donor) Bob Reynolds publicly shanks Ed Pastilong over the handling of the Rodriguez “situation.” Apparently, what once looked like a power play on Rodriguez’s part may have been the exact opposite.

“I tell you what, I’ve never seen anything mishandled as much as this was,” Bob Reynolds, former chief operating officer of Fidelity Investments, said yesterday. “Here’s a university that made a $200,000 decision — it probably could’ve cost less than that [to keep Mr. Rodriguez] — and it’s going to cost them millions” in booster support, potential bowl money and revenue from football success.

In fact, it looks like it’s going to cost West Virginia much, MUCH more. If these donors stick to their guns, the athletic department coffers could be out more than $12 million in donations. And that’s just from Mr. Reynolds:

Mr. Reynolds declined to discuss it, but one source said he informed university officials yesterday that he planned to withdraw $12 million in donations he pledged to the school.

“I’ve had calls from at least six major contributors to the program, and they’re all done [donating] because they know the Mickey Mouse things that have gone on there,” Mr. Reynolds continued. “I’ve been in business 36 years, and it’s the worst business decision I’ve ever seen. I’ve been the COO of a 45,000-person company. When somebody’s producing, you ask, ‘What can I do for you to make your life better?’ Not ‘What can I do to make your life more miserable?’ They have no idea how big this is. It’s frightening.”

Add on top of that possibly lost donations from Ken Kendrick of the Arizona Diamondbacks:

Earl G. “Ken” Kendrick Jr., a part owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks and benefactor to the WVU College of Business and Economics and other colleges in his home state, said: “I’m severely disappointed in leadership. I’m discouraged by the decision-making and lack of judgment. And the lack of respect for key employees — because this isn’t just about Rich, he’s just the most high-profile one. It’s a sad story. It’s compelling to me as somebody who’s given emotional and financial support to the university. And it makes it questionable to me as I go forward.”

Well shit. Fuck. Damn. Hell. Balls. Celine Dion. This sucks.

While this certainly does not forgive Rodriguez for leaving his alma mater, it certainly gives a view into his decision to leave. To be honest, if I was one of the top coaches in America and I thought I was being shit on by my athletic department, I might feel justified in leaving, too.

Basically, it comes down to this: Ed Pastilong needs to be fired. Mike Parsons needs to be fired. Any other athletic department administrator that was involved in this fiasco needs to be fired. To allow something like this to unravel so quickly says a lot about the discord in big-time WVU sports. The writing is on the wall. This is a decision that has to be made. Fire Pastilong and recover the trust of these donors. They are worth far more to the future of Mountaineer athletics than Ed Pastilong.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if that is likely to happen. If President David Hardesty were still in charge — a tenured man with very little goals past being President — I think it might happen tomorrow. With a new president, however, that trigger finger might get stuck.

Here’s hoping that it doesn’t.

[Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]


40 Responses

  1. 1) Bring back Whit Babcock as AD.

    2) ONE WORD to the media about ANY of this, and Rod would have had EVERYTHING he wanted or needed. Including the firing of Pastilong.

    3) Very disturbing, but the AD can’t be held hostage every off season for every whim Rod has. In the end, the coach has to answer to someone. ROD CHOSE TO LEAVE rather than solve the problems. Ed called his bluff and Rod left. It doesn’t change my opion on his leaving.

    4) However, a shake up is in order. And a new coach will be in a world of trouble if those donors don’t come back.

    Don’t be surprised if Trickett is on the staff of any number of potential head coaches.

  2. 1) Absolutely agree.

    2) Agree.

    3) Agree.

    4) Agree.

    Damn, I feel like Al Gore in the 2000 presidential debates.

  3. Look, he went to Toledo before Pastilong even knew he was looking for another job. Maybe Ed’s oblivious, but to think his head football coach should be preparing for the Fiesta Bowl instead of looking for a job (he did decide not to fire his ass after he called the worst fucking game of his life.) I had no problem with him looking at that offer last year, but after the agreement his ass should have stayed put and for Christ sake, he should have been preparing for the fucking Fiesta Bowl. Reynolds is rightfully pissed like the rest of us. Also like the rest of us, I’ve been scouring the web almost nonstop for the past few days and I’ve noticed one thing: ALL the stories that spin administrative screw ups on the University’s part come out of Post Gazette. Obviously the Mountain state papers are going to spin things differently, but the writing’s on the wall. This isn’t the administration’s fault. Rich signed a contract to stay last year and his constant requests for new things can easily be brushed aside as Rich being Rich, and I genuinely believe we were doing the best we could. He said he was staying and shouldn’t have even been looking. So honestly, when he finally grew a sack to even speak to Pasitlong, do you think Ed would have been out of line saying “What the fuck were you doing in Toledo after all we agreed to last year?” Rich might have been the hometown hero, but Ed’s his fucking boss. Rich needed to be a different kind of pro than he is, a professional instead of a filthy prostitute. Even if that weasel needed another weightroom, skybox, or whatever else – He should have brought it up after he won the Fiesta Bowl, not after he had his ass handed to him by The Stache.

    Truth is, he’s scared. Pure and simple. He lost to Pitt, he was scared to death of losing to Oklahoma, so he saw a window and ran. Had he a soul or a heart, deep inside he’d know that. Instead it’s just bouncing around in the void between his ribs where they used to be. Good riddance.

    Mark my words – He stays healthy, and he isn’t too psyched out by all this bullshit – Pat White’s going to have the fucking game of his life on January 2nd. Sorry this post was so long…I’m obviously still pissed. One of the only silver linings about this debacle is that this fantastic blog is finally getting the traffic deserves. Keep up the good work.

  4. Pitt Athletic Department lost over 6 mill last year.

    Marshall has to be supported every year.

    WVU Athletic Department ended in the black, AGAIN.

    Sure, we count on donations to bump RR salary to 1.8. We count on donors to make the big improvements to our football and now basketball facilities.

    But, by all indications, RR called the Governor and was told, you have received SO MUCH last year, you will get more over time, but the well is a little dry right now. Hang tight, you will get yours.

    THEN, your AGENT gets involved. How nice

  5. Was the well dry? That’s what I originally thought, too. Apparently, it wasn’t.

  6. Well said tube….I can see a donor with that much scratch being angry and lashing out, and hell even what he did in calling Pastilong out in the PPG, but to basically say it is more about CRR than the university itself and to threaten to pull the money because of this I have a problem with. But hey, its not my money and my opinion means shit, and I hope this is just a ploy to get Garrison to can Pastilong, but I would hope these donors would care more about the university than our former coach and continue to donate.

  7. Second story from Pittsburgh that slams the remaining parts of WVU’s football program in the wake of Rodriguez leaving.

    There wouldn’t be any institution in Pittsburgh that would benefit from football recruits feeling like the entire program has gone to hell in a handbasket would there?

  8. The coach chose to leave, he snuck around and interviewed with noone knowing. Im sure what the ad did was less then perfect, but the way that Rich handled all of this was totally rediculous. He is in the wrong. He was making 1.9 million a year and left his alma mater for a measly 600 grand over 3 years or whatever.

    What this shows us, is that we need changes for the next coach, not what happened with the last. The answer to the latter question is the man was a gutless whiney benedict arnold who has never given two shits about anything but himself.

  9. Gentlemen,

    Nice site you have. As an admittedly bitter alum, it galls me that the school wants to consider itself among the top tier in colleges, yet does not understand the rules that the “big boys” play by. What more damning evidence is needed than the response by some of the schools benefactors. Was RR’s departure dignified? Hardly. But the response by the AD to seemingly reasonable requests is beyond belief for a school that wants to run in the upper echelon. The bigger picture is now clouded by the response by the benefactors. What good coach, in his right mind, would come to WVU knowing the fractured relationship between benefactors and athletic department?

  10. CRR asked for the following:

    • Allow at least an additional $100,000 in bonus money for his assistants.

    • Allow scholarship players to retain possession of textbooks at the end of each term, which meant they could have sold them, as apparently happens at other programs.

    • Waive a $5 ticket fee for each high-school football coach attending Mountaineer home games, a fee that generates an estimated $5,000 for the university each season.

    • Hire seven graduate assistants and a new recruiting coordinator, to ease the duties performed by secondary coach Tony Gibson.

    And we couldn’t do that? What the fuck? I change my opinion and wish that Pastilong be burned at the stake ( so to speak ).

  11. yes, but why didnt he just ask for it? why did he have to go to michigan to force our hand?

  12. CRR isn’t clear of the blame either. Its unfortunate he tried to use leverage against Pastilong and unfortunate Pastilong didn’t let the donors know what the CRR was asking for. Tis’ a great day to be a mountaineer football fan. By the way, forget about who’s going to coach the team in the bowl. Who the hell is going to call the offensive plays? Maybe let Marquell Harrison do it?

  13. Another thing I want to add, these “issues” are things that could have been taken care of in the long run, and at some point, however I think RR wanted an out and use this to cast blame on the AD for the entire thing. Both are at fault, it seems that the AD was too stubborn and that RR got a convenient excuse to bolt for what he perveives as being greener pastures. Hell, RR could have brought this out to the media himself, yet chose to run as quickly as possible. But I am in agreement that the AD’s house needs to be cleaned out.

  14. I think I just got whiplash from watching a bunch of folks jump from one conclusion to an opposite conclusion within just 24 hours. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, with egg on everybody’s faces.

    Maybe fi this happens in a another season, it gets handled differently, and RR stays. But it’s not every season, or even every generation, that the Michigan job opens up.

  15. I just wonder when RR met with Pastilong? Before or after rolling over to Toledo to speak with Michigan? Pastilong will now have to be fired for Wvu to save face with the supporters/donors. If not, more and more will take their $$$ away.

  16. Sorry. RR is in the wrong. Doesn’t make the athletic department’s record spotless. But he did this leverage thing last year and I was fine with that.

    He went to Michigan BEFORE he spoke to Pastilong. That’s a man that wants out. Pure and simple.

    Last year, he agreed to stay. Said he was going to stay a few weeks ago. Was making nearly 2 million dollars a year. Asking for more AFTER he went to negotiate a Michigan, AFTER he had has ass handed to him by the STACHE, and BEFORE the biggest game of his career, this team and possibly this school is just not fucking acceptable.

    I can’t say this enough – He negotiated last year. He was making 2 million dollars. If he was committed, what in the WORLD would make him think he even deserved a fucking RAISE after losing to USF & PItt? (Which before I found out that this bastard was a fucking Judas, I TOTALLY forgave – that’s what hurts. I fucking loved Rod. At least who I thought he was. And I want to make it clear, that I genuinely believe the Post Gazette story is pure agent spin. )

    He should have been preparing for the Fiesta Bowl instead of looking for another job. EVERYTHING in his prior agreement suggests that. The university is right to tell him to go to hell because he clearly didn’t want to be here. What’s this bullshit about – “Wow, we could have kept him for 600,000” grand – NO. NO. NO!!! That fucking traitor LEFT for that much. He could have brought this shit up AFTER the fucking GAME. AFTER. AFTER. GODDAMNIT.

    And don’t give me the he did a lot for the program bullshit. THAT”S HIS FUCKING JOB. I genuinely appreciate his accomplishments and how far he brought us. But to make demands – he didn’t actually BRING us to the Promised Land yet. I don’t know if I’ve ever done such a 180 on someone in my llife. It makes me sick. He signed a fucking contract LESS than 12 months ago, he didn’t even finish the fucking season. It’s chickenshit. Pure and simple.

    When the smoke clears you’re going to find out that Rich left over what amounts to about thirty pieces of silver.

    Sorry again for the long post.

  17. Signs of dissension in the athletic department have been on the wall. In the last 8 months: women’s track & field/ cross-country head coach Jeff Huntoon left WVU after 16 years to be an assistant coach at Indiana, specializing in sprints and hurdles. Mountaineer swimming coach Sergio Lopez (last year’s Big East coach of the year) left to take a coaching job at a specialized swimming high school in Florida. John Beilein left for Michigan without receiving any more compensation than he would have received at WVU, (when accounting for the $ 1.5 million he must pay the university). Rich Rodriguez left for Michigan despite a top 10 program at his alma mater and a $4 million buyout he contracted for a year ago. Men’s soccer head coach Marlon LeBlanc told law students this year that he was underpaid, and insinuated that he felt underappreciated by the athletic department. Women’s soccer head coach Nikki Izzo-Brown interviewed last week in Ann Arbor for the open Michigan job. (Although, she has itnerviewed for other jobs in the past to pressure the athletic department for upgrades in facilities and salaries. Last year, Pastilong told her, “That’s all you’re getting for now.”)

    As a self-sufficient athletic department WVU refuses to operate in the red. They don’t have a huge budget like Michigan, and that scarcity forces trade-offs. I don’t know if they are making the right decision in how to use the limited resources, but it seems they are either A) incompetent or B) withholding equally from all the programs.

    Pastilong and Parsons aren’t going to be fired. At least Garrison refused to fire them for Rich Rod.

  18. Isnt it possible that Pastilong looked at it this way….

    we had by far the best team in our conference two years in a row and couldnt even win it outright? As good is the big east is, it is still the big east, and we still couldnt beat the South Florida’s and Pitt’s of the world. Maybe rich came back and Pastilong said, hey, im sure i can get someone who can do better then that?

    just throwing it out there.

  19. If you think of RR as Judas, you know he won’t be at Michigan long. Let’s see, who can feed his ego next?

  20. Guys, don’t for a second try to forgive Ram Rod in this situation. He was looking to leave last year and even after WVU put literally everything it had into getting him to stay, he still left this year. I would encourage all to read a great post on, written by a staff member for Blue Gold News. Sorry Charlie for the shameless plus for my blog, but it really is a great post!

  21. I’ve spoken with a close friend of RR’s who, although very upset with his decision, predicted its arrival. While I still believe that CRR copped out and basically shouldn’t show his face in the state again, CRR wasn’t receiving much support from Pastilong. At one point CRR went to Pastilong asking for 2 cell phones for some assistant coaches, and Pastilong said that if CRR wanted them, he could pay for them with his own money, which he did. Furthermore, Beilein ran into the same problems with Pastilong. A video camera used for taping footage for later review by players got broken at the NIT, and Pastilong told Beilein that if he wanted a new camera, he could pay for it himself.

    This issue clearly has more than one side — no one person can be held entirely accountable or at fault. CRR was probably fed up with a lack of respect from the WVU Athletic Department, but perhaps he should have discussed it further with WVU before shipping off to Michigan. Still a nasty situation, with respect lost all around.

  22. I think the donors will ultimately be the demise of Mr. Pastilong. If more and more start to drop their donations, Pastilong will be axed.

  23. heard that practice was canceled today, players to leave, and not told when to return. What the F*ck is going on here. Damage control needs to take place fast!

  24. Even if Pastiong is a doofus, I think buzzard is calling it right…there is an ulterior motive behind the Pittsburgh story. Did the Stach write the story?

  25. Check out this article, praising the Wvu vacancy as a great job to have

  26. Zub – EXCELLENT point. Rich’s problem seems to be he wants it both ways.

    He wants the Big Time reward without the BIg Time pressure — West Virginia’s “so called” limited resources I think are complemented by their almost limitless patience.

    Let’s look at this:

    Say Rod had been coaching at say, Michigan for seven years. His first season
    he goes 3-8. He wins a BCS bowl in his fifth year, wins another the following year, then in his seventh year he’s ranked number one. Even though he lost a game to say, Illinois or Wisconsin, take your pick.

    Then, all he has to do is beat a down Ohio State. In fact, he’s a four touchdown favorite. All he has to do is beat them in the Big House, at night and he’s on his way to the National Championship — something he was expected to do at the beginning of the year. And he loses.

    How do you think Michigan’s AD would react to him asking for more “textbooks” and money and so on after that?

    Fuck him.

    Beat the Sooners

  27. wvutube – great analogy, I loved it!

  28. Guy’s I am as passionate fan as the rest of you and here is my thoughts: FUCK THAT $ GRUBBING BITCH!!! This is his fault!!! Remember people Pastilong hired Rich, Belein and Huggins! This guy will find the next best thing for us!!!! Hopefully someon who will beat a 4 touchdown underdog. PITT for christ sake!!!!!

  29. […] There Goes The Neighborhood! [image] The Rodriguez-WVU saga just got very, very ugly, and it goes much deeper than simply losing a coach. In an […] […]

  30. I don’t care about those petty reasons that that RR left. He can suck my ballsack. He turned his back on his homestate and his university. I will always root against him now (wherever he goes) and will always hate michigan (may they deep throat a donkey). At least we have Huggins for bball now. Thats something to hope for. He has awesome new recruits for next year and is managing to win with sub level talent this year. Geeze, I freakin hate Michigan. If it weren’t so far away I would drive up there just to shit on there campus.

  31. The writing was on the wall guys. As much as you can’t stand the ACC, at least there’s some guys that are upfront with thefact that they’re in it for the dough. Hehehe…speaking of which, did you expect a good story to come out of Pittsburgh about WVU?? Cmon…that’s like saying the Terps had a good season. 🙂

  32. Did you all read the article? Did you see what the man who was in charge of company that employed 45k people said…. the reason Rich had the ability and the balls to keep asking for more from the university is the same reason he was approached for every open coaching position in the country. HE WAS WORTH IT! and Michigan stole him from right under our nose because the athletic dept (most likely Ed) were to worried about who had the bigger voice in the orginization…it was ego vs ego. In my personal opinion, I know that Ed has been the AD at WVU for a long time…but to our sports program ask yourself this…who was more important, the person who brought us the recruits, the person who made our football program what it had become, the person who lead us to win the Sugar and Gator bowl in the last 2 years or some old drunk codger who seems to let everything good (basketball and football coaches slip through our fingers)? Maybe this is why it is so upsetting.
    This is business and it happens all the time. If you are an outstanding employee, let’s say in sales, you have other companies knocking at your door all the time and if your current employer can’t give you or even consider some things you want…then what do you do when a Michigan comes calling. I am pissed and disappointed we have no coach, but to blame this all on Rich is stupid. I am the most disappointed in the fact that we had a diamond in the ruff in our coach and in the way our program was coming around and no one sees that by stroking his ego and being more agreeable we could have been sitting on top of the world. Sometimes as much as you don’t want to give someone the spotlight and make them feel that they are the most important thing you have to do it to get what you want. By this I mean giving our coach a little more of what he wanted would have given us a lot of what we wanted as fans, alumni and supporters. I think that we could have found the $ somewhere in the pockets of supporters of the Mountaineer Athletic Club. I know we are not as big as an IPTAY (Clemson) Athletic Club, but maybe someone needs to step forward and lead the way in developing a program something like IPTAY so that we won’t have to deal with this ever again. By the way, even big schools get upset (Michigan vs App State) it happens. Rich will probably do great at Michigan and we’ll be eating crow sitting in Morgantown with some shit for brains coach calling boring plays like back in the Nehlen era.

  33. This goes over all of the stuff that was in this Post Gazette Article but notice the terribly poor “journalism” by ESPN. Announcer states RR to leave VT. What an idiot!!

  34. If any of you have ever met Ed Pastilong you know he does not have a huge ego. He is a soft spoken and hard nosed negotiator that normally gets what he wants.

    Right now we as fans are simply looking for someone to blame and any story that is negative is going to fan the flames and get us more pissed off. We really need to calm down,

    Doc Holliday please don’t be our huckleberry. I want Bowden

  35. NeerInIdaho, hurricane, wva contacts of Holliday (his hometown) report he is the new WVU football coach and expect announcement tomorrow, may be true may be false

    I agree with all the above, Rod was a good coach but I think he lost his manhood about playing the sooners, all Rod needed to do was to complain about Pastilong and he gets his way, he does not have a Pat White at Michigan, and that is what it takes to run the spread. He did a lot for WVU football, I give him that, but we all need to get behind the team and with their backs to the wall they can have the game of their lives.

    see West Virginia Forums List
    Re: CONFIRMED: DOC HOLLIDAY NEW WVU COACH Post Rating … Posted: Today 6:03 PM. Re: CONFIRMED: DOC HOLLIDAY NEW WVU COACH Post Rating. Please, God, no.

    Personally, I think this is a good fit, I like Florida’s version of the spread with more passing and more emphasis on defense would not hurt, although WVU made good strides on improving defense this year, also he has great recruiting contacts in Florida and he has been in coaching and recruiting with no lull

  36. Can we start a post that simply reads:

    Rich Rodriguez is a no good cocksucker or something to that effect? Reason I say this is that there isn’t anything up yet in regards to him contesting the buyout. I am puzzled as to what a piece of shit this guy is. I loved this guy a week ago. And now, he keeps sinking lower and lower.

    Whoever’s “fault” this whole mess is. He left, he should pay the buyout.

    That said, IF he called Pryor, essentially doing recruiting for another team –
    A) On his WVU office phone
    B) BEFORE he officially handed in his resignation.

    if reports are true, B definitely seems to be the case.
    He’s the motherfucker in breach.

    This cocksucking lowlife clearly has a spin team in his corner, and I think the University must stand firm. I’m almost certain his team is counting on WVU to take the high road and not get into a messy legal battle. Nuke the fucker. You can’t look at the series of events….Just google the Rich Rodriguez timeline from the Bama negotiation to now. Not the hearsay, not the gossip, just what was asked for, what was given, what games were won, what games were lost. West Virginia has the high road. Rodriguez is milling through ground lower than cow shit.

    The time line of the events in this situation don’t speak favorably at all for Cockdriguez at all. The spin disorients the perspective on these things …

    The demands he made, etc. It’s very flimsy in light of the things he did receive.

    He should be made to pay every penny of the buyout. It’s downright disgusting that this sonofabitch left in the way he did and is now trying to get out of this.

    The man doesn’t have a shred of integrity. I hope this fucker fails so badly that his fucking GRANDCHILDREN never win a game of fucking freeze tag let alone a contest on the grid iron.

  37. Wow! A little harsh don’t ya think..KILL THE MAN KILL THE MAN KILL THE MAN…burn him..he did it all…it’s his fault…he’s a pos cs…he was too demanding…there’s a spin committee out there justifying all of this…..BARF! Betcha if JoePa or Bobby Bowden or Greg Schiano, or even fucking Charlie Weis with his losing season, went into their athletic department with the proposed things Rodriguez wanted for the program(none of which by the way was more $ for him) they would have gotten a yes by the end of the day. Thats why we lost our coach folks. Don’t you see that? It’s that simple, that easy. We also lost our men’s basketball coach and at least 2 more in other athletic sports this year. Something is not right!!! It needs to be changed in order to save the future of our program(s). I personally know 3 very high dollar supporters of Mountaineer Athletics whose purse strings are drawn from here on out until changes are made within the athletic department. Think about this for a few minutes…..

    The following is from the Detroit Free Press:

    If you’re a university president or athletic director, you must keep the millionaire donors happy because they’re the ones truly in control of major college athletics.

    They’re erecting a quarter-billion-dollar shrine to commercial extravagance at Michigan Stadium. Keeping those luxury suites filled at a premium leasing price is what matters most now, and if you can’t promise regular appearances in the national championship game, you had better darn well provide a hypnotic array of offensive fireworks that keep people earnestly watching.

    Everybody chortled at Steve Spurrier when he brought his run-and-gun variation of the spread offense to Florida from Duke. It couldn’t work, the critics wailed. This was the SEC. Such gimmickry would wilt under the relentless physicality. But Spurrier surrounded himself with the right coaches (i.e., defensive coordinator Bob Stoops) and recruited the right talent.
    There are prominent boosters connected with West Virginia who are upset that the university paved the way for Rodriguez’s departure by not keeping promises made when he threatened to bolt for Alabama a year ago. But the university’s stance was that an institution of higher learning can leverage its integrity for only so long until it compromises its basic principles, even for something as immensely popular — and profitable — as football.

    Michigan once thought that way, too but now they have the prize.

  38. wow, WVU D….when are you moving to Michigan……all those words…and all I hear is blah blah blah.

    The facts:
    RR can’t beat South Florida
    RR can’t win the big one i.e. Pitt to go to the big game.
    RR gets paid a lot of money and should be held accountable for win’s and losses……

    It was time for hime to go….last year we listened and took care of his wants or needs. due to past couple of years performance.

    This year…..Don’t lose to Pitt…Play for a national championship…..then, and only then we will talk about your needs/wants.

    don’t get me wrong. He has been great for the program…the bottom line is simple. He lost to Pitt, he was getting some heat about it…he wanted more……and someone called him out on it.

    The boosters play both sides….don’t think for a minute that when we lost to Pitt the boosters wanted answers…Not from Rod….They pressure the AD….. Only fitting that when the AD tightens up…..the critique his decisions.

  39. At last we hear from Milan Puskar, the uber-booster. He says what needed to be said. Good for him.

    My opinion, Kendrick and Reynolds are RR’s toadies and are serving as his proxies, trying to make RR’s smarmy case to the media. Even if there is something to their side of the story, RR and UM’s loathsome conduct – meeting in Toledo without WVU’s permission, lying about it, announcing the UM job to recruits before notifying the WVU players and administration, giving the resignation letter to a grad assistant, initially timing the resignation as effective after the bowl, these picayune demands about sideline passes and 5$ admissions for high school coaches – completely undercuts their arguments. A university is about more than RR’s control-freak obsession with his football progam. So don’t drag the university through the mud like this. It’s unforgivable.

  40. I simply can’t agree with dawiseguy, that a man who loses a clutch game or two should be let go. isn’t it that mentality that leads to the levels of pressure and job insecurity that in turn lead to coaches like Rich constantly being on the lookout for greener pastures?

    If Lloyd Carr had been fired in ’96 after dropping clutch games to Purdue, Northwestern, Penn State, AND ‘Bama in the Outback bowl, that UM could have gone undefeated and won the NC the next year? Unlikely.

    Michigan’s unwillingness to let old, stodgy, stubborn coaches go frustrates a lot of Michigan fans. But I think that they have the right idea. Provide your coaches with a feeling of job security, don’t let them feel like they have to win every game or lose their job, etc. Everyone gets upset from time to time. We did it in spectacular fashion in early September. That, besides the fact that I’ve cheered for WVU for years is why you’re not going to hear me gloat. I just disagree with the notion that coaches should be made to conform to such ridiculous standards. It’s that mindset that gives us the Bobby Petrinos, Nick Sabans, and I suppose the Rich Rods as well.

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