Forget “Hold The Rope”…

So as to not be too cryptic, word is breaking that John Doc Holliday will be named the next head football coach at West Virginia University.

[Parkersburg News-Sentinel]


18 Responses

  1. Doc Holiday kind of looks like an adult version of Scut Farkas (the bully) from a Christmas Story…

  2. Why would the Pburg paper be the first to get this? This doesnt sound right.

  3. I don’t think any decisions have been made yet. Though last I’d heard he was the front runner.

  4. Hope they’ve got the benefactors on board or we’re just pissing in the wind…again.

  5. In March 2001, I tried scalping a basketball ticket to Rodriguez outside the Coliseum before the Boston College game. He rejected my offer. That’s also the same day Troy Bell told me to meet him in the parking lot after the game so he could give me a whuppin’.

  6. NOOOOOOOO….Not Holliday.

    If he can recruit so well how come his teams can’t win that many games. Here are the records of the teams he helped recruit…

    1990 4-7
    1991 6-5
    1992 5-4-2
    1993 11-1
    1994 7-6
    1995 5-6
    1996 8-4
    1997 7-5
    1998 8-4
    1999 4-7
    2000 8-4 (NC State)
    2001 7-5
    2002 11-3
    2003 8-5
    2004 5-6

  7. You left out
    2005 9-3
    2006 13-1 (national champs)
    2007 9-3

  8. You forgot to include a National Championship team in 2006.

  9. 5th year, most of those records are due to idiot head coaching and a much tougher schedule than we have now. I mean, you’d think he’s such a bad hire that we couldn’t beat a 4-7 Pitt team at home at night with a MNC berth on the line. Oh wait.

  10. The reason I didn’t include that team was because he didn’t recruit a majority of the players on that team. That Florida team was very experienced.

    I’m a Bowden guy but I will obviously support whomever is hired. Unlike Ken Kendrick I love WVU and not just a selfish POS coach.

  11. I totally agree with you on Kendrick. I would like to have his cashflow though.

    Also, despite my initial anti-Bowden stance, he’s kind of growing on me. His Sirius chat today impressed me, and I hear his staff would be amazing. Let’s just call me content with whatever goes down.

  12. I can confirm the post by “Stephen”.

    I also agree with 5th year senior that Doc scares me to death. Coaching ability is much more important (see Charlie Weiss, Dave Wanstatche) than recruiting. Thinking about Doc bringing back Steve Dunlap, Bill Legg and the gang makes me cringe.

    I’ll take Bowden.

    If Doc is the guy, it makes you wonder if the AD is content to be just a top 40 program. The reactive rather than proactive nature of the AD in building facilities makes me think we don’t strive for excellence. If I were a recuit and saw the jumbotron at MF, I would laugh.

  13. This guy ate Saban, Doc, Bowden and the rest of the candidates and is coming to Motown!

    I know I would be 2nd biggest guy at Mountaineer field for sure now…

  14. Word is the pick is not coming quickly. Sooooo, consider the source. Parkersburg News can not scoop the local radio station or TV station. What makes you think they could scoop the biggest sports story in WV?

  15. It’s a done deal…

    Doc the Head Coach and Trickett the Associate HC.
    Presser coming tomorrow morning.

    Is that really the best we could do?!

  16. NOOOOOOOOO DOC! He is not even a coordinator!!!!! I could recruit FLA and get a few good kids!!!!! WVU does not have to settle for this typr of thing.

    we are West “BY GOD” Virginia not a MAC or WAC school!!!!!! Hire a HEAD COACH or a BIG TIME COORDINATOR!!!!!!!!!


    KEEP JOE’S NOSE OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Looking more tonight like a done deal with Doc. The Rivals premie gang was losing it earlier. It’s not totally finished yet, but I think the fat lady is singing.

  18. NeerInIdaho

    Yep, she’s singing, hopefully she can run the spread and put in some short and quick screens, reverses and passing plays for the Fiesta bowl.

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